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Town hall teleconferences, also know as Tele Town Halls ®, enable you to reach thousands of people at once. Think of it as a virtual town meeting, or a radio show, held over the phone. Our system can call tens of thousands of people instantly and invite them to participate in your town hall meeting, and you have full control over your discussion topics. You can even interact with Q&A sessions. Extremely convenient and cost-effective, town hall teleconferences are revolutionizing business, political and non-profit communications, while at the same, saving a fortune in time and money over traditional methods and meeting venues. Call us at Monarch Broadcast Messaging today at 888-387-8636 and we'll explain how it all works.



2. Speak directly to your constituents in minutes! 2 of 13 Whether you are an elected official, candidate, corporate executive or organizational leader, you now have the opportunity to personally engage your audience in a live virtual meeting over the phone. Your presentation can focus on specific issues or you can have a free wheeling meeting that can cover any topic your audience wants to bring up. You can interact with your audience and enable them to participate and ask questions or share their ideas and opinions from the comfort of their home. Who cares about the traffic or weather when you can invite your constituents to participate in your town hall meeting by just answering their phones. 3. www.monarchbroadcast.com3 of 13 With this breakthrough technology, they can hear your voice and message personally, without clutter or filtered press coverage. Outside of knocking on doors and having a personal 30 minute conversation with each constituent, Town Hall Teleconferencing is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to communicate. 4. Town Hall Conference allows you to: 4 of 13 Speak directly to the most people in the shortest time. Automatically invite participants to join you in the conference. Invitees have the option of participating or can opt-out. You have complete control of Question & Answer sessions. Focus on the issues you want to discuss. Screen participant questions and stay on point. 5. www.monarchbroadcast.com5 of 13 Invite input from constituents by taking real-time polls. Huge savings over direct mail and postage costs. Instant feedback enables you to stay tuned to popular sentiment. Demonstrates your interest to stay informed and in touch. Web based system is up and running and ready to use today. Unlimited capacity for tens of thousands of live participants. 6. OutreachPerspectives People need and want to know their opinion counts. The beauty of the Town Hall TeleConference, in addition to Q & A, is being able to conduct real time surveys. Ask folks, "Are you in favor of lower taxes?" and have them press #1 on their phone keypads for yes, and #2 for no and see the results within seconds! VOTER POLLING & SURVEYING Big contract coming up? Give your members the opportunity to listen to their union president or bargaining committee live, and then ask questions and air their concerns on the issues that are important to them. UNION ORGANIZATION 6 of 13 7. Are you managing a large association with members scattered across the state or country? Communication is critical in maintaining member interest, input and support. Now you can use Town Hall TeleConference to stay in touch and get immediate feedback from your members, no matter where they are located. ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPAND EVENT MOBILIZATION Members of Congress aren't the only ones taking advantage of this amazing outreach technology. State representatives, county executives, mayors, city council members and county officials are using Town Hall Teleconferencing too. STATE AND COUNTY CONSTITUENT OUTREACH 7 of 13 8. How Town Hall TeleConference Works Your Town Hall TeleConference starts when the system begins dialing the phones numbers on your call list. Each recipient hears a brief recorded message that invites them to your teleconference. Should they choose to participate, they only need to stay on the line to be put into the conference. For calls that go to voicemail, rather than a live answer, 8 of 13 your recorded message will be left indicating the nature of the call. You have the option during the teleconference to invite questions. Your participants can press "0" to indicate they would like to ask a question, and they will be put into a question queue. You will be able to see the name and location of every individual in the Q&A queue, and will control who and when they will talk live and be heard by everyone on the call. Should you need advanced information about the question topic, a member of your team can momentarily pull the caller out of the conference to get additional information, and then return them to the teleconference. 9. Town Hall Phone Conference Enables Political Leaders to Reach Out 9 of 13 With technological advances in digital voice broadcasting, town hall conferences will become more common place because they have become an ideal way to simultaneously contact tens of thousands of people who are part of a targeted audience. Monarch Broadcast provides this service. Town hall phone conferences are being used more often as a way for elected officials and executives to personally reach out to more people in a faster time and at less cost. 10. www.monarchbroadcast.com10 of 13 This has become a popular way to accomplish several objectives, particularly from an elected official's point of view: First, it is a way tens of thousands of voters can hear you discuss the issues of the day, in a live setting. Second, your comments are never edited by news organizations to fit into 30- second sound bites. You can discuss any issue as long as you want and actually explain your position. (It's almost like having your own radio call in show, but you can target the audience you want to talk to.) 11. www.monarchbroadcast.com11 of 13 Third, your constituents will know and appreciate the effort you've made to touch base with them and to gauge and understand their opinions on the controversial topics of the day. Fourth, you have the ability to time your town hall phone conferences to react to late breaking news so you can get ahead of the news curve, rather than fall behind it. And fifth, your constituents and/or customers or associates never have to leave their homes to participate. You can talk to 50 people at a physical town hall meeting who make the effort to come out, sometimes during inclement weather, or you can talk to 20,000 people in a virtual town hall meeting and, from the comfort of their homes, they can get an opportunity to get involved. Many of them have probably never heard their officials in a live forum. 12. www.monarchbroadcast.com12 of 13 Town hall phone conferences can provide an immediate and effective connection in communicating with targeted audiences who want and need the latest information about government affairs, corporate announcements, or even non-profit campaigns. 13. See how Monarch Broadcast Messaging can help you with your next town hall phone conferences. 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