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  • 1.MISSION To meet the long term library needs of the Ferndale community by building a downtown information and education center combining the warmth of a traditional library with state-of-the-art technology:A community living-room where everyone can read, learn, work, meet and grow. New Ferndale Library Project

2. Fundraising Efforts to Date April 2010 $1.06 Million Gifts, Grants & Pledges to Whatcom Community Foundation $277,000 Whatcom County Library System $1.5 Million City of Ferndale $2.837 Million 3. Funding for Library Expansion Projects 4. National Statistics for Funding Sources 5.

  • Public Library Services
  • Economic Development Contributions
  • Community Campaigns
  • Baby Lap-Sit to PreK reading activities
  • Outreach to parents and caregivers
  • School readiness/academic success
  • Elevate awareness of the need to read early and often
  • Elevate levels of early literacy, expand learning resources
  • Elevate levels of early literacy, improve quality of child care

A New Library Supports Economic Development with Early Literacy 6. Burlington

  • Growth inallareas marked the first full year in the new Burlington Public Library. Circulation grew a whopping 46% over the prior year, more than 2,500 new members signed up for library cards, and 5,300 people attended more than 175 library programs.


  • Public Library Services
  • Economic Development Contributions
  • Access to technology
  • Access to internet
  • Access to training
  • English language training
  • Adult literacy resources & services
  • Career skills workshops& resources
  • Expand quantity and competencies of local workforce, long-term community economic capacity
  • Expand employment aptitudes, competencies
  • Expand access to employment search and application opportunities
  • Expand employment skills and opportunities
  • Expand employment opportunities, economic sustainability
  • Provide support for career pathways, expand audiences/reach of agencies

Workforce Development 8. The New Middle Country Public Library

  • The new librarys operating and capital expenditures resulted in increased output, earnings and employment throughout Long Island but particularly in the local community.


  • Public Library Services
  • Economic Development Contributions
  • Access to databases and other resources
  • Technical assistance for start-ups and micro-enterprises
  • Technical assistance to existing businesses
  • Strengthen key local enterprise base and stimulate new job creation
  • Reduce cost for research and planning
  • Reduce costs & barriers to entering market, reduce failure rates, expand audience for local agencies involved in small business support, expand small business sector
  • Strengthen viable small business sector, expand reach & lower costs of local agencies with shared facilities & resources, increase clustering of enterprise for competitive advantage

Small Business Support 10. South Carolina

  • The total direct and indirect return on investment for every $1 spent on the state's public libraries by South Carolina state and local governments is $4.48 - nearly 350 %.


  • Public Library Services
  • Economic Development Contributions
  • Downtown (often central or main)
  • Mixed-use, residential
  • Mall, commercial development
  • Joint-Use
  • Contribute to vibrant urban and suburban life
  • Anchor development, generate foot traffic, revitalize commercial and cultural activity
  • Provide amenity value, generate foot traffic, increase quality of life and safety
  • Generate traffic, but not sales competition, strengthens developer financing pro forma
  • Reduce development costs, generate synergy of consumers/service providers

Physical Development 12. Seattle, WA

  • Visits to the new public library have increased King County tourism. And, increased tourism of one percent yields $1billion in new economic activity statewide over25 years.

13. For more information

  • The Foundations New Ferndale Library Project Fund wasestablished in 2006 with an extraordinary $1 million gift.

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