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This is the powerpoint presentation for the town hall discussion for the Twin Cities Polyamory Discussion Group on April 26th, 2009 Author: Jessica Karels Council Member for the Twin Cities Polyamory Discussion group and author of Young Metro Poly (


  • 1. Town Hall April, 2009

2. Name How long have you known that youre poly? How long have you been with TCPDG? What are your expectations for the town hall? And, most importantly Give a little known fact about yourself(There may be a quiz later) 3. Foundations The Polyamory Culture Movement Brief History of the TCPDG Recent Revelations and ConsensusDirections Vision Statement Mission StatementJourneys Non-Profit/ 501(c) Status Naming/Branding Membership Framework - Committees 4. If you have something to say, speak up! If you have a question, ask! Respect the moderator Respect each other 5. 2000s1990s 1960s 1970s 1980s and more! 6. Websites/Blogs Podcasts Video 7. National Polyamory Leadership Summit The National Polyamory Leadership Group is a collaborative group of polyamory community leaders from around the U.S. who have come together to work to carry the polyamory movement forward.November, 2008 New York, NY (34 leaders/activists/organizers)March, 2009 Philadelphia, PA (40 present + 11 via. teleconference)??? Somewhere on the West Coast (TBD) 8. 2001 2003May DayPride Booth Transition fromCONvergenceopen list toLending Libraryclosed list 1999Council as 7 equalDance @ BryantLake Park Center New List Started positions 2000 2002 Bylaws Council membershaving officialroles Council task list 9. 2008 2006 CONvergence100% funded by Focus Group(MNPolyFriends) donations BBQ of the Beast New 2004 (6/6/6) Logo/Branding2005 20072009Website re- Group polled re: BECAUSE designed name changeNon-CON partyRebranding image @ CONvergence 10. From the TCPDG Bylaws:The purposes of the group are as follows:The Primary function of this group is to provide a supportive environment that encourages the discussion of responsible, intimate, caring, multi-partnered relationships and related issues.Secondary functions of this group are to encourage any form of loving relationships between members, by providing a support role for members, and by providing and encouraging social gatherings for member interaction.Tertiary functions of this group are (1) for members to participate, on a voluntary basis, in various public venues, in a variety of ways, intended to educate the public about our group, as well as about Polyamory in general, and (2) to advertise our group's existence in a public way to encourage additional members. 11. With regards to the Twin Cities Polyamory Discussion Group, what sort of things would you like to see become reality: ... 20 years from now? ... 10 years from now? ... 5 years from now? ... Next year? ... Next month? ... Tomorrow?With regards to polyamory and society as a whole, what sort of things would you like to see become reality: ... 20 years from now? ... 10 years from now? ... 5 years from now? ... Next year? ... Next month? ... Tomorrow? 12. Activism Outreach PersuasionPublic Awareness Create change New Members SupportSocial Information Community Resources Events/Parties 13. Should our group as whole support those who want greater involvement in outreach and activism, both locally and nationally?Should we consider splitting into two separate organizations? 14. Transitioning towards a 501(c) Rebranding Dues and Membership Establishing Committees Bylaws Group/Community Alliances Social Activities Outreach/Activism 501(c) List/Forum Moderation