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<ol><li> 1. Town &amp; Country Club 16. Golf Operations DescriptionThe McCree Cup is a season long tournament that is based upon a point system designed to provide a spirited and competitive race to the finish. This new points system will benefit a player who participates in more events, but also puts emphasis on quality of play and gives players who are unable to participate every week a chance to win.The McCree CupThe 2013 McCree Cup consists of the following events; 12 Wednesday Mens League &amp; 6 Major Events (Total of 18 McCree Cup Points Events)Major Events:Spring Classic Wednesday, April 24th Vice Presidents Cup Friday, May 24th Monday, May 27th Club Championship Season-long Match Play Presidents Cup Season-long Partner Match Play Mens Guest Day Wednesday, June 19th Derby Days Friday, August 16th Saturday, August 17thRules1. McCree Cup Point Totals The trophy will be awarded to the individual with the highest point total from their 10 best individual performances in eligible McCree Cup events. 2. Distribution of McCree Cup Points Points for Mens League are awarded from the bottom up, beginning with 5 points for last place and increasing in increments of 5 points. Points for Major Events are awarded from the bottom up, beginning with 50 points for last place. Points will go up incrementally based on event format and participation. All ties will split points. 3. Bonus Points The following finishes receive extra bonus points; 1st Place 30% bonus, 2nd Place 20% bonus and 3rd Place 10% bonus 4. All Mens League points are based upon individual Net Stableford Points. 5. All Major Event points are based on format and participation.</li></ol>