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for the role playing game by WEG. An introductory into TORG RPG


  • They came from other cosms other realities raiders joined together to stealthe Earths living energy to consume its possibilities. The Possibility Raiders

    brought with them their own realities, turning portions of our planet into someplace else.

    Led by the Gaunt Man self-proclaimed Torg of the cosmverse the High Lordseach claimed a piece of the Earth for themselves. Baruk Kaah, Pharaoh Mobius,

    Lord Uthorion, Pope Jean-Malraux I, Kanawa-sama, and the Gaunt Man; each hasestablished his primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror

    realms on our world, setting the conquest in motion.

    But the invasion did not go as the Gaunt Man planned. His millennia ofpreparation did not take into account the Storm Knights men and women whoweathered the raging reality storms that transformed the planet, retaining their

    own realities when everything around them changed. Through their actions, theseheroes neutralized the Gaunt Man and helped bring the Infiniverse into being. Byreflecting the cosmverse over and over, all possibilities became real in an infiniteinstant. If Earth was destroyed in one cosmverse, there was a chance that it would

    survive in another. The conquest had been delayed for now.

    Now, throughout the Infiniverse, on a million-million Earths, the remaining HighLords battle to control the awesome possibility energy of Earth to become the

    Torg. And if the Storm Knights cannot stop them, then every Earth will die

    Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end.

    The Near Now

  • Roleplaying the Possibility Wars TM

    The Lizard andthe Lightning

    An Introduction to Roleplaying in

    the Possibility Wars

    T A B L E O FC O N T E N T S

    Introduction 4Mechanics Overview 5Chapter One: Creating a Character 6Chapter Two: The Basics 10Chapter Three: The Lizard and the Lightning 19Soldier of Fortune: Character Template 27Product List 28

  • 3Angar Uthorion, Aysle, Baruk Kaah, Core Earth, Cosm, Cosmverse, Cyberpapacy, Darkness Device, Dr. Mobius, the Gaunt Man, Gospog, Heart of Coyote, High Lord,Infiniverse, Kanawa, the Living Land, Maelstrom, Maelstrom Bridge, Nile Empire, Orrorsh, Pella Ardinay, Possibility Raiders, Possibility Storm, Possibility Wars, Ravagon,Stormers, Storm Knights, Torg, the Torg logo, West End Games, and WEG are trademarks of Humanoids, Inc. , and 2003 Humanoids, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The Torg Design Team

    Greg GordenMythos and Game Design

    Douglas Kaufman, Bill SlavicsekMythos and System Development

    Christopher Kubasik,Ray Winninger, Paul Murphy

    Additional Mythos and System Work

    Jonatha Ariadne Caspian, Michael Stern, Richard Hawran,Daniel Scott Palter, Denise Palter, C.J. Tramontana,Martin Wixted

    Concepts and Testing

    Dr. Michael A. Fortner, Dr. George ExnerTechnical Assistance

    The Starter Set & Introduction

    Greg GordenRule Book Design World Book Design

    Douglas KaufmanRule Book Development and Editing

    Bill SlavicsekAdventure Book Design World Book Developmentand Editing

    Paul MurphyAdventure Book Development, Editing and Additional Design Additional World Book Material

    Jonatha Ariadne Caspian, Michael SternAdditional World Book Material

    Rosaria J. Baldari, Bernadette G. Cahill, Stephen Crane,Richard Hawran, Cathleen Hunter, Sharon Wyckoff


    Nikola VrtisPDF Version Creator

    Daniel HorneCover Illustration

    Timothy Bradstreet, Bob Dvorak, Rick Harris, Francis Mao,Alan Jude Summa, Valerie Valusek, Tim Wright

    Interior Illustrations

    Tom TomitaLogo Design

    Eric Aldrich, Paul Balsamo, Jeff Brown, Laura Brown,Tim Brown, Gary Corbin, Troy Faraone, Dr. Michael Fortner,Mike Landsdaal, Letha Owens, Barbara Schlichting, John White

    Playtesting and Advice

    Note to Our Readers

    This PDF version of the introduction to the Torgroleplaying game was created from the original electronicfiles. Images were left out or modified and the page layoutwas modified to reduce file size and production time (theimages do not have electronic counterparts). Typographi-cal errors were not fixed, nor was any attempt made toupdate the information based on any developments in thePossibility Wars since this book was first printed.

    If you received a copy of this file from a friend and wouldlike to support the publishing efforts of West End Games,send US$2.00 via PayPal (

    This PDF requires only a 20-sided die (numbered 1 to 20)to play. For more information about Torg and other WestEnd Games products, please visit our Web site,

    Published by

    Honesdale, PA

    First Printing: May 1990PDF Published: February 2003

  • TORG: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars


    action and make the game play theway we want it to. The trouble withLets Pretend is the I-got-you-no-I-got-you-first arguments becauseLets Pretend has no rules.

    Consider roleplaying as Lets Pre-tend with rules. There is a referee, alsocalled a gamemaster, who judges dis-putes. The gamemaster also sets thescenes and creates the story lines thatthe players experience through theircharacters. The characters are really theheart of the roleplaying game.

    Each player takes the role of onecharacter, a participant in the greatstory being woven by the gamemas-ter, who plays the roles of all the othercharacters in the story, called game-master characters. The player charac-ters actions will directly affect thatstory, often changing the course ofevents in significant ways. The back-and-forth storytelling aspects, the play-ing of new and unfamiliar roles, andthe freewheeling format of the actionare what make roleplaying games sochallenging and exciting.

    Torg: Roleplaying thePossibility Wars

    Torg is a multi-genre game systemthat does what no other game before ithas done. It combines the action of thepulps, the heroic adventure of fan-tasy, and the grim situations of futuretechnology into one all-encompassinggame system with one coherent, com-pelling story!

    There are a lot of roleplaying gameson the market, and most use similarmechanics to achieve interactive story-telling. In Torg, we introduce two brandnew concepts.

    The first is the Torg interactivedrama cards (which are included withthe starter set). These are more thanjust character cards or equipment cards they actually help the gamemaster

    and players control the flow of action,and add to the dramatic storytellingby creating plots and subplots thatreally fit into an adventure.

    The second innovation concerns thenature of interactive storytelling itself.In other roleplaying games, the play-ers interact with the world created bythe gamemaster and thats it. InTorg, West End Games created a com-puter-moderated Infiniverse InteractiveCampaign Game, a newsletter that al-lowed gaming groups of early playersof this game to interact with othergaming groups across the country, andwith West End itself, influencingprogress of the Possibility Wars!

    Getting StartedAfter reading this introduction and

    the To the Point section that follows,the next thing to do is play the adven-ture. (You will need a 20-sided die,numbered 1 through 20, to play thegame.) The adventure will help youimagine yourself as a Storm Knight inthe world of Torg, opposed to the HighLords of the invading realms, dedi-cated to freeing Earth and its manyreflections from tyranny.

    If you like the adventure, then wehighly recommend getting the starterset, which includes the Rule Book (ofwhich this adventure is a part), theWorld Book, the Adventure Book, theDrama Cards, and three copies of theInfiniverse newsletter. You or your fa-vorite local or Internet retailer canorder the Torg basic set and otherprinted Torg supplements throughWest End Games. You can find moreinformation about ordering directlyfrom West End Games in the Cata-log section of our Web site, You canalso learn more about the world ofTorg and find out what other excitinglands there are to play in on our Website.

    ow it is three months afterthe initial invasion ofEarth, and the invadersboundaries have stabi-lized. The Gaunt Mans

    land of horror extends across Indone-sia and Malaysia, though he is nolonger there to maintain it. Kanawacontrols Japan and parts of the FarEast; Mobius holds northern Africaand the Middle East under the sway ofthe New Empire of the Nile. France,dark and grim, is united by the God-Net of the Cyberpapacy, and theUnited States and Canada struggleagainst the shamanistic powers ofBaruk Kaahs Living Land. Only inBritain and Scandinavia is there a glim-mer of hope, as the Lady Ardinay hasarisen to replace the evil Lord Uthorion though there are rumors thatUthorion still walks the Earth.

    And the High Lords are in turmoil;without the Gaunt Man to lead them,they scrabble for power, for the ulti-mate power of immortality that ac-companies the title of Torg.

    The rules and background for Torg,and the campaign you create withthem, describe one of the many Earthsnow reflected throughout the In-finiverse what happens on yourEarth, what direction the PossibilityWars take on your world, will be verydifferent from what happens else-where but what you and your play-ers create can and will effect the entireInfiniverse.

    What Is Roleplaying?Roleplaying is simply another way

    of playing games. Most familiar boardgames have controlled rules. At theother end of the spectrum are gameslike Cowboys and Indians, otherwiseknown as Lets Pretend. Lets Pre-tend can be fun, because we get to takeon the role of a hero, and we control the


  • 5axiom levels, eliminating contradic-tions. The immediate effect of the ax-iom laws is that equ