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<p>1. Purpose of scope</p> <p> Focus the efforts needed to rally all the resources necessary for the project Project scope management ensures that only the works necessary to complete the project are undertaken Describes all the work necessary for successful delivery of the product</p> <p>2. What scope entails</p> <p> Project scope statement identifies the deliverables for the project Defines the work necessary to create the various deliverables of a project Product scope statement is an indication of the characteristics and attributes to be found in the deliverables that the project is creating Product scope is then evaluated against stakeholders requirements Project scope is evaluated against the bunch of plans that make up the overall project plan</p> <p>3. Establishing the scope</p> <p> Iterations are involved with the project scope being defined broadly at first and through progressive elaboration, for refinements to take place eventually Following the completion of project scope planning, a project scope statement and the project scope management plan are created Project scope statement describes what the project is all about Project scope management plan allows the project manager to work hand in hand with the five project management processes Project manager can rely on expert judgement to create the scope management plan, can rely on existing templates, forms, standards and other organizational assets for guidance in developing the scope management plan Scope management plan provides guidance to the project team on how the necessary scope of work is to be managed, and how changes or variations Provides guidance on how likely scope changes are to be expected when the project starts, and how much the scope is allowed to change, as the project moves towards completion, the likelihood of changes is lessened Provides guidance on the costs aspects relating to changes and the limits within which changes are disallowed or allowed with exceptional reasons</p> <p>4. Provide guidance on four areas of work</p> <p> Informs all parties of the various deadlines when important milestones and decisions have to be made, provides initial guidance on Nature and type of work that the project includes Provides guidance on creating the followup work breakdown structure, sets out in greater details the numerous components, actions and activities that the project includes highlights the process required for checking and formally accepting the various project deliverables by the client How change requests are to be submitted and assessed</p> <p>5. Scope Definition </p>


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