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    17K+ Customers, 100M Licenses

    Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrants,

    Forrester WaveTM

    Continued Platform and Application Innovation

    SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in Microsofts history... And this is just the beginning: SharePoint continues to grow as customers are just beginning to apply it to

    a wide array of business issues and processes.

    - AMR RESEARCH, APRIL 22, 2008

    4,000+ Partners Today across Collaboration,

    Content Management and Search

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    Make adoption even easier First-class user experience across PC, Browser and Phone

    Invest in even more application functionality Out of the box integration

    Greater Extensibility and Interoperability Familiar tools and integration with Line of Business data

    Continue investing in IT and Developer

    Manageability and Lifecycle Enterprise-class manageability & Application Lifecycle Management

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    Business Collaboration Platform

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    Familiar User Interface

    Easy Editing

    Screen Shots (Click to Expand)


    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Users save time updating collaboration sites. IT resources are freed-up from supporting users

    with basic updates and publishing

    New capabilities:

    The Office Ribbon User Interface, now part of SharePoint 2010,

    provides users with a familiar and rich user experience that

    maximizes productivity and minimizes training.

    Wiki-style editing makes creating and updating SharePoint sites

    easier and more efficient

    Web site branding is easier and more dynamic using the new

    theme engine and master page redirection

    SharePoint Designer 2010 is easier to use with modifications being

    reusable across different Web sites which gives more people access

    and enables enterprise reapplication

    Challenge: Users need to be able to edit, theme and publish SharePoint sites easily and quickly, without involving IT

    Create Site Set Permissions

    Upload Data and add info

    Use rich-media content

    Apply Color Template Publish

    Project Manager

    Site Customization Intuitive Editing Experience Familiar User Interface

    Connect and Empower People

    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change

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    Cross Browser Support

    Screen Shots (Click to Expand)


    SharePoint Workspace

    Office web apps

    SharePoint Mobile

    Challenge: Interacting with people, content and information more efficiently and effectively from everywhere and while using different devices

    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Time saved by enabling information workers to be productive during a higher percentage of their work time, in addition to a competitive gain of

    removing hurdles to meeting deadline and delivering value more quickly

    New capabilities:

    Rich and seamless integration between SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 drives more effective

    and in-context collaboration while keeping the user within a consistent and familiar Ribbon UI

    SharePoint Workspace 2010 enables site content to be taken offline and efficiently synchronized

    back (updates only), including custom lists, line-of-business data and InfoPath-based data entry

    SharePoint Mobile 2010 includes significant enhancements to the viewing experience of

    SharePoint UI artifacts (Web Parts), the viewing and editing of Office content and support of

    multiple mobile OSs

    Firefox and Safari Web browsers are now supported and mobile users can view, edit and add

    new content broadening the usability platform and improving the access from anywhere


    Office Web Applications supplement the Office desktop clients so that content can be created,

    viewed and modified using the Web browser and mobile phone, increasing flexibility and

    broadening reach

    Connect and Empower People

    SharePoint Workspace

    042 440 5280

    SharePoint Mobile Office Web Apps

    New Customer


    Team Site

    Access Anywhere


    Offline Collaboration

    Cross Browser Support

    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change

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    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Users will save time on search activities and will be able to make faster progress after finding

    relevant sources of expertise

    New capabilities:

    Phonetic-based search, Boolean and wildcards facilitate a richer, more

    efficient search experience

    User defined interests and areas of responsibility enhance search

    effectiveness by allowing faster discovery of expertise and knowledge

    with Expertise Search

    Tagging and metadata improve the findability of the most relevant content through metadata-driven navigation

    Search results are refined by Social Tagging, metadata and taxonomies reducing complexity and rapidly identifying the most relevant content

    with an improved relevancy algorithm

    Challenge: Finding the most relevant topical expertise or information within increasingly complex enterprise structures is a time-consuming effort

    Screen Shots (Click to Expand)


    My Site and Profiles

    People Search

    Connect and Empower People

    My Site and Profiles People and Expertise Search

    Name BIO

    Tai Lee Engineer

    Name BIO

    Tai Lee Engineer

    Project Manager


    Company-wide Search

    Expertise Search

    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change

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    Health Monitoring

    Screen Shot (Click to Expand)

    Visual Upgrade

    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Reduced down-time and a more effective use of IT resources around infrastructure management

    New capabilities:

    New administrative tools for monitoring server health and script

    automation, along with improved reporting and usage capability lower

    management cost

    Improved high-availability, more flexible backup and restore and content

    recovery increases reliability

    Enterprise metadata management and content type syndication enables

    standardization, eliminating the need for user configuration which

    simplifies adoption and eases compliance

    Custom solutions can be deployed and isolated in their own sandbox eliminating any negative impact on the SharePoint environment

    Challenge: IT requires the proper tools to effectively and proactively manage an enterprise-wide SharePoint deployment in order to ensure its stability, availability and overall governance

    Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure

    Health Monitoring Visual Upgrade

    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change

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    Challenge: Cost effective tools for the quick, efficient interaction, sharing and analysis of complex business data are critical for drawing insights

    and making good business decisions

    New capabilities:

    Excel Web Application allows users to create, view and modify content via

    the Web browser increasing flexibility, broadening reach and making information sharing more efficient

    Chart Web parts provide a wizard-driven interface to simplify the creation of

    charts increasing adoption and enabling everyone to convey the right information graphically

    PerformancePoint Services simplify dashboard creation and provide

    dynamic interaction with business data easing the task of driving KPIs and business results

    Visio Services displays complex data sets and business models visually

    inside the Web browser exposing data in way that facilitates better decision-making

    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Time saved while analyzing data in-tandem with the productivity gains from driving business effectiveness

    through KPIs, Dashboards and data-driven decision-making

    Project Manager

    Team Site

    Sales Team Performance

    Data Visibility

    Sales Team

    Senior Management

    Project Manager

    Team Site

    Sales Team Performance

    Data Visibility

    Sales Team

    Senior Management

    Enterprise Data

    Connect and Empower People

    Excel Services

    PerformancePoint Services

    Screen Shots (Click to Expand)


    Visio Services

    Performance Point Services Excel Services Visio Services

    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change

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    Challenge: As SharePoint usage continues to expand, theres a growing need to connect it to external data sources and enable information

    workers to interact with Line-of-Business (LOB) data

    New capabilities:

    The new Business Connectivity Services enable rapid integration and

    updating of data from external sources, such as: CRM systems, ERP

    systems, etc. providing enterprise utilization and integration

    The ability of the SharePoint and Office 2010 products (Outlook,

    SharePoint Workspace, Excel, etc.), to interact with external data in a

    bi-directional manner (read-write) and allow users to work with it

    within their collaboration context

    SharePoint Designer 2010 makes it easy and intuitive for all users to

    create read-write data connections with external data sources

    Potential savings/efficiency gains: Increasing ROI on existing investments in information systems and productivity gains in-light of

    time savings, training efficiencies and better decision-making

    Business Connectivity Services

    Screen Shot (Click to Expand)


    Rapidly Respond to Business Needs