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  • Top 10 Low Organized Games and Top 10 QDPA Games
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  • Top 10 QDPA Games
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  • Number 10- Chair Aerobics Have the students position their chairs so they have enough room to stretch out their legs while sitting in their chairs. (If you have music available play it, if not that's fine) Have students perform the following actions while in their chairs. Hiking- Students swing their arms and reach left and right while tapping their toes and lifting their knees. Swimming- Students swing their arms as if doing the front or back crawl and kick their legs. Paddling- Students use imaginary paddle to paddle a canoe (both sides). tch?v=WefYdl5xnhg tch?v=WefYdl5xnhg
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  • Number 9- BEE Choose an object to hide such as a pencil, eraser, coin, book, ect. Choose a student to be it and send them out of the room. When the student has left hide the object and show the students in the class where you put it. When the student returns to the class, the students in the class buzz vigorously when the student is near the object and buzz faintly when the student is farther away from the object. When the student finds the object, repeat but with a different student.
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  • Number 8- Body Spelling Have the students stand in an open area of the classroom. Call out a letter and have the students form that letter by shaping their bodies into the letter. Letters that work well are: A, X, C, F, J, L, U, V, K, and Z. Encourage students to stretch long and hold the stretch for a count of eight. As a variation, have the students walk around in the shape of the letter or make them get a partner and spell short words like: oh, it, of, to, ect.
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  • Number 7- Change Seats All the students are seated in their chairs. When the teacher says change seat left, the students get up and sit in the desk left of them. If there is no desk to the left of them, the student must get up and run to the other side of the classroom and find an empty desk to sit in. The teacher may also switch it up by say switch seat right, front, and rear.
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  • Number 6- Cat and Mouse Have the students get into groups of six to twelve and sit in a circle. Choose a beanbag to represent the cat and a ball to represent the mouse. Start the cat on one side of the circle and the mouse on the other. Have the students pass the cat and the mouse around the circle, with the cat trying to catch up to the mouse so that both objects are in the hands of the same person. The cat and the mouse can change direction at any time. To increase the challenge, have the students pass the cat behind their backs or add more mice.
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  • Number 5- Bean Bag Relays Have students sit in rows of desks. The first person in the row has a beanbag. The beanbag is passed over his/her head to the next person and so on to the back of the row. The last person in the row runs to the front of the room and touches the wall. They then sit in the front desk and everyone else moves one desk back. You can change the game up a bit by having the bag passed over under or just a straight under pass. You can also time it and see if the students can beat there high score each time.
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  • Number 4- Story Starters Give each student a piece of paper and choose a theme. An example could be a topic in class you have covered recently. Have the students begin writing a story, but just the first few lines. After one minute, stop the students and have them crumple up their paper and throw it to the other side of the room. Students then move around the room to find a new piece of paper. As they are moving around the room tell the students to hope on one foot or skip, ect. On a signal, students pick up a paper that is close to them and read the story starter. They continue writing the story for the next minute. Continue this for several rounds, then have the students share their stories in groups.
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  • Number 3-True or False Simon Says Choose a student to lead the class as Simon. Have the leader say Simon says.... then give an activity, such as: If water is a healthy drink, skip around your desk/ If skateboarding is a strength activity, touch the front board, ect. If the answer is true, the students complete the suggested activity. If the answer is false, they stand still.
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  • Number 2- Over Under Have the students in a row, one behind the other in groups of five or six Have the students pass a ball down the line, alternating over the head and between the knees. When the object gets to the end of the line, the last person runs to the front and starts passing it again. There are some things you can do to this game to help make it educational. An example would be, every time a student passes the ball they must multiply by 2. Another example would be, for health, you could tell the kids to name a nutritious breakfast foot every time they pass the ball.
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  • #1 Silent Speedball Tell the students to stand up and that the ball does not have to be thrown in a particular pattern. The rules are that if you talk you are out, if you throw an uncatchable throw you are out, if you drop an easy pass you are out, and if you throw it back to the same person who through it to you, you are out. Tell the students to try and communicate with the person they are going to throw the ball to. This can be done with pointing, eye contact, or nodding. You can make the game more fun and challenging by using more than one ball. m/watch?v =I8b4LTy_K 0U m/watch?v =I8b4LTy_K 0U
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  • Top 10 Low Organized Games
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  • Number 10- Red, Green, Black The students line up on the black line of the gym. When the teacher says red, the students run to the red line. Same thing if the teachers yells green or black, the student must run to the line color called. There are 2 ways students can get eliminated from the game. If a student is the last one to stand on the line, they are out. If the teacher calls out black and the students are already on the black line, anyone who moves off the line is eliminated. Do have few practise runs before starting the game.
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  • Number 9- Kin Ball Kin Ball is a giant sized ball that kids go crazy for. There are many games you can play with a Kin ball including Tag, popcorn, and Indiana Jones. The way you play tag with it is you get students to pair up in groups of two. Then you choose a pair to be it. When the teacher says go, the pairs must hold hands and try not to get tagged by the ball. The pair that is it must roll the ball together and try to tag other pairs with the ball. The game popcorn is very simple and fun. The students sit in a large circle and must keep the ball in the air at all times by kicking the ball with their feet. The students can try and count the number of times they kick the ball before it goes out of the circle. Then they can try and beat that score next time. Indiana Jones has to be one of the students favourites. The students must make a circle. In the middle of the circle place a hula-hoop and tell five students to stand in the hula-hoop facing outside (towards the other student). Select a volunteer to be it. The person who is it is trying not to get hit by the ball. Everyone else if working together to try and move the ball around the circle and tag the person who is it. Once the person gets tagged another person is it. http://www.y watch?v=g3Ff nsOT6Ms&fe ature=related http://www.y watch?v=g3Ff nsOT6Ms&fe ature=related This video shows the Indiana Jones Game and a couple others with the kin ball.
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  • Number 8- Your Favourite Game Your favourite game goes here.
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  • Number 7- European Handball Spilt the class into two equal teams. Each team needs a goalie. The purpose of the game it to score the handball into the opponents net to score a point. There are a few rules though. If you have the ball you can only take three steps with it, you must pass the ball at least three times before you shoot, and you cannot shoot the ball inside the goalies crease. If the ball is dropped either by an incomplete pass or an over throw, the other team gets the ball. You may not knock the handball out of the opponents hands, you may intercept the ball.
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  • Number 6- Ultimate Frisbee This game is a lot like European handball but with a Frisbee. Divide the Class into 2 equal teams. Make an end zone for each team. The purpose of the game is to catch the Frisbee in the opponents end zone to score a point. You can only take three steps with the Frisbee and then you must throw it. If the Frisbee is dropped by an incomplete pass or an over throw then the other team gets the Frisbee. You may not hit the Frisbee out of the opponents hands, you may intercept it though. http://w ww.yout /watch?v =ovke1ar xwRI http://w ww.yout /watch?v =ovke1ar xwRI
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  • Number 5- Pac Man Tag Select four student to be it. The students who are not it must try and not get tagged by the students who are it. The students who are not it can only run along the lines of the gym. If they cheat and don't run on the lines they are also it. If a student gets tagged they must join hands with the others who are it. Tag everyone else until everyone is caught and you have 4 big chains. The students who are it must also run on the l