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PowerPoint Presentation

Image Credit: ant Top Ten Slide TipsArticle by Garr Reynolds

Image Credit: Toni Verdu Carbo Simplicity is Key

Keep your slides simple.Having too many things going on in the slide can distract the viewer(s).

Image Credit: Thomas Hawk Keep the Text Limited

Keep your amount of text limited.Having the viewers read multiple points of text takes time away from them listening to you.

Image Credit: Justin Kern Limit Transition Animations

Limit the use of animated transitions.Your audience can be very easily distracted by silly sounds and animations when switching between slides.

Image Credit: Ian Use High Quality Images

Make sure to always use high quality images.Nobody ever likes to look at an image that is fuzzy or pixelated. It just doesnt look good.

Image Credit: Ilee_wu Use Original Templates

Make your slides with originality.There is a good chance that most of your audience has already seen the default templates in Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Image Credit: Matt Cornock Use Appropriate Charts

Make sure to use appropriate charts.Ask yourself: does this chart make sense, and is this an appropriate way to display information?In addition, make sure to keep the chart simple by only displaying one main idea instead of multiple ideas.

Image Credit: jqmj (Queralt) Color Matters

Color really does matter.Certain color types such as warm (red, orange, yellow) and cool (blue, green, purple) can have certain effects on the audience. Also, it is important to have a contrast of colors on your slides. This makes it easier for the audience to read whatever text that is on the slide.

Image Credit: Chris Goldberg Use Appropriate Fonts

Always use appropriate fonts.Sans-serif fonts are the ideal fonts for any presentation. Examples include Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma. These fonts are easiest to read for anybody in the back of the room.Serif fonts are primarily used in formal documents. Examples include Times New Roman and Consolas. Stay away from these.

Image Credit: jsawkins Use Video/Audio Clips

Make use of video and/or audio clips.These enhance the way that the audience receives the message.But make sure they are not too long, as the audience can be lost with lengthy clips.

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee Slide Order Matters

Make sure the order of your slides makes sense.You should always place your slides in an order that flows. Organize your ideas into sections so that the presentation does not seem like a jumbled mess.