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Donna Abraham's presentation for Technion's Entrepreneurship Center pitching workshop & competition


  • 1. Pitch Perfect - Top 10 Tips for a 10 Minute Pitch

2. Agenda Early StageTop TipsTop TipsEntrepreneurship Redefined Structure & Content Delivery & Polish 3. Early Stage Entrepreneurship RedefinedEntrepreneur noun:A person whoorganizes and managesany enterprise, especiallya business,usually with considerableinitiative and risk. 4. Early Stage Entrepreneurship #1 - Seed 5. Early Stage Entrepreneurship #2 Round A 6. Early Stage Entrepreneurship #2 The VC 7. Entrepreneurship - NYC 8. Entrepreneurship Road Warrior 9. Entrepreneurship Road WarriorClients 10. Entrepreneurship Home AgainWilliam Arthur Ward 11. Top Tips Structure and Content 12. Top Tips The Presentation ActionMap 13. 1) Chunk into 4 Sections Then a 4 Point Agenda 14. Agenda Slide The Need Proposed Solution Business PlanVision For FutureChallenge/ProblemProduct Overview Current Status, TractionMilestones, Products, FundingTeam ,Requirements, ROI, etc.Biz Model, Market Analysis,Go-to-Market,Competitive Analysis* Key InvestmentMerits 15. 2) The Villain Make Them Feel The Pain 16. Agenda SlideThe VillainYour HeroYour Heros Your HerosChallenge/ProblemProduct OverviewCombat Strategy Next MovesTeam , Model,Milestones, Products, Funding Market Analysis,Requirements, ROI, etc.Go-to-Market,Competitive Analysis* Why Your AudienceWill Love Your Hero 17. Heroes and Villains Bad economy Rising commodity prices Changing demographics Waste in the system Time to market Popular rising cultural trend Competition Missing a great opportunity 18. 3) Know Your Audiences Questions Write for One 19. 4) Dont Data Dump! One Big Idea Per Slide 20. 5) One Big Idea That Grandma Could UnderstandAlbert Einstein 21. H ig h E n d E n te rp ris e R o u te r Develope Intel ForumBFall 2001S LOT 1P ro te c tN etA S erve r P roce sso rCS erD esS erD es S erve r S erve r 1 0 -p o r t KB 1 GbE M AC PA S erve r S erve r S P I -4 P 2LC S erve r N etP roce sso rAKNPELM u lti 1G ig L A N B ackb o n eD W D M /O A D MTR N 4035BS LOT 2Do MuchB A N C S IX L 2 1AE1 ,2 ..n 2 3 3 0 0 P in M S AN etC More S w itc h N x N Sw itc h 4P ro ce sso r 5 6 IX F1 8 1 0 3 F ab ric 7ORXRX 1 0 G b it E th e r n e t K4 4 1 0 G b it/s n 1S O N E T /S D H M A C/PCS/W IS S P I - 4 to X S B IPL In Less B A 2O TX TX o r S F I -41 ,2 ..n 3 4 5 6 7 N etP ro ce sso rANSpace C K n 19 G E W A N L in e C ardEPT R N 4 03 5 B EBLSC S I3 0 0 P in M S AS LOT..nAAN etorP roce sso rCNF ib er C h an n elIX F1 8 1 0 3 S to rag eORX RX KE D isk A rray1 0 G b it E th e r n e t 10 G EM A C/ PCS/ W ISPC o n tro llerL A N /W ANS P I - 4 to X S B IO TX TXL o r S F I -4 N et P ro te c tAP roce sso rN C o p y rig h t 2 0 0 1 Inte l C o rp o ra tio n. 10G E L A N L in e C a g e 3 2P ard 22. Top Tips Delivery 23. 6) Presentation = Conversation 24. 7) Voice Volume, Clarity, Pace, Musicality Breathe! 25. 8) Gestures Talk with the Hands Not the Feet 26. 9) F.E.A.R 27. 10) Walk in the Room at Your Best 28. Summary - Content1) Chunk into 4 Sections 2) The Villain - 3) Know Your AudiencesThen a 4 Point Agenda Make Them Feel The Pain Questions - Write for One4) Dont Data Dump!5) One Big Idea That GrandmaOne Big Idea Per SlideCould Understand 29. Summary - Delivery6) Presentation =7) Voice Volume,8) GesturesConversationClarity, Pace, Musicality Talk with the Hands Breathe! Not the Feet9) F.E.A.R. = Face Everything10) Walk in the Room and Recoverat Your Best 30. Summary - OverallWilliam Arthur Ward 31. Thank You!For further information, please contact:Donna www.Dabraham.com052-368-6802Facebook Page: Donna Abraham Corporate Storyteller