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Theatre crafts. Three types of stages. Today’s schedule. Any syllabus sheets? Any issues with the website scavenger hunt? Intro to three types of stages Proscenium Stage Thrust Stage Arena Stage Group work Designing sets for different stages. The proscenium . Proscenium stages. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Theatre craftsThree types of stagesTodays scheduleAny syllabus sheets?Any issues with the website scavenger hunt?

Intro to three types of stagesProscenium StageThrust StageArena Stage

Group workDesigning sets for different stagesThe proscenium

Proscenium stagesHas a PROSCENIUM ARCH that frames the space on the stage where the performance is given

The audience sits facing the front of the stage.

Left and right wings, where actors wait to appear and props are stored, are hidden by the curtains and/or arch.

Stages can be small or several stories.

Proscenium stages (cont.)Proscenium stages are ideal for realistic acting and production styles. In many productions, entire sets are concealed in these areas Stagehands can completely change the stage set between scenes, creating the realistic illusion of a different place for the next scene.THRUST STAGES


Thrust stagesExtends out to the audience on three sides. May be connected to a larger, proscenium stage

The actors enter and exit at the back of the stage but at times through audience aisles.

Creates greater intimacy with the audience than does the proscenium theater. Brings audience members closer to the story

Set designers, however, must have all major designs in the back. A stage left desk, for example, could block the view of stage right action.ARENA STAGES

Arena stagesCan be round, triangular or square

Actors enter the stage from beneath it or from audience aisles.

The stage is often level with the audience or lower.

Audience closer than proscenium stages

What must be considered in terms of set design and actors movements.Working in groupsYou will be assigned a certain setting for your play.

Based on your setting, you must create a set design for TWO of the THREE sets Pick two: Proscenium, Thrust, Arena

Based on your setting, how will your set change?