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2. Title: Crafty ChristmasLevel: Primary EducationArt contents: Perspective, painting withspray, folding technique,.Language development: Vocabulary onChristmasand materials 3. A CHRISTMAS CHOIR 4. MATERIALS 5. MATERIALSTOILET PAPER ROLL CONSTRUCTION PAPER SCISSORSGLUE FELT TIP PEN PAINT 6. MATERIALS 7. MATERIALSFELT PAPER GOLDEN STRINGMUSIC SCORECREPE PAPER 8. the site 9. -Step 1: Paint the toiletpaper roll in the colouryou prefer.-Step 2: Cut a circle ofconstruction paper tomake the face-Step 3: Paint eyesand mouth with a blackfelt tip pen and somepink on cheeks 10. Step 4: Stick the circleon the painted paper rollStep 5: Cut two mittenson some felt adhesivepaper paying attention tothe side of the hand youneed 11. -Step 6: Cut a smallsquare of music scorepaper and fold it in half.-Step 7: Stick themittens and the foldedscore on the paper roll.-Step 8: Cut a rectangleof crepe paper and sticktogeher both short sides 12. - Step 9: Stick thecrepe paper on theupper side of thepaper roll- Step 10: Tie thecrepe paper withgolden stringpretending a woolhat. 13. MAGAZINE CHRISTMAS TREES 14. MATERIALS 15. MATERIALSMAGAZINES GOLDEN PAINT SPRAY 16. WATCHTHE VIDEO 17. -Step 1: Choose athickmagazine.-Step 2: Fold the topof every page towardsthe spine of themagazine and crease.- Step 3: Do it again. 18. -Step 4: Fold the triangleformed at thebottomupwards to thesame level the folded pageis.-Step 5: Insert the foldedtriangle in between thefolds of the page.-Step 6: Spray the tree withgolden paintAnd 19. Here you are!