the visit to spain ( catalonia ) 10th – 17th of january

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The visit to Spain ( Catalonia ) 10th 17th of January. -. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The visit to Spain ( Catalonia) 10th 17th of January

The visit to Spain ( Catalonia)10th 17th of January-On the 10th of January Mr Sylwester Kolibabski, Mrs Beata Ignaczak, Mrs Edyta Dziubiska, Mrs Katarzyna Adamus,Mr Adam Lekw and four pupils: Weronika Somska, Oliwia Siwek, Jagoda Kliska, Paulina Kopaska arrived at the airport in Barcelona. Then we took a bus to Lleida.

We saw a lot of interesting places in Lleida.

The old cathedral La Seu Vella

Our students took part in activities and they enjoyed it a lot!

Teachers also attended some lessons.

Music lesson was the most exciting one!

English lesson and Information Technology lesson

During the meeitng teachers discussed the ideas connected with the project Similarity in Variety.

We have also learnt that building Human Towers is a part of Catalan culture.

Teachers from Greece, Portugal, Italy and Poland in the school canteen.

Teams from French Polynesia and Poland

Goodbye party where all teachers and pupils danced and sang together.

Our next destination was Barcelona!

The National Palace of Montjuic receives thousands of visitors each year. It was built for the international Expo in 1929. In the year 1934 it became the home of the National Art Museum of Catalonia, in which you can mostly find Romanesque art. People are visiting the palace during the day but also at night when you can watch an amazing show of lights and colors next to the Magic Fountain.

Columb Column and Port Vell a famous harbour

La Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi(18521926).

Camp Nou- a football stadium Barcelona Cathedral

The End