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Tour Catalonia is a unique tour offered by three B&B´s: Can Patiras, Cama & Cava and Mas Xipres.


  • Tour Catalonia

    Beautiful tour while you stay at special places. Tour Catalonia is an initiative of Can Patiras, Mas Xipres and Cama & Cava. Three B&Bs all situated at a unique location in Catalonia. At every location you will discover completely different spots worth seeing. A varied tour is guaranteed and you can enjoy all the best that Catalonia offers. Art by Dal & Gaudi, scenery of the Gavarres & the Mediterranean and of course the fantastic wine region Peneds, where the famous Cava is produced. Tour Catalonia just offers it all!

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    A tour in Catalonia


    The thought is a tour travelling around the

    most beautiful areas of Catalonia, staying

    at special locations.

    The trip can start near Figueras. In this

    beautiful area the well-known artist Dal

    worked and lived for a long period,

    leaving after his death amazing museums.

    You stay in Can Patiras, with its rural

    situation near the small village Cistella.

    It is the best guarantee for a relaxed start

    of your tour.

    The trip can continue in the coastal area of

    Platja DAro. The nature reserve

    Gavarres as well as the beautiful

    beaches near the numerous picturesque

    villages like Tamariu and Llafranc offer

    the possibility to enjoy untouched natural

    scenery as well as the Mediterranean.

    Your stay is in Cama & Cava. The

    special theme: enjoying holiday & wine


    offers a unique combination to relax.

    Next stop is Barcelona. Art, culture,

    culinary sensations; this Metropolitan city

    offers it all.

    You stay in one of the nice apartments

    Piso Picasso in El Borne or in a loft in the

    district Grcia.

    Finally you can visit the Peneds, the wine

    region situated south of Barcelona, where

    the world famous Cava is produced. Visit

    vineyards and enjoy a nice glass of Cava.

    You stay in Mas Xipres, a beautiful masa

    situated centrally in the wine area near the

    village Mediona. The last place to end your

    tour culinary!

    The presented tour is an example. Key

    words are freedom of choice & flexibility.

    You decide what you like to do and we are

    ready to help you!

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    Three fantastic B&Bs

    Can Patiras

    Can Patiras, situated on the

    Catalan countryside, offering views

    at the Pyrenees, an ideal

    environment to relax. Situated near

    typical villages like Cistella,

    Vilaritg & Llad perfect to discover

    on foot or by bicycle. In the area

    you will find historical cities like

    Figueras, Bsalu, Girona and Olot.

    Can Patiras is well situated to

    discover the area of Salvador Dal;

    the museum in Figueres, his house

    in Cadaques and Galas castle in

    Pbol, all exiting trips.

    Cal Fonei

    Cama & Cava, Cal Fonei means

    enjoying holidays & wine and is

    located in a fully restored authentic

    Catalan masa (ancient farmhouse)

    with a fantastic panoramic sea view.

    Besides a lot of space in the garden

    with its large swimming pool, you

    can enjoy a nice walk in free nature

    in the forest belonging to the


    Special theme is wine; the wine list

    with more than 25 Spanish wines

    offers the possibility to meet Spain

    as a wine country, with superb


    Mas Xipres

    Mas Xipres, situated in the hart of

    the wine region Peneds, south of

    Barcelona. You will find this

    beautiful, 200 year old, fully

    renovated, former wine farmhouse.

    Rental of luxury rooms and suites

    accommodated with an extensive

    breakfast and the possibility of

    having a meal.

    Big swimming pool and gardens

    with magnificent views. Quiet

    natural environment situated close

    to picturesque villages. A unique

    possibility to meet the Cavas &

    wines of the Peneds and to relax!

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    Two top apartments in Barcelona

    Piso Picasso

    Piso Picasso, central situated in El Borne, one of the

    trendy areas in the old city centre of Barcelona,

    provides a luxury stay for two persons. Enjoy the new

    60m2 apartment on the 2nd floor of an historical, but

    fully renewed building (completion 2008).

    There is an elevator present in the building; the

    design of the apartment is a maisonette.

    Entering at the first floor, youll find a bedroom & a

    luxury bathroom. On the second floor you find the

    living with view at Parc de Ciutat (the City Parc).

    On this floor you also find an additional sit/sleeping

    room and a fully equipped luxury kitchen. The

    apartment is air-conditioned and you can use

    wireless Internet access free of charge.

    Loft Grcia

    Loft Grcia, central situated in the popular area

    Grcia in Barcelona. Surrounded by the

    architecture of Gaudi and modernism, location of

    culture and relaxation, hotspot for delicious food

    offered by great restaurants, location for typical

    barrios and big projects. Just enjoy Barcelona

    from loft Grcia for some days.

    Equipped with all modern comfort, which you

    might expect on a top location like this.

    Loft Grcia is suitable for four persons.

    This authentic Barcelonan area is well known of the

    numerous restaurants, bars and many squares with

    nice terraces. The ideal spot to discover Barcelona

    and to dive directly from the loft in the exclusive

    shopping centre of Passeig de Grcia and


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    You are invited in Can Patiras and Loft Grcia by Chris & Bart.

    We are happy to welcome you at Can Patiras and Loft Grcia. At both

    locations you can enjoy many of the beauties Catalonia has to offer.

    See you in Spain!

    Can Patiras - Cistella


    reservations: or 0034-665349035

    You are invited in Cama & Cava, Cal Fonei and Piso Picasso by Angela & Mark.

    We are happy to welcome you at Cama & Cava. Our special theme;

    enjoying holidays & wine at our beautiful masa near the Mediterranean

    will leave an unforgettable memory.

    Cama & Cava, Cal Fonei Castell DAro


    reservations: or 0034-699949751

    You are invited in Mas Xipres by Hetty & Henny.

    We are happy to welcome you at Mas Xipres. In our B&B you will

    experience great hospitality, cooking is our hobby so culinary you are at

    the right place in Mas Xipres. Viva Espaa!

    Mas Xipres Mediona


    reservations: or 0034-938178784

    Reservations To book Tour Catalonia you can contact one of the three B&Bs. The tour is available from September

    up to and including June and is suitable for adults, travelling without children. Key elements are

    Flexibility and Freedom of Choice. Determine the travel schedule, period, accommodations and

    areas to visit, at your own preference. We are available to help, if needed, while planning your


    Tour Catalonia