the united states constitution. the united states constitution targets i can explain how the united...

Download The United States Constitution. The United States Constitution Targets I can explain how the United States Constitution is structured and what it entails

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  • The United States Constitution

  • The United States Constitution TargetsI can explain how the United States Constitution is structured and what it entails.I can break down and describe the Preamble to the United States Constitution.I can explain different Core Democratic Values and how they are linked to the United States Constitution.I can describe each of the Articles to the United States Constitution and what they uphold.I can depict different amendments to the United States Constitution and understand why these changes were necessary.

  • CORE DEMOCRATIC VALUESThe building blocks of our government and the rules and liberties of our country.

  • Core Democratic Values Core: the central part of anything, the most important part Democratic: government by the people, directly through representatives Values: principles and ideas that we think highly of Examples of values: manner/being polite, compassion/helping others, faith or religion, good sportsmanship, education, hard work, loyalty

  • So what are the Core Democratic Values?Individual Rights : Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of HappinessCommon GoodJusticeEqualityDiversityTruthPopular SovereigntyPatriotismRule of Law

  • LifeDefinition: An individual has the right to life, except in extreme cases, such as when a person is killed when threatening the life of someone else. Individual Rights

  • LibertyIndividual RightsDefinition: A citizen has the right to act, think, and believe as he/she wants without government interference, freedom of ideas, speech, religion, press, privacy and many others.

  • Pursuit of HappinessDefinition: A person has the right to find happiness in his/her own way as long as he/she does not infringe on the rights of others.Individual Rights

  • Public Policy Issue #1Topic: School UniformsShould students wear school uniforms?

    State your opinion and restate the question.I feel that students should or should not be required to wear school uniforms.Use a CDV to make an argument that SUPPORTS your positionThe CDV of liberty allows for freedom to choose what clothes students wear to school.Write one or more additional sentences that SUPPORT your position.

  • Common GoodDefinition: Everyone should work together for the good of all, sometimes people should give up some personal freedoms for the good of a larger group.

  • Common GoodThe right to decide for yourself is not always allowed.Societies need rules to live in a safe way.United States citizens vote for government representatives who make laws to protect us from doing foolish things.

  • Common GoodOften times, laws for the Common Good take individual rights away to protect the public.Ex: restrictions placed upon private property usage (zoning laws)Ex: no smoking in restaurants (new law March 1)Ex: no smoking on school property

  • Common GoodProvides for safety and security

    Provides for the common defense

    Promotes domestic tranquility (peace and harmony at home) by having laws that promote equality and justice for all.

  • Public Policy Issue #2Topic: School RulesShould schools have rules?State your opinion and restate the question.I believe that schools should/should not have rules.Use a CDV to make an argument that SUPPORTS your positionWrite one or more additional sentences that SUPPORT your position.

  • JusticeDefinition: All people should be treated fairly. No group should be favored.

  • EqualityDefinition: Everyone should get the same treatment regardless of where they are from, their race, religion, or wealth.

  • DiversityDefinition: America is a mixture of different cultures blended together with equal liberties under the law.

  • TruthDefinition: The government and citizens of the United States should not lie.

  • Popular SovereigntyDefinition: The Power of the Government comes from the people.

  • PatriotismDefinition: Citizens should show respect and loyalty to our country and the core democratic values.

  • Rule of LawDefinition: Everyone, including government officials, must obey the law.

    **Safe way: seat belts, stop lights, no smoking in restaurants/schools