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Learning about popular culture, media violence, and critical media literacy.


  • 1. ...examining youth Media CultureOctober 21st, 2011Katie Cole

2. Watch out for the wave... 3. Identify the 4Cs in theadvertisement Construction: the dark clothing they are wearing. Codes: the mist represents mystery Creeds: girls need to be protected Commercialism: promoting Twilight and New Moon movies and books 4. Recognizing Violence Physical Violence and Assault Unhealthy Relationships Unrealistic Consequences Dangerous, Daredevil Behaviours Alcohol and Substance Abuse Stereotypes Sexual Exploitation Conflict and Cruelty Bullying and Gossip Flamming (Online hateful comments) 5. Impacts of Media Violence Scares or Traumatizes Promotes Stereotypes Promotes high-risk behaviours (sexualbehaviours and attitudes, alcohol use etc.) Encourages imitation Alters brain development Modeling of negative relationship Causes emotional desensitization Stimulates violent or aggressive behaviour Sexualized violence Can lead to depression, anxiety, suicide 6. Generation M:Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year olds1. Youth spend an average of how many hours a day with media?Compared to 1 houra) 6 hours a dayof physical activityb) 4.5 hours a day1 hour of homeworkc) 7.5 hours a day* dayand 30 minutes ofd) 10 hours a day chores*accounts for multitaskingbut not texting 7. Generation M:Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year olds2. What percentage of youth (age 8-17) report having access to TV, video games, or computers in their bedrooms?a) 71% 53% of families have no family rules on access orb) 52% contentc) 83%d) 37% 8. Music Lyrics and Music Videos:American Academy of Pediatrics3. Rap and Rock music videos contain thispercentage of violence. 75% of fourth to sixth graderswatch music videos;a) 55%b) 20% 60% indicate they watch a lotc) 10% b) 20%d) 75% 9. Cellphones & Texting:How Teens Use Media 2009 4. True or False. Teens send over 2,000 text messages a month?77% of teens alreadyhave their own mobile True phone.Another 11% say theyregularly borrow one 10. Sex & Tech:The National Campaign 5. What percentage of teens are posting orsending sexually suggestive messages orimages online?And 44% say it iscommon for those a) 11% messages to beshared with other b) 44% than the intended c) 76% recipient d) 39%39% 75% of teens realize/say sending sexually suggestive content can have serious negative consequences. 11. Cellphones: An Educational ToolStudent Vote and Scholarships Canada6. What percentage of high school students said they would like to use cellphones as an educational tool?a. 93% 72% of students thought cellphonesb. 27% were distracting.c. 44%d. 62% 12. Social Networking:The PEW Research Center 20107. What percentage of 12 to 17- year olds have at least one social networking profilea) 73%b) 61%22% of teens checksocial networks 10 orc) 92%more times per dayd) 55% 13. Kansas State UniversityReading and the Internet:A Vision of Students Today8. How many Facebook profiles doesthe average FB user read per year?a. 500b. 3020 They will also readc. 1281 2,300 web pages.d. 332 14. Sleeping Teens:TIME MAGAZINE9. What negatively affects the sleeping patterns of teens more?Internet and Video games Internet andor TelevisionVideo Games This has to do with physiological responses to their media. 15. I Love ( . Y . ) 16. Dancing 17. Edgy or Inappropriate? 18. Parkour Pass vs. Fail 19. Happy Tree Friends ...not so happy 20. 21. Playing video games triggers and#1 Sellingdoubles thevideo gameamount ofof all time?dopamine in the brain, roughlyequivalent to a dose of speed. 22. The Fifth Estate on CBC new 23. Pumped up KicksAll the other kids with the pumped up kicksYoud better run, better run, outrun my gunAll the other kids with the pumped up kicksYoud better run, better run, faster than mybullet Urban 24. GQ 25. FWB 26. Canadian law forbids theproduction, distribution, and possession of childpornography. Prohibitioncovers the visualrepresentations of sexual activity by persons (real orimaginary) under the age of 18 yearsIts Forever 27. In-line Audience Selector 28. Facebook Facts You Need to Know Untag but photos and videos are permanent You are responsible for The Group Employers creep your page Cell phone contacts go public! Like something - and you are sharing your info Have you noticed...Instant Personalization 3rd party apps know your info 29. Do not add this app! Anonymity? Cookies (data filestored on yourcomputer) activateads This app collects yourinformation: SNS info Location IP address 30. 31. Tips for Domination: Password: s0cc3Rkidd Remove your imported contacts Turn Location Services off, dont Check In Turn off Friends Can Check you Into Places Turn off Instant Personalization Edit what Apps can access Dont hit Like Limit your availability on Chat Turn on Profile Review (monitor pending posts) Turn on Tag Review 32. 33. P.A.R.E.N.T.S. Participate and Share Act Appropriately Research, Ratings and Reviews Examine Consequences Need Rules and Restrictions Take Action Supervision for Safety 34.

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