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  • The Student Newspaper of Mars High School


    April 2018 Volume 89 Issue 8

    The Mars High School chapter of the FBLA found success at the State Leadership Conference on April 8-11. First year advisor and Accounting teacher, Mr. Myler, guided the team. FBLA is a lot of fun and we have a great group of students here so that made things a lot easier to take on while in my first year at Mars, said Mr. Myler In order to compete at the State Conference, stu-dents had to pass an ob-jective test and place in first or second in their re-gion. Seven students quali-fied from Mars to attend. FBLA events are a great opportunity to not only test your knowledge against other students in the state, but to also find areas of interest that you may want to learn more about or go into for a future career, said Mr. Myler. The Hershey Lodge and Convention Center, as well as the Hershey Hotel, played host to the event. The first two days, the teams took their first round tests. Seniors, Luke

    Diel and Chase Reck competed in the Global Business category, jun-iors Alexis Bonifate and Anastasia Bonifate, as well as senior Ashley Parham competed in Marketing,

    junior Matthew Olsen competed in the Accounting II competition and freshman Andrew Riska competed

    in Introduction to Financial Math. To qualify for state awards, the teams had to place in the top 10 of their events. Upon doing so, some of the events required for the final-

    ists to give a performance to rank the remaining teams. The top four competitors for each event qualify

    FBLA students place at state business competition By Alexis Bonifate

    to compete at the National Confer-ence. The Marketing team learned that they had qualified for the perfor-mance round of competition a few

    hours after taking their objective test. Next, the Marketing Team gave a presentation to judges that made them role play a scenario. Competitors were sequestered into a conference room for four hours, while each team was indi-vidually called to prep for the event. The Awards Ceremony closed out the conference. As each event was called, the names of the final qualifiers flashed up on the screen and were asked to come on stage. During this, Mat-thew Olsen qualified for a state award and ended up taking sev-enth place in his event. For Mar-keting, it was announced that the team took second place in the state and qualified for national competition. Mars qualifiers now look for-ward to attending the National Leadership Conference in Balti-more, Md. on June 26-July 2


    FBLA Competitors at the State Conference L to R: Matthew Olsen, Andrew Riska, Luke Diel, Chase Reck, Ashley Parham, Anastasia Bonifate,

    Alexis Bonifate Photo by Mr. Myler

    Wallops Island field trip allows for hands-on fun for students By Alexis Bonifate

    Trip Participants before going into the Salt Marsh

    Mars Students visit the beaches of Chincoteague and Assateague

    Islands in Virginia

    Trip Participants after going into the Salt Marsh

    Below: Junior Veronica Shaffer, senior Elias Manjerovic, and sophomore Emi-ly Hayward are all smiles after going

    into the Salt Marsh

    Left: Juniors, Sam Jocuns, Alexis Bonifate, Miranda Williams, and Teressa Wesley con-

    duct experiments to test salt water

    Photos courtesy of Miranda Williams, Amelia Haley, and Alexis Bonifate

  • Inside this Issue


    Planet Press Volume 89 Issue 8 Features 2

    Senioritis has gotten the best of me, said Jack Ford. Ive given up, Im already accepted into college, adds Bret Rinaman. With their college commitments settled, seniors like Ford, Rinaman, and Richie Kaminski see no reason to waste any more effort on their final high school assignments. They have fallen victim to senioritis. What exactly is senioritis anyways? Senioritis is the fact that you get out of school early, and take a four-hour nap as soon as you get home, said Kaminski. Not wanting to do homework. Not wanting to do anything in school, just sit there and play on your com-puter, adds Ford. For Rinaman, senioritis can best be described as Blowing off clas-ses; I think Ive skipped a couple classes honestly and not cared, she added. Having no motivation or care in the world, Rinaman, Kaminski, and Ford are all ready to leave Mars High and move to their next life milestone: college. Rinaman plans to attend Lockhaven University, Kaminski Xaiver University, and Ford has committed to The University of Day-ton. Last year I used to come to school every day, Id never miss a day of school. This year I think I have 30 absences, said Rinaman. Kimisnki and Ford have also taken to notice that their nap times have increased, while theyre homework has decreased. Theyre indirectly proportional, said Kaminski. Regarding grades, the three agreed with two simple words: Its over. As much as we all wish this school year was over, there are still six long weeks left, and I can think of more than two words to describe my frustrations about that.

    Prom Trends By Sophia Monteleone Senioritis

    overpowers the class of 2018 By Lindsay Scott

    FLORAL Floral has been a popular print for a long time, but this year the trend is to have larger flower like roses all over the gown with either a matching bodice or a corresponding color bodice. Floral gowns are rarely tight, but often form fitting at the top with a full skirt so the pattern can be on full display.

    TRAINS Trains add a regal flair to some plain dresses, or even the most bedazzled dress. Trains have been appearing on dresses of all price ranges, from Sherri Hill to the bargain website PromGirl. They make any dress seem luxuri-ous, which is what every girl wants to feel like on prom night.

    OFF THE SHOULDER Off the shoulder shirts and dresses have been popular since the summer-time because of the flattering cut. It is very easy to find an off the shoulder cut that will flatter you, which is why it has become a prom dress staple. Off the shoulder also looks very classy, be-cause it is more revealing than a long sleeved dress, but less high mainte-nance then a sleeveless gown.

    Are you one of the few people who dont have a prom dress? Dont worry, theres still plenty of dresses left in stores. Heres a guide to the trendiest prom styles this season.

    SATIN Satin is a luxurious fabric that is actually pretty affordable. Satin has been a sleepwear staple for years, however the thicker, richer shine satin has been making its way into the fashion game for almost two years now. Satin gowns often feature a lot of ruffled layering that add to the luxurious effect, and are often in bright jewel tones with minimal sequins and gems.

    PromGirl Long Off the shoulder satin prom dress

    Sherri Hill #51792 Sherri Hill #52046

    Plum mermaid open back dress

    MOVIE REVIEW: Love, Simon By Madison Ceasar

    Becky Albertallis book, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, was adapted into a heart-warming movie titled Love, Simon. I decided I would go see it for myself the day it came out. After reading Albertallis book, I was extremely excited to get to see this movie. I had a really strong at-tachment to the novel, and I honestly couldnt be hap-pier that a movie was coming out. Its very hard to come across a movie that meets the high stand-ards a book has set, so I was curious if Love, Simon would hit the expectations. After settling into the movie theater with a few of my friends, the atmos-phere of the room was very special. It was very open and I felt as if I could be my au-thentic self. Everyone around me felt almost identical. While talking to some people at the movie theater, student and movie goer, Mathew Cosco, said that the atmosphere felt very safe and ac-cepting. As a rom-com movie, Love, Simon was not a bit cheesy. In fact, it felt very real. The story line follows a teenager named Simon, who realiz-

    es he is gay, but is terrified to come out. He has a good circle of friends; however, he doesnt know how they will react. Simon begins to share anonymous emails to a user named Blue, who also happens to be gay. Slowly, they begin to fall in love. However, this is not like every other love story, it is surprisingly

    different. Simon deals with issues that people of the LGBTQIA+ com-munity face every day. His personal life comes to a crisis after the an-tagonist discovers his secret. In my opinion, a movie like Love, Simon was needed a long time ago. After hundreds of films show-ing heteronormativity, it was re-freshing to see new content. I think

    that this movie is very important for people of every sexual orientation to see. This movie was heartwarming and touching and shows that eve-ryone should be treated the same regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I think that for someone strug-

    gling with their identity, this movie could really offer some helpful advice. For someone struggling with homophobic people, this movie could potentially save their life. I know that for

    me, it showed not everyone is unaccepting.

    Sometimes, it feels like everyone is against you, and it is scary to have people who wont like you due to who you love; however, this movie proved that there are so many supporting people out there. All in all, I am looking forward to watching Love, Simon again. It was a beautifully directed movie that had a special impact on my life.

    A scene in Love, Simon where Simon is hanging out with his friends Abby and Leah. Photo courtesy of

    Seniors, Jack Ford, Richie Kaminski,