the renaissance artists & authors. giotto known for fresco paintings. creating illusion of depth,...

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  • The RenaissanceArtists& Authors

  • Giotto

  • GiottoKnown for fresco paintings.

    creating illusion of depth, and realistic emotion.

  • Giotto: ascension

  • Giotto: Mourning of christ

  • Giotto: The Adoration of the Magi

  • Ghiberti

  • Goldsmith. Winning Entry.

  • Bronze Doors of Baptistery

  • BrunelleshiDome of the Cathedral in Florence

    First since Roman times

    2 times as high as Hagia Sophia

  • Donatello:

  • Donatello

    Most works included statues of men on horsebackCreated bronze, 3 ft. statue of David

  • Donatello: Statue of St. George

  • MasaccioFather of Modern Painting

    Created perspective in paintings

  • Masaccio: The Tribute

  • Masaccio: Virgin and Child with St. Anne

  • Masaccio: The Expulsion from Eden

  • MichelangeloStudied sculpture in Florence under the Medici family

    Created Masterpieces in sculpture, painting, and architecture.

    One of the Renaissances most famous artists.

  • MichelangeloPainted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at Popes request

  • MichelangeloLater returned to paint walls of the chapel with titles like, Last Judgement

  • MichelangeloPieta - Virgin Mary with a dying Jesus

    David - Biblical character that fought Goliath

  • RaphaelPainter that was commissioned by the Pope to create murals for the walls of his private library.

  • Raphael: School of Athens

  • Raphael: Portrait of Pope Julius

  • Leonardo da VinciFamous artist of the Renaissance

    Known for sketches, paintings, and inventions

    Created worlds most recognized painting

  • Leonardo da VinciInventor: Here shows sketches of ideas like flying machines, and parachutes

  • Leonardo: The Last Supper

  • Leonardo: The Mona LisaWho is it?Face changes emotionNo eyebrowsIs she pregnant?

  • DanteThe Divine ComedyPoetryVernacular

  • PetrachSonnets in honor of LauraImitated Cicero

  • MachiavelliThe PrinceBook of Politics/Governing