the need for speed

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The Need for Speed Flickr: ken_from_md Sarah O’Keefe @sarahokeefe

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Technical communication needs better, faster workflows to meet today's requirements for diverse deliverables. Sarah O'Keefe discusses how to address the need for speed in tech comm. Presentation delivered in Wiesbaden, Gernany, at tcworld 2013.


  • 1. TheNeedforSpeed Sarah OKeefe @sarahokeefe www.scriptorium.comFlickr: ken_from_md

2. SarahOKeefe,@sarahokeefe Founder and president, Scriptorium Publishing,, North Carolina, USACoauthor with Alan Pringle of Content Strategy 101Interested in intersection of content, publishing, and technology 3. Weneedvelocity.Flickr: mytmoss 4. Contentstrategy Supportthe organizationsbusiness goalsusinginformation andinformation products. 5. VelocityandcontentstrategyFlickr: grendelkhan 6. Knowthebusiness 7. Alignwithbusinessgoals 8. Styleguidesandterminology 9. Voiceandtone 10. Productionsystems 11. Intelligentcontent Flickr: brittanyg 12. Integration Flickr: brittanyg 13. Knowthebusiness Alignwithbusinessgoals Styleguidesandterminology Voiceandtone Productionsystems Intelligentcontent Integration 14. Howdowemakeithappen? 15. Flickr: kirinqueenOperationsneed tobeimpeccable. 16. Flickr: pedroszAuthoringvelocity 17. Reduce,reuse,recycle 18. Flickr: nicokaiserEditingvelocity 19. Controlledlanguagesoftware 20. Flickr: dingopupProductionvelocity 21. Productionsystemmust automateformatting. 22. Flickr: WI Department of Natural Resources, mstharpe, daysofthundr46Distributionvelocity 23. LocalizationvelocityFlickr: furphotos 24. Goodsourcecontent Machinetranslation Automatedformatting(again)Flickr: furphotos 25. Global content strategyickr: dtaylorcreativeshouldbe redundant. 26. Globalization drives content strategy.ickr: titushageman 27. Efcientlocalizationisa basicprerequisite.ickr: tanyadurrant 28. Whatdrivesefcient localization?ickr: tanyadurrant 29. HINT:Its notthe service provider.ickr: tambako 30. Itsthequality oftheinput.ickr: tanyadurrant 31. ickr: pmarkhamLocalization: justalongfortheride. 32. Acomputercandomore thanatypewriter. 33. ickr: dominicspicLow-qualitysourcecontent= inefcientlocalization 34. Image: NASAInamultilingualworkow, inefciency=death. 35. Image: NASAInamonolingualworkow, inefciency=slowdeath. 36. Wecannotsurviveunlesswe evolve.Quickly. 37. Content hasnever beenfor thefaintof heartFlickr: jlascar 38. Wemustadaptto changesFlickr: Marie Hale 39. PrioritizeFlickr: beleaveme 40. Theoldwayisnot goingtowork.Flickr: nostri-imago 41. Flickr: ullisanderssonOnelast thing 42. Questions?