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  • The Medieval Church John Stevenson, 2008
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  • 1000 150015002000 The Medieval Church The Reformed Church The Ancient Church
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  • Visigoths Angles and Saxons Vandals Ostrogoths
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  • Ulfilas 310-383 Missionary to the Goths Translated the Bible into the language of the Goths
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  • Patrick 373-493 Grew up in England in a Christian family Captured by Irish raiders and made a slave Escaped to Europe Ordained as a priest and bishop Returned to Ireland as a missionary
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  • Patrick 373-493 The first to speak out unequivocally against slavery Slave trade in Ireland came to a virtual halt Ireland became a sender of missionaries to England and Scotland
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  • 672-754
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  • How should the church respond to other religions?
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  • While stands the Colosseum, Rome shall stand, When falls the Colosseum, Rome shall fall, And when Rome falls the world.
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  • Why did Rome fall?
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  • Constantinople Comes to throne in 527 Theodora Belisarius & Nike Riots Retakes Italy, North Africa, and parts of Spain
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  • Constantinople
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  • Constantinople Empire weakened in wars with Persia Plague ravages Europe
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  • Constantinople Roman centurion who murders emperor Persian Shah takes opportunity to invade Persian Empire
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  • Constantinople Leaves Constantinople in the hands of the Patriarch Invades Persia Retakes all lands
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  • Mohammad 570-632 Claimed to have a revelation from God Monotheist Islam (Submission) Quran (Recitation) Moved to Medina in 622 Conquered Mecca in 630
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  • Mecca
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  • Muslim Restrictions to Christians and Jews Wear a special mark on their clothing No proselytizing permitted No new churches or synagogues could be built No church bells could be rung Involvement in politics limited
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  • Mecca
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  • Charles Martel 732 Tours, France Muslims halted
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  • 800 A.D. Grandson of Charles Martel Crowned emperor of a united central Europe Promoted schools and learning Kingdom divided at his death
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  • Rome Constantinople The Bishop of Constantinople shall have the primacy after the Bishop of Rome, because his city is New Rome. Canon 3, Council of Constantinople
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  • Rome Constantinople
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  • Western ChurchEastern Church Church is over the stateState is over the church Pope is the final authority Church council is the final authority Theology is for theologians Theology is for everyone Celibacy demanded for nearly all positions Marriage permitted except for bishop Opposition to iconsVeneration of icons
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  • 1033-1109 Philosopher and theologian Ontological argument for the existence of God I do not try to understand in order to believe; I believe in order to understand
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  • Anselms Reasoning for God God is the greatest thing we can imagine If God only exists in our thoughts, then there is a greater quality we could attribute to Him that of existence Therefore we would be able to conceive of a Being greater than He really is But since that is absurd, then God must really exist
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  • 1225-1275 Dominican theologian & scholar Brought Aristotelian Logic to Christianity Summa Theologica: A systematic theology
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  • 1225-1275 Gods Existence Proven by reason Known by faith Gods existence Full knowledge of God
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  • What was the rationale behind the Crusades?
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  • Muslim invasion of Anatolia Byzantine Emperor Alexios I appeals to Pope Urban II for mercenaries Urban IIs call to arms Kingdoms of Jerusalem, Tripoli, Antioch, & Edessa Began in 1096
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  • How have the Crusades impacted our world?
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  • Results of the Crusades Integration of Arabic learningIntegration of Arabic learning Emphasis on the ClassicsEmphasis on the Classics Weakening of the Byzantine EmpireWeakening of the Byzantine Empire Growing power of the Christian ChurchGrowing power of the Christian Church Intolerance of other faiths Increased emphasis on indulgences
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  • What are the similarities and differences between the Crusades versus todays Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan?
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  • Francis of Assisi Served as a soldier Taken prisoner and a year in captivity Devoted himself to a life of poverty Church recognized order of Franciscans & ordained Francis as a deacon 1181-1226
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  • Francis of Assisi Travel to Egypt Pilgrimage of non-violence Meeting with the Sultan Permitted to preach to the people 1181-1226
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  • Francis of Assisi Let all brothers preach by their deeds. 1181-1226
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  • What does Francis teach us about how we ought to live?
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  • What is the difference between Christendom versus Christianity?
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  • What do the cathedrals tell us about medieval Christianity?
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