the many risks of buying counterfeit goods and how to avoid them

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  1. 1. The Many Risks of Buying Counterfeit Goods and How to Avoid Them
  2. 2. Counterfeit goods are sold all over the world
  3. 3. Designer clothing Bags Accessories Computer games Watches Cosmetics Childrens toys Perfumes and a host of others
  4. 4. Many of these fake goods are sold at markets and fairs, car boot sales, and even in pubs, making it hard to trace the swindler after you have bought from them
  5. 5. Disney toys are extremely popular, and frequently targeted by fraudsters who know that parents will buy them willingly for their children, especially at Christmas time CHILDRENS TOYS
  6. 6. Avoid buying fake alcohol Even though it might seem like a real bargain to you If its not the real thing Theres a good chance that you will suffer nausea Liver or kidney problems, coma, or even death FAKE ALCOHOL
  7. 7. People in the UK spend in excess of 90 million pounds on fake goods every year. Part of one of the biggest hauls ever, that was stopped by border staff from entering the country, were about 3000 Christmas lights. Since they were incorrectly insulated, they would have resulted in people being shocked, fires breaking out, and even explosions occurring CHRISTMAS LIGHTS
  8. 8. Countless shoppers are tricked into buying fake cosmetics that are designed to look like top brands, because they imagine these items to be good bargains FAKE COSMETICS
  9. 9. Serious skin rashes have been caused by some bogus perfumes and colognes, due to urine being one of their ingredients PERFUMES AND COLOGNES
  10. 10. Fake clothing such as Halloween and pop-star outfits commonly do not comply to European safety standards. This can impose obvious dangers FAKE CLOTHING
  11. 11. There is also indirect danger that results from buying any fake goods. Take counterfeit watches, for example, which are often made in unlicensed and unregulated factories
  12. 12. Counterfeit goods are found everywhere, even on well-known online sites like eBay and Amazon Visit Our Article For some great tips to avoid buying fake goods

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