tips to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy farm

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tips to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy farm

tips to avoid buying a puppy from a puppy farm

Always see the puppy interacting with its mother

Always ask to see the breeding environment if youre not happy with the conditions dont buy the puppy

Pay attention to whether the breeder asks you many questions good breeders will be interested in the home their puppy is going to

Try to avoid buying puppies online, from free newspaper ads or from pet shops as these are often sourced from puppy farms

If you do buy a puppy online, google the sellers phone number to see if this brings up a lot of adverts for puppies

Dont buy a puppy if the seller asks or offers to meet at a neutral location such as a car park or service station they may be trying to ensure you dont see their breeding conditions

A pedigree certificate isnt enough these are often fakes made by the puppy farmers / dealers

if you arent sure get in touch with the kennel club to check

Dont buy a puppy because you think you are rescuing it you would just be making room for the next puppy and fuelling the industry

Make sure you ask lots of questions:

- are they microchipped? - What veterinary treatment have they had?- Can you return the puppy if things dont work out? a good breeder will say yes

Be suspicious if they are selling more than two breeds unless you are able to see the breeding environment and the puppies with their mums

Consider rescuing a dog they are a bargain and they come health and temperament tested

You can find puppies up for adoption, if you take the time to look

If youre looking for a pedigree always go to a reliable and reputable breeder check out the kennel club assured breeders list

and be prepared to wait for your puppy good breeders will usually have a waiting list

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