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Leading, glossy, English language, travel, yachting and lifestyle magazine for the Ionian part of Greece. Our mission is to promote tourism and yachting in the Ionian while serving as a platform for environment and culture appreciation and protection.


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    May 2011 Volume 2. Issue 2 Newstand price 2

    The Ionian

    The Tree Of Lifes Other Gifts

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    Kefalonia Taverna Review

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    Adventures Of A Shield Bug

    Page 8

    A Dream Come True

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    The Greek Fishermans Art Of Positive Thinking

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    The Ionian International No-Diet Day

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    Amvrakikos Gulf - A Hidden Paradise

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    The Drip - A Sailors Moan

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    Here we go! Every May in the Ionian we open our doors to the visitors who have been planning all year their holiday and who now begin to arrive by plane, yacht, ferry, car, bus anyway possible including as a stowaway, as you will see in one of our stories to spend a week, two or in some lucky cases even the whole summer in this beautiful area.

    We, the locals are lucky to be living here all year and to be able to share our love of this area. Greeks have this welcoming attitude naturally; I think theyre born with it - so no wonder the Greek word for guest and stranger is the same, / (kse-nos / kse-ni).

    The rest of us, expats, new residents, immigrants, and long time visitors, gladly try to follow our hosts lead.

    And so, in this issue of The Ionian we hope to share with you some of this welcoming attitude with several stories about life in the Ionian.

    Barbara de Machula, who is a long time resident of Palairos, introduces us, in our Through The Porthole column, to the Greek way of gentle life in her story, The Greek Fishermans Art Of Positive Thinking.

    In Health and Beauty, Richard Booth, whose family lives near Lefkas, shares a recipe for ancient medicine that will cure anything and everything using the leaves of the tree of lifethe olive tree. And believe me, it worksIve tried it already.

    Our regular incognito man around the Ionian Sea, Plato Chipz, gets pleasura-bly stuck in Agia Eufimia, Kefalonia and wastes no time cooking on board when so many lovely restaurants abound and where one can eat ones fill. In this is-sues Ionian Taverna Review, he praises the culinary skills of the chef named George at to Perasma Taverna.

    And if you are worried about eating too much, dont Eirini Tzima, in The Ionian reminds us that May 6 is the International No-Diet Day. Never heard of it? Well, we propose to start an International Diet-Free Summer and since everyone knows that the Mediterranean diet is so good for uswhy not? To encourage you, we offer a recipe for the Ionian Diet-Free Pizza.

    Ready for another kind of an adventure? When Tina and Graham Stewart left the Ionian last fall in their land yacht (camper van), they found a stowaway who insisted on staying along for the ride all the way to Scotland AND back. Who was this creature? Read Tina and Grahams story in Adventures of A Shield Bug. Continuing with the environmental theme, we have an article about the need to protect one of our most beautiful gems, in Amvrakikos Gulf A Hidden Pardise by Venetia Gigi and Vasi-lis Lekkas, two marine biologists, who made it their mission to teach the rest of us about this beautiful and special area. And if by now you too would like to move to the Ionian read A Dream Come True, by Ronne van Zuidam to find out how one family did it in our Living The Ionian Dream section. Finally, just in case you think that life here is all fun and games, beauty and relaxation, good food, and lots of sun, The Drip, A Sailors Moan, will show you the other (rainy) side of yachting in our Be Practical column. No worries though - there is no rain in the Ionian in summer - the weather is perfect to dry out that boat. (ka-lo-so-ri-zo) welcome!

    Enjoy reading. , ~~~_/) Barbara Molin

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    Send in your Ionian news, photos and calendar events to: Check our website for up to date Ionian news and events at:

    Tuesdays and Sundays - morn-ing street market in Vonitsa.


    First charter flights arrive in the Ionian. The season begins.

    1 May Day Festival, Labour Day On this day everyone leaves the city for the country. Have a picnic and gather wildflowers to make into wreaths to decorate your home or boat.

    6 International No-Diet Day read more on page 5.

    15 Boat Jumble: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in AktioPanos Taverna parking lot. Call Preveza Yacht Services for more information: 26820 60940.


    4 Corfu Business Enterprise Fo-rum with dinner and live music in the evening. Call Emma Wood: 0030 69435 34654 for more infor-mation.

    13 Holy Spirit Monday

    24 Feast of St. John the Baptist. Wreaths made on May Day are

    kept until this day, when they are burned on bon-fires. Summer solstice.

    Helenic Festival. This is the most important sum-mer festival. It features performances of music, dance and drama all throughout Greece.

    Navy Week. This festi-val celebrates the long relationship between Greeks and the sea with events in fishing villages and ports everywhere.

    End of June, early July.

    Local News

    You might not recognize one of the favourite family tavernas in the Ionian, o Kontos near the boat yards in Aktio since it has recently been renovated. Chef Panos Maris and his wife Kaiope welcome new and returning guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between.

    Come and say Yassu to Panos and Kaiope and all your friends at the International Sailors Home.

    The Ionian News and Community Calendar

    May 15 Boat Jumble and Swap Meet in Aktio at o Kontos Taverna

    parking lot.

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    The Ionian Being a woman can be a blessing. We are

    beautiful, with a great mind, able to think on so many different levels, with an ability to offer and share emotions and to protect and to take care of others. How many women do you know that match this profile?

    The whole society depends on women not to mention the business world. Clothes, jewel-leries, art and of course luxury cars, yachts, jets, apartments are usually bought by wealthy men in order to attract and impress women. There-fore being a woman is a good thing, no? Well, everything has its pros and cons.

    The ideal woman, especially in the last 40-50 years is supposed to be skin and bones. The fashion designers demanded from their models to be thin in order to highlight their clothes. But since when do clothes or fashion matter more than the people who wear them?

    This situation has lead women to become vic-tims of their own image. They are humiliated at school or work for being fat and have so many regrets whenever they want to have a slice of pizza or a piece of cake.

    During this how I look madness, many women have lost their lives going through sur-geries for fat loss, have lost their unique moments of life such as playing with their children (being weaker as a result of strong diets) or enjoying their sex life with their partners (due to lack of self confidenceclose the lights, I have cel-lulite).

    I think that what matters the most is being healthy and happy. Love and respect your body and soul exactly for who you are. Each one of us is so different and unique, so why should we all look alike?

    Ancient Greeks used to say which mean