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Leading, glossy, travel, yachting and lifestyle magazine for the Ionian part of Greece. Our mission is to promote tourism and yachting in the Ionian while serving as a platform for environment and culture appreciation and protection.


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    The Ionian July 2012 Volume 3. Issue 5 COMPLIMENTARY/

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    The art of keeping cool

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    An Olympic day out

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    Nibbles in Nidri Page 11

    Handyman in paradise

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    Berth of a best-seller

    Bill and Laurel Cooper talk to The Ionian

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  • July 2012 The Ionian 3

    Keeping Cool In Greece, you can easily tell the locals from the visitors. Theyre the ones wearing jeans and long sleeves in summer - as in this months cover photo

    by Lies vant Net. The rest of us have been trying to keep cool as much as possible by taking dips in the sea, seeking shade, and even hanging in a hammock in the breeze under a couple of trees (the new branch office of The Ionians publisher) to cope with a heat wave.

    In her article, The art of keeping cool on page 5 of this issue, Barbara de Machula gives a few timely tips on how to do just that, including a novel use for the often under-rated wet rag. With temperatures here well into sweltering, plus the final of the Euro 2012 soccer set for July 1st, and the 2012 Olympics in London following a few weeks later, this promises to be a month when re-maining calm may not seem an option.

    But Bill and Laurel Cooper managed it time and again during 36 years of sailing adventures, many of their exploits recounted in their best-seller Sell Up and Sail. In Berth of a best-seller on page 8, the first of three articles for which they have spoken to The Ionian, they tell our Editor Martin Stote how they wrote much of the book in the Ionian, which remains one of their favourite cruising grounds.

    Robin Lamb also managed to keep his cool, if not his appetite, when he found the heads on his yacht Sundowner blocked. In Handyman in paradise on page 12, he tells us how he dealt with the problem quietly, methodically, and with only a passing attack of nausea.

    Plato Chipzs appetite is legendary, and as undiminished as ever as he and Old Wheezy fall upon another defenceless meal, this time at JDs Bistro in Nidri. See his review, Nibbles in Nidri on page 11.

    Paradoxically, Rosanne Hodin found shade beneath the olive trees, and was struck by the air of peace and tranquillity when she visited the origi-nal site of the Olympics near Katakolon on the Peloponnese. She de-scribes her visit in An Olympic Day out on page 6.

    Enjoy reading... ~~~_/) Barbara Molin

    The Ionian

    Cover Photo: Fisherman in Vonitsa. Photo by Lies vant Net. To purchase any of our pho-tos or to submit your own for cover shot con-sideration, please email us at: Enter our annual calen-dar photo competition. For more information check our website at:

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  • July 2012 The Ionian 5

    It has been a hot spring. Summer stole the winter like a quick thief in the night. My first painting student had to endure a lot of rain, cold nights, and we even had to heat the stove a few evenings, not so long ago. And then suddenly, summer kicked in, and all the blankets had to go, we had to use the fan, and making ice tea became a daily chore. Heat was here! The plants burst into flowers and fruit, and

    swimming in the sea was a sure way to cool down. And the temperature was matched by the political discussions in the taverna, which were getting everyone very hot under the collar.

    Now that the elections are behind us, we hope that the European demands will ease up and allow us to cool down a bit, and maybe even give a little breathing space so we can rethink our ideas on how to tackle the crisis. Meanwhile, I would like to share a few tricks on how to keep your cool on a hot day.

    A delightful place to visit is the wells of Korpi in the mountains near Preveza. You may already be familiar with the blue bottles which you can buy, containing crystal clear water. If you visit the wells, you can fill up your bottles for free with that same water. The wells are on the mainland near the village of Vonitsa. From there you go down to Palairos, turn left to Monastiraki and follow the sign that says Nestle Hellas.

    You will see the water factory where all the water is bottled, but if you continue to follow the road, turn left by the church and drive down to a nearly abandoned village, which is now only visited by people filling up their water tanks. The remnants of a once lively spa and health resort are still visible, little cabins where people once stayed to enjoy periods of healing and recovery with Korpi water treatment.

    There are many of these cabins, and you can imagine that in the old days this must have been a busy place. The water is cool and refreshing, it is lovely to feel the little chilly stream trickle between your toes. There are only a few people around, and much of the time you will be on your own there. The water flows down from the mountains when the winter snow melts. Slowly it seeps through the stones, where it is filtered and mineralized. The water eventually flows down to a big lake at the feet of the Korpi valley.

    Another cool place is the waterfall near Nidri on the island of Lefkada. This is visited by more tourists, but that eerie, magical green pool is certainly refreshing. It used to be the home of many green frogs, on a quiet day when walking along the path to the waterfall you can hear them performing a concert that deafens your ears. There is a footpath leading up to the spacious natural gallery deep in the rocks and luscious green fronds hang down from the walls. There are some rare birds, but you can spot them only on very quiet days. It is certainly a good idea to take a dip in the green pool, the water is quite chilly and pretty clear.

    If you are not too keen on taking trips in the hot weather, and you

    want to stay as close to the fridge as possible, try putting a wet cloth in front of the fan. You will feel the air become much cooler than usual, evaporating water cools the towel and that air will become a nice cool breeze. Wet the cloth regularly and you have your own air conditioner. Talking about the fridge, in the morning I put several water or ice tea bottles in the freezer and when it gets really hot I enjoy my melted ice drinks to cool me down. My new puppy gets a dip with his paws in cold water to cool him down, and of course fresh water to drink, but not chilled. To conclude my cold tips, here is a recipe I love:

    Jamies 30 Minute Meals is published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, priced 26.00. Available at all good bookstores. Barbara de Machula is keeping cool in her garden on a mountain near Palairos. She is an artist, originally from Amsterdam.

    The art of keeping cool

    Barbara de Machula

    Nidri Falls Julie Farren

    Filing up at Korpi springs

    Jamie Olivers yummy drink found in 30 Minute Meals.

    Lemon Ginger drink Ice cubes 1 x 330ml can of fizzy lemonade a few sprigs of fresh mint a 2cm piece of fresh ginger 1 bottle of sparkling water

    Instructions: Fill a large jug halfway with ice. Add the lemonade and mint sprigs. Peel and finely grate in 2cm of ginger. Top up with sparkling water, mix with wooden spoon and take to the table.

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    It could only happen in the UK. The London 2012 Olympics start on July 27th, and Danny Boyle, the director of the opening ceremony, has promised synthetic rain clouds to remind the crowds of Britains famously perverse weather, just in case it doesnt rain for real. After all, it rained in the UK during the Diamond Jubilee weekend. But Rosanne Hodin got the best of both worlds. She visited the original site in the sunny Peloponnese.

    Be there early to avoid the huge crowds.

    That was the advice we got from everyone. The Ionian pilot book gave the helpful suggestion that as Olympia would have been thronged with eager crowds in the fifth century BC, one should

    not feel bothered by them now. We had arrived in our own boat and moored

    on the quay at Katakolon. From here one can either hire a car, or take a taxi to nearby Pirgos and then board one of the frequent buses. There is a train going directly to Olympia, but that is for the exclusive use of passengers from the cruise liners.

    We hired a car to share with friends but even so maybe we were not going to be there that early. Along the quay where we were moored, a large cruise liner was docked, and eleven coaches pa