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  • The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Meeting of the Council of Governors

    Tuesday 8 November 2016

    Civic Centre, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW 6.30pm

    Paper Pages

    1. Welcome and apologies for absence -

    2. Declarations of interest and any amendments to the Register of Governors Interests


    3. Declarations of Any Other Business -

    4. Minutes of the meeting of the Council of Governors held on11th July 2016 and Action Log and any matters arising

    (There are no outstanding actions from previous meetings)

    A 3

    5. Chairs report and strategic update including Governor questions on any matters not otherwise covered on the Agenda

    B 11

    6. Presentations from Non-Executive Directors -

    7. Finance Report C 17

    8. Integrated Quality and Performance Report D 19

    9. ICT Strategy Update E 27

    10. Membership Development and Engagement Update (Verbal update) -

    11. Any Other Business -

    12. Questions from the Public -


  • Dates of 2017 meetings: (all to start at 6.30pm and proceeded by a Governor only pre-meeting at 5pm). It has been agreed that the Council of Governor meetings in 2017 will be held in the Medical Education Centre at Hillingdon Hospital and one meeting will be held in the Medical Education Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital.

    Monday 6th February 2017 (Hillingdon) Tuesday 9th May 2017 (Mount Vernon) Monday 10th July 2017 (Hillingdon) Tuesday 7 th November 2017(Hillingdon)


    * NB timings and order are indicative only: the Chair may decide to vary the timings and order.

    ** It is expected that items 13-14 will be discussed in closed session given the confidential nature of the items.

    Governors unable to attend the meeting are asked to submit any apologies in advance to the Trust Secretary on 01895 279976 or email


  • The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Meeting of the Council of Governors Tuesday 11th July 2016

    Committee Room 6, Civic Centre, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW 6.30pm

    Members of the Council of Governors present: Richard Sumray (RS) Trust Chair Rekha Wadhwani (RWa) Lead Governor David Bishop (DB) Public Governor Donald Dakin (DD) Public Governor Doreen West (DW) Public Governor Graham Bartram (GB) Public Governor Harkishan Chander Public Governor Keith Saunders (KS) Public Governor Ray A Smith (RAS) Public Governor Roger Shipton (RSh) Public Governor Terry Thompson (TT) Public Governor Tony Ellis (TE) Public Governor Graham Coombs (GC) Staff Governor Alvan Pope (AP) Staff Governor Jack Creagh (JC) Staff Governor Shelia Kehoe (SK) Staff Governor Mary OConnor (MOC) Appointed Governor Pauline Cranmer (PC) Appointed Governor Also present: Shane Degaris (SDG) Chief Executive Katey Adderley (KA) Non-Executive Director Lis Paice (LP) Non-Executive Director David Searle (DS) Director of Strategy and Business Development Joe Smyth (JS) Chief Operating Officer Matt Tattersall (MT) Director of Finance Craig Wisdom (CW) Partner, Deloitte Catherine Holly (CH) Patient & Public Engagement Steve Wedgwood (SW) Head of Facilities Ritu Sharma Information Governance Manager (minutes) 1 member of the public Apologies: Paul Cornford Staff Governor Sheila Bacon Staff Governor Richard Whittington Non-Executive Director Carol Bode Non-Executive Director Soraya Dhillon Non-Executive Director


  • Carl Powell Non-Executive Director Theresa Murphy Director of Nursing and Patient Experience Carolyn Cullen Trust Secretary

    1. Welcome and apologies for absence

    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Ray Smith, Public Governor for the South. Apologies noted.

    2. Declarations of interest None declared.

    3. Declarations of Any Other Business PLACE matter - GB Skin Centre TE

    4. Minutes of the meeting of the Council of Governors held on 10th May 2016, action log and any matters arising not otherwise covered on the agenda The minutes of the meeting held on 10th May 2016 were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting. One minor amendment was noted, GB stated he did not ask the question about ventilation on Page 3, and asked that his name be removed. Action log: Action 23: CH stated that she had recently visited Kingston NHS Foundation Trust with the (Patient Advice and Liaison) PALs Manager. This was a helpful visit and provided further information which could be incorporated into the development of a volunteer strategy. Action 24: DS updated the meeting regarding the perception that there is more halal food provided in the Trust restaurants. He stated that halal food was introduced in 2012 when the need was identified from a customer survey. The restaurant only provides one halal meat dish, alongside two non halal dishes, on a daily basis. There are also thirteen different ranges of sandwiches and wraps available, of which only five contain halal meat. Halal products account for approximately 17% of total daily sales and11% of the local patient population is Muslim (2011 census). On the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system 5.3% of permanent and fixed term staff is recorded as Muslim (although 30% of Trust staff have chosen not to express their religious beliefs). In summary, the Trusts catering service clearly meets an identified specific customer need, but not to the detriment of the wider service and other catering requirements. Questions: HC enquired if any routine employment or security checks such as DBS were made before volunteers were allowed to work here.


  • RS stated that they are; however, this is dependent on the role being undertaken. GB commented that the issue regarding halal food in the restaurant is that it is not always clearly labelled as halal, not that it is being provided. GB also stated that it can be argued this is not pure halal; because it has been prepared in a kitchen with non halal food using the same equipment. GB suggested that staff and visitors could order halal food separately from a halal food supplier. DS confirmed no complaints or concerns had been raised about the halal food served in the restaurant to date.


    Chairs report and strategic update including Governor questions on any matters not otherwise covered on the agenda RS highlighted three matters to the Council of Governors; firstly, the scale of the pressure that A&E is under; secondly, the growing importance of the Accountable Care Partnership (ACP) and a report on progress of the ACP will be presented to the Board on 21st July 2016; and lastly the increased financial pressure the Trust is facing. RS stated that it is good to see these matters in context; and our financial performance still compared well to some other London trusts. RS also informed the Council of Governors that the Stroke Service has recently been audited and has gone from being rated poorly performing to performing well. JS stated A&E has seen an increase in activity of 9% in the first quarter of 2016, with a month on month increase of attenders of between 8% and 10%. The current A&E department is built to support approximately 145 patients per day, however the department now sees on average 170 to 190 patients per day. To improve the flow from the daily build-up of queues, two new schemes have been introduced; firstly, two new triage rooms to support early triage are in place and secondly the CDU area has been expanded to provide an area where patients can wait for test results. Questions: GB enquired about Master Planning and what the Boards decision was on this. RS replied that the Boards preferred position would be to build on the Brunel site, if that were possible. MOC commented that initiatives in A&E were welcomed, however had additional staffing been considered. JS stated that it had, and a bid for extra staff has been made to Hillingdon CCG. This business case also includes a bid for additional doctors, nurses and Health Care Assistants (HCAs). TE requested an update on negotiations with North and East Herts NHS Trust. SDG stated an agreement had not been reached; however negotiations were still in progress although the slow pace of negotiation is frustrating. SDG stated that an alternative being considered is to seek outside resolution from NHS Improvement should negotiations not conclude satisfactorily. DB asked whether the value of services being transferred to the Accountable Care Partnership is 37 million.


  • SDG clarified that this is not money coming out of the system, but a pooling of resources where our Trust would be one of four partners delivering services. This partnership makes clinical sense and will lead ultimately to financial benefits. RS added that the ACP will support the aim of more people being treated in the community, although this will be a gradual process. HC asked if the Trust knew which patients attending A&E should have gone there and which patients should have been seen by primary care. JS stated it was difficult to identify if a patient should have come to A&E cases or not. KS informed the meeting that posters are currently being developed to explain the alternative places where patients can go to receive treatment.


    Non-Executive Director Presentation KA gave a short account of what it was like being a Non-Executive Director at the Trust. KA has been a Non-Executive for five and half years and will be stepping down at the end of November 2016. KA stated that when she became a Non-Executive Director the external environment was all about obtaining Foundation Trust status; and this had been a huge task for the Board. Conversely today integration of services is ke


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