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  • The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Meeting of the Board of Directors

    Wednesday 27th May 2015, 2.00pm Board Room, Mount Vernon Hospital


    a) Introductory business

    1. Welcome and apologies for absence -

    2. Declaration of hospitality or amendments to the Register of Interests -

    3. Minutes of the Board meeting held in Public on 29th April 2015

    4. Actions Log

    5. Declaration of Any Other Business -

    6. Patient Story (TM) for information -

    7. Chairs Oral Report (RS) for information -

    8. Chief Executives Report (SDG) for information

    b) Strategy

    9. Shaping a Healthier Future Maternity Transition Readiness Assurance (JS) for review

    10. ICT Strategy: Delivery Update (PW) for review

    11. Trust Response to the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry (TM) for information

    c) Quality, Operational & Financial Performance

    12. National Survey of Adult Inpatients 2014 (TM) for review

    13. Safer Staffing: Planned and Actual Staffing Levels (TM) for review

    14. Integrated Quality & Performance Report (JS / TM) for review

    15. Financial Report (PW) for review

    16. Transformation and QIPP Report (JS) for review

    17. Complaints PALS Annual Report (TM) for review

  • d) Risk

    18. Safeguarding (TM) for information

    19. Health & Safety Policy (PW) for decision

    e) Regulatory

    20. Care Quality Commission Inspection Action Plan: Progress Update (TM) for review

    21. Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15 (PW / SDG / TM) for decision

    22. Annual Monitor Board Statements (TM) for decision

    f) Other

    23. Report on Actions in Response to Kate Lampard Report on Themes and Lessons Learnt from NHS Investigations into Matters Relating to Jimmy Savile (TM) for review

    24. Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (JS) for information

    25. Appointment of the Senior Independent Director (RS) for decision

    26. Issues arising from the Board Committees for information -

    27. Use of Trust Seal for information

    28. Any Other Business -

    29. Questions from the Public

    This item is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions to the Board on matters that relate to the Board agenda. Where possible, questions should be sent to David Coombs, Trust Secretary, by Monday 25th May 2015 in order that the Board can ensure the information is available to answer the question raised.


    Date of next meeting:

    Wednesday 24th June 2015, Board Room, Hillingdon Hospital 5.30pm

  • ITEM 3

    Board Meeting in Public 27th May 2015




    Meeting held in public


    Richard Sumray (RS) Chair Katey Adderley (KA) Non-Executive Director Carol Bode (CB) Non-Executive Director Shane DeGaris (SDG) Chief Executive Soraya Dhillon (SDh) Non-Executive Director

    Abbas Khakoo (AK) Medical Director Lis Paice (LP) Non-Executive Director Pradip Patel (PP) Deputy Chair and Non-Executive Director Joe Smyth (JS) Chief Operating Officer Theresa Murphy (TM) Director of the Patient Experience &

    Nursing David Searle (DS) Director of Strategy & Business Development

    Richard Whittington (RW) Non-Executive Director Paul Wratten (PW) Finance Director

    In Attendance:

    Claire Gore (CG) Director of People David Coombs (DC) Trust Secretary (minutes)



    Also Present: Helen Cobb (HC)* Assistant Director, Governance & Quality Standards Helen Hardy (HH)** Assistant Director of Nursing Catherine Holly (CH)*** Head of Patient & Public Engagement Nick Jenkins (NJ)**** Programme Director Rekha Wadhwani Public Governor Four members of public

    * for items 18/04/2015 to 20/04/2015 ** for item 05/04/2015 *** for item 09/04/2015 **** for item 08/04/2015 ACTION 01/04/2015

    Declaration of Hospitality or Amendments to Register of Interests



    None declared.

    02/04/2015 Minutes of the last Meeting The draft minutes of the Board meeting held in public on 25th March 2015 were approved as an accurate record.

    03/04/2015 Actions Log The Board reviewed the update on the actions arising from the Board meeting held in public on 25th March 2015 and those outstanding from previous meetings. DC updated the Board on action 20 and stated that the report on safeguarding is now scheduled for the May Board. The Board noted the update and agreed to remove those marked complete.

    04/04/2015 Declaration of Any Other Business None declared.

    05/04/2015 Patient Story TM welcomed HH to the meeting who provided feedback from the family of a patient with dementia who had been an inpatient as a result of urosepsis. HH stated that the patients family did not live locally and were unable to regularly visit. It was therefore important for the nursing staff to build up a strong personal relationship with the patient and her family. As part of this, the ward staff would ring the patients family to provide updates on her condition. The care provided had a profound effect on the family who wrote to thank the hospital. The Board welcomed the positive feedback and noted the positive impact of the dementia training. RS asked that the Trusts annual report includes information on dementia training.


    06/04/2015 Chairs Oral Report RS thanked CG and her team for organising the staff awards that were held last week. RS congratulated the winners of the awards, all those who were nominated, and also the staff who organised the event.

    07/04/2015 Chief Executives Report SDG presented the report that updated the Board on a range of local, regional and national publications and developments. RS welcomed the announcement that the Trust will lead the



    development of the National Skills Academy for Healths North West London Excellence Centre and asked that an update is provided to the Board at an appropriate time in the future. SDh referred to Monitors updated guidance on the integrated care licence condition and asked how the principles and behaviours will be taken forward in the divisions. SDG stated that these will need to be taken forward by the divisions in how they relate to each other. In terms of external working, SDG stated that the integrated care principles and behaviours are being picked up through the current work with the Shadow Provider Board. The Board noted the report.


    08/04/2015 Physician Associates CG presented the report that asked the Board to support the hosting of the National Physician Associate Expansion Programme (NPAEP) at the Trust. CG stated that the Programme Director has been appointed, and approval is now sought for the recruitment of the Physician Associates (PAs). RS asked about the implications of the second tranche of PAs being recruited through two northern consortia without Local Education and Training Board (LETB) input, in particular whether this increases the risk exposure to the Trust. NJ and SDG confirmed that there would be no additional financial risk as the funding would be provided prior to the PAs being recruited. Also, this second tranche would be recruited after the initial LETB coordinated PAs, which provides the opportunity to take stock and learn from the first recruitment. SDG advised the Board that the Trust has been successful in its bid for seven PAs out of the requested eight. The Board: 1. Noted the further development of the NPAEP. 2. Agreed that the Trust should continue to host the NPAEP

    and that the programme should progress to begin the recruitment of the Physician Associates.

    3. Agreed that there should be a further report back to the Board once there has been significant further progress with the programme (i.e. in at least six months time).


    09/04/2015 Equality, Diversity & Human Rights CG presented the report that updated the Board on key developments and progress in the area of equality and diversity. AK highlighted the low level of promotions amongst Black and



    Minority Ethnic (BME) staff. CG stated that the Trust has appointed an organisation to review the Trusts policies and deliver training on unconscious bias. Also, the Trust is increasing the training and development programmes for junior staff groups, which have higher BME representation. KA asked whether there are any statutory or compliance issues in relation to equality, diversity and human rights. CG stated that there were not. CB noted the extensive action plan and asked which areas are the greatest priority. CG stated that these are ensuring recruitment, selection and promotion processes are fair; and addressing bullying and harassment. PW asked where the action plan will be tracked. CG stated that the Head of Workforce and Organisational Development will be establishing a working group to oversee progress. SDh asked whether the Trust is an outlier compared to other Trusts. CG stated that limited comparative information is available, however from the data that is available the Trust is broadly in line with other Trusts. The Trust will be looking to improve the information that is captured through the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). RS stated that he had a number of queries and comments on the action plan. For example, the reduction in turnover to 3% seemed overly ambitious, whilst a 1% improvement in an a


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