the editing on my film

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The editing on my film-

At the start of my video I added an opening title; this starts off at the bottom of the slide and rolls off onto the end of the page. This clip lasts 5 seconds so it is not that long, I shortened it from 8 seconds because if it was too long it would get boring. As you can see above, there is a green audio bar and this plays the song Dark Tension Eerie in it, I added this in to the title sequence as it gives an effect, the music is low beat and will make the audience feel tense.

After the title sequence with my logo on it cuts to the slide with the name of the film on, the writing is white and centred in the middle of the page so that it stands out and catches the eye of the audience. I decided to carry on a black background from the first opening slide as it makes the writing stand out more and the colour black connotes fear and darkness, this fits into the film as it isnt a happy film and it is quite a dark opening sequence with all of the torture.

This is the opening scene where we first see the character James ruffling through his things to find the document, as you can see from the first clip and the final clip, I have had to brighten up the clip a lot as you could hardly see Tatenda, I had to go to the effects control and add more white too the clip so that you could see him a tad more than you could in the first place, I put the colour up to 255 which is a lot but it was needed. As you can see on the audio bar there is a continuous sound that lasts for less than a second each, this is the sound of the heartbeat in the background to give the effect that he is stressed and panicked. I also had to mute the diegetic music that was in the scene whilst we was filming, I did this by dragging them down as you can see to below the audio and muting it so that you can now only hear the heartbeat.

I didnt have to do that much for the second shot editing wise as there was more of a light in this. There was still a continuous non diegetic beat in the background that continuous. I also had to mute the diegetic sound from this clip as I had to tell James what to do whilst filming, I did the same as I did the first time and muted it. I had to shorten this clip as it was too long and I wanted to be to the point, without shortening the clip James would have been sat on the bed and doing nothing. The continuous heart beat still continuous on in this and I also still had to mute the diegetic sound because it was all ruffle and you could hardly hear the continuous heartbeat.

The heart beat stops half way through this clip and doesnt carry on for the rest of the film. As you can see I have added a cross dissolve effect to go from one clip to the other, we see James head go down and it go into the next clip which is when we first meet the torturers. This effect looks like he is going into a flashback and is better to use rather than just having a simple cut.

When we first meet the torturers we hear the first bit off the script, as we see that the audio bar is replacing the sound of the heart beat and is now the diegetic music is not muted. There isnt any other effect in this clip as the lighting was good and there was no need for anything else.

There is a quick cut to the next scene which is when we see James face being revealed by the torturers, half way through the clip there is a title sequence which we can see that I added as a bar above. This shows smaller white writing that starts off the page and then goes across slowly to being off the page again.

When we first see the torturers we also see a title sequence with the same effect as the first showing the name of the actors that play the torturers. In an opening sequence it is obvious that the names of the actors are shown as well as the opening sequence that I have shown at the start, without having this audience would have no clue that starred in the film.

The next major bit of editing I did was the dip to white from the last scene of James getting tortured to crossing over to him rummaging through his room, this gives the same effect as the one at the beginning and makes it seem like a real flashback and them him zoning back into life. The flashback only lasts a few seconds and is swift as there doesnt need to be that much.

The dip to white continues over for a second and a bit onto the next scene of him in his room and we can still see the white effect at the beginning and then it goes back to its original natural colours. I think that the fade ins and outs give the best effect and that it was good to use this because it makes it seem more realistic as we are going into the mind and awful memories of James. The fact that we go into these memories means that the audience can see that he cannot just forget about them and they are affecting his life and really are messing with his head.

Whilst I have done an over the shoulder view of James walking down the stairs I slow motioned it to 50%, this is to add effect and it adds a more dramatic scene as he is running down the stairs and thinks that he is free. Half way through the noise of the drill comes back as James starts to get another flashback.

This is the ending credits that give us the name off the actors as well as the name of the film company and the script and music; I have used the same effect as the opening title sequence as this shows consistency as well as playing the same music that was in the start. I think keeping the music the same is a good idea as the song will be recognisable and people will associate this song with Redemption when they hear it.