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  • 1. I started by importing my video clips into MoviePlus X6.I then started with editing my first clip the metronome. I trimmed the ending so that it wouldntbe too long as I felt that would ruin my intention.I then changed the temperature of the colour because I wanted it to have a subtle glow withoutinterfering with the darker tones.

2. I then trimmed the clipI then added the following clip and stabilized both to reduce the shakiness of the camera. 3. I then rotated the next clip before dragging it onto the overlay track.The next step was to trim this clip, to get rid of the spoken direction at the beginning of the video. 4. I also stabilized this video to make sure that the shaking of the video was reduced as much aspossible.I added my next clip and stabilized it in the same way as the others 5. II changed the lighting parameters Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Shadows Intensity and clarity.I then added my next clip before editing it 6. I trimmed it 7. I watched over my video again and decided that the clip with the image wasnt progressing in theway I wanted it to as the deeper music was nearer the end of the clip. I then decided to trim the clipso that it started later.I added my next clip and trimmed it where the speaking ended, so that I could add loud music at thatprecise point. 8. I added the next clip and trimmed it where appropriate. I then watched the video again, to seewhere I thought extra editing was necessary.I came to the decision of colourizing one of the clips, colourizing is a tool I hadnt used before andthought it would be the perfect opportunity to build on my editing skills.I also colourized another clip to intensify the image. 9. I then changed the colour of the tablet box clip as I felt that with it beginning near the end of thevideo it had to be harsh to show the progression of mental illnesses.I then copied and pasted the clip of that actor talking, so that I could replay it again during theopening sequence. 10. I cropped it so that the actor was only heard to say Madness.I then started to work on including the text that needed to be on the screen at certain points.I firstly added text after the first viewing of the tablet box, I made the font: CopprplGoth BT and thefont size: 72pt as it seemed to have an aspect of edginess in the same way as Se7en (one of thefilms I analysed) 11. I added my next part of text but felt that I had to make the font smaller as it didnt look right on thescreen.I changed the colour of my name to red as I felt it would hint appropriately at the filmI put an in animation into the text which reads: Vittel Cinema Presents, I made it look as though itwas being typed on as I wanted to find a clip of typing to go along with it. 12. I then did the same for the text An Amanda Cowan Production but chose to make it zoom & fadeinsteadI changed the start and end speed of both texts 13. So that they wouldnt be on the screen at the same time and also so that it will look visuallyaesthetic when the sound is added.I then added my next part of text which acts as a clock for the viewer 14. http://www.acoustica.com/mp3-audio-mixer/sounds.htmI have now started to add the names of the actors I used throughout the filming process.I added the in animation which was a glow as Jordan Marzetti is the main character. And I changedthe out animation to Ghost trial 15. I played the video but noticed the text wasnt showing which meant I had to change thearrangement of the word by bringing it to the front. 16. I changed the in animation from Glow to Ghost because I felt the glow was more appropriate fora fantasy film.I noticed that the text Jordan Marzetti was still invisible on the screen so I put the text on as aseparate clip instead of trying to put it with an image. 17. I coped and pasted the text so that I could reuse the same animationsI pasted the text at the end of the photograph 18. I then pasted the text again into two different spaces and changed the nameI decided to change the in animation for the Music By Thomas Lock to Motion blur lines 19. I added the title of the film opening which is for now The story, I changed the font becauseI felt that the opening was lacking variety.I added another piece of text, this time it read Executive producer: Samantha Habgood 20. I decided to make the in animation glowAnd I made the out animation Fly 21. I Copied and pasted the time clip used earlier.I then changed the background colour so that it would fade into a white screen to show thecrossing over into another world 22. I then added my next piece of text and put an in animation which was TypeI changed the font of the words that I place around the child image clip to Darlin BTN, torepresent the innocence of the main character. 23. I added more text so that I could tell the viewer who it was written and directed by which isan important part of a film openings and it is usually the decision maker on whethersomeone watches the film or not. I made the Written and directed by - Clarity Gothic SFand changed the font size to 36 and the Amanda Cowan part to - Dark Half BTN, front Size:36pt and text style 49.I have now spent a few lessons trying to find some sound to add to my work, I have found afew and I am now, importing all the music onto Movie plus X6 24. http://freeplaymusic.com/search/category_search.php?t=f&i=69 The haunting songI added the sound of a baby laughing first, the trimmed it.I then copied and pasted it twice so that there were 3 sound tracks of the same thing. I thenchanged the volume of each, so that it would get quieter as it went on.- First sound clip 25. - Second Sound clip Third Sound clip I also changed the length of the third once, and trimmed it later on in the sound track.I then added my next audio clip, which will act as the background music as its extremelyfaint. I trimmed it. Then copied and pasted this because there is a progression in the audiothat I wanted to add at the presentation of the company etc. 26. I then trimmed the section in which the progression is.I have now added the alarm clock sound 27. I trimmed it so that it wasnt playing for too much time.I am now adding the sound of children playing which will be played when there is no text onscreen to link the following clip. 28. I added The haunting trackI copied and pasted it to use it at a different part in the opening and trimmed it according tohow it would fit nicely in-between clips. 29. I then added the footsteps to the end of the opening section as I thought that it fit best nearthe end, I then trimmed it.I came across another possible sound track that I could include, I then imported it into myproject. 30. I then added the clip to my card section.I found that the clip wasnt long enough so I therefore copied and pasted the clip andtrimmed it. I then stuck that clip at the beginning of this section to elongate it all. 31. It was still too short, I then decided to copy and past the smaller clip and position themtogether.After doing that I readded the alarm sound clip and put it at the end of my openingI then added the Long note one again and trimmed it. 32. I placed it under two audio clips to layer the sounds and therefore intensify the image.I have now added the typewriter sound and trimmed it. 33. I also changed the playing speed from 1.000 to 0.700 so that it matched the speed of the inanimation.I then added the baby-crying and trimmed it 34. I had a look for some sound on the internet as I felt that the cards section could beinhanced by the sound of whispering.On soundog I found a new clip and added it to my work.I added it onto my video and changed the play speed and volume. 35. I changed the volume so that the whispering was faint but the viewer was still able to hear italong with all the other sounds. 36. I finally decided on a film title, I changed it from The Story to As Iron Sharpens Iron whichis a bible verse. I chose a bible verse because I feel that a religious aspect in a psychologicalthriller gives it another layer.I then got my teacher to watch over my opening. 37. Feedback:Make the continuity more fluid.Try and add in some more shots that show off mycamera skills.I have shown that I understand the conventions of thegenre.From getting this feedback mentioned above, I then decidedto do some more filming.I have now added the new clips to my video page.I then selected all but one and rotated them to the left. 38. I trimmed the first clipAnd I repeated this again with all the others. 39. Ithen added each clip, on after the other in the other of the journey up to the camera.I then muted all the sound from the clips so that the viewer couldnt hear the directing the actor. 40. Whilst editing, I noticed that I had forgotten to import 3 of the clips.I added one to my video and trimmed it where appropriate 41. I changed the Audio Gain to 12.0DbAnd I changed the volume to 10.9dBI then added my birds eye view shot and trimmed it so that the 42. viewer would only see the main characters face for seconds.I then decided to motion blur it, to make it even harder for the viewer to see the face.I then added the next clip, which was of the actor walking down the stairs. I then trimmed it. 43. I then changed the volume gain of the non-diegetic sound of footsteps that is played at the end ofmy section. 44. I then faded the end of the music leading up to the clip shown on the screen and the music thatrestarts after the actor has spoken.I spent some time concentrating on the exam part of the alevel to give myself some time to getother ideas together. When returning to working on my coursework, I felt that my piece was missinga unique sound, when I found the Polaroid camera sound, I felt it went perfectly with my filmopening because there is a shot in which a Polaroid picture is being filmed. I also feel that the soundgives my film opening a different dynamic that will help me when trying to make it as intriguing aspossible for the viewers.I then imported a new sound clip- http://www.soundjay.com/polaroid-camera-sound-effect.html