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Haystax's real time streaming analytics platform optimized for the cloud. This presentation was used during the IC Community Cloud Expo that was held in Langley, VA on Sept 10.


  • 1. Actionable Intelligence in theCloudThe Constellation Analytics PlatformCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION

2. HAYSTAX CONSTELLATION POWERSmission critical threat management solutionsThat provide real time actionable intelligencefor complex, high consequence decisionsCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 1 3. Complex, High Consequence DecisionsBY DECISION MAKERS WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FORProtecting computer networksProtecting critical infrastructure & key resourcesFraud loss preventionProtecting people from natural hazards & humanCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 2threatsRisk planning & allocation of resourcesManaging responses during crisis situations 4. Why Constellation?THE WORLD IS AWASH IN DATAToo MuchToo FastCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 3What should I focus on?What does it mean?Why should I care?What should I do? No Context 5. The Inspiration Behind ConstellationTHE ANCIENT MARINERSAncient mariners used thenight sky for navigation.When they were lost, if they couldSEE the sky, they knew whichdirection to go To get food To find shelterTo get home.But there are billions of stars.How do you know which ones areimportant?These Mariners had learnedThat stars form patterns thatenable them toUNDERSTAND theirsituationCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 4 6. The Inspiration Behind ConstellationTHE ANCIENT MARINERS..and that seeing andunderstanding can enablethem to KNOWNorth StarCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 5x5x 7. North Starx5xCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 6SEE the universe of all dataUNDERSTAND where to lookand patterns that lie thereKNOW what those patternsmean and use that knowledgeto take actionThe Constellation Analytics PlatformDESIGNED TO HELP DECISION MAKERS BY ENABLING THEM TO 8. Constellation Analytics PlatformDESIGNED TO PROVIDE ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE TO DECISION MAKERSEnterpriseCalls for HR DataServiceNews & Social Communications Enterprise DataData Collection& Pre-ProcessingPhysicalAssets/CIKRArchive DB WebAnalyticProcessingLow Priority ChannelsDomain OntologyNLPEntity ResolutionGeo ReasoningAssociationAnalysisScoringMobile3rd PartyTriage Timeline MapAlerts Visual Interaction Canvases ReportsCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 7FeedsNetwork AlertsKnow & Act 9. Constellation Analytics Simplifies InformationCONTEXT ENABLES DECISION MAKER TO UNDERSTAND ALL THE DATAContextual insightsanywhere, all the timeCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 8Swivel-chair situational awarenessdoes not scaleand one appInto one screenConstellation Analytics & visualizationcan put all the information that goeshere 10. Enables Actionable Intelligence For AnalystsBY MAKING IT EASY TO INTERACT WITH REAL TIME DATA IN REAL TIMEMonitor categorized & prioritized datafeeds from multiple sourcesMake predictions based on trends andintensity of dataUse dynamically generated profiles of todiscover links & associationsCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 9 11. Enables Actionable Intelligence For CommandersBY PROVIDING SITUATIONAL AWARENESS WHEREVER THEY AREUser interface designed to focus userto hot spots and key alertsHolistic presentation framework thatoptimizes based on device, role,location, time, contextInformation is prioritized based onrelevance to the userCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 10 12. Constellation Analytics in ActionLAST FIVE SUPER BOWLSRESULTS FROM SUPER BOWL XLVIII737 totalusers600 real-timedata feeds238 assetsprotected345 incidentsmanagedCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 11>25 mileradius monitored312 eventsmonitoredIn the command center Forward deployed Mobile Apps 13. Constellation Analytics in ActionCalifornia Emergency Operations CenterHaystax provides the analyticback-bone for total situationalawareness100% cloud basedIntegrates hundreds of realtime information sourcesacross the stateInformation is prioritized androuted automatically topersonnel on the ground asneededCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 12 14. Constellation Analytics with Integrated MobilityACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE BEYOND OFFICE WALLSPowerful native apps with easy selfconfiguration and usabilityReporting, Assessments & Monitoringseamlessly integratedSecure online/offline data access fromanywhereCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 13 15. Constellation Analytic PlatformKEY FEATURESAlgorithms to dynamically prioritize streamingdataPatented Bayesian models to identify threatsaccuratelyOperationally oriented resultsReady to use, cloud optimized, collaborativeCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 14 16. COMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 15SEE the universe of all dataUNDERSTAND where to lookand patterns that lie thereKNOW what those patternsmean and use that knowledgeto take actionThe Constellation Analytics PlatformDESIGNED TO HELP DECISION MAKERS BY ENABLING THEM TOPhysicalAssets/CIKRHR Data Calls forServiceEnterpriseCommunicationsEnterprise DataNews & SocialFeedsNetwork Alerts 17. Contact us: info@haystax.comVisit us: www.haystax.com8251 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1111McLean, VA 22012Thank YouCOMPANY PROPRIETARY INFORMATION