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This is the Club Sports Illustrated, August 29th Issue. For more info on App State Club Sports, go to Also follow us on twitter at @asuclubsports!


<ul><li><p>04 Womens Rugby 05 ASU Fencing </p><p>06 Time To Ride </p><p>07 Executives Corner </p><p>07 App State Swimming </p><p>08 Trathalon Team A Trifecta of Fun!</p><p>10 Equestrian Team </p><p>12 New Year, Same Team </p><p>13 Alpine Ski Team </p><p>14 Womens Soccer </p><p>16 Womens Basketball </p><p>17 Womens Lacrosse </p><p>18 Climbing Team </p><p>19 From Sand Courts to Hard Courts</p><p>20 Kick Off to the 2014-2015 Season</p><p>Director of URECJoe Carter, Director of Club SportsErin Sanders,</p><p>Activities CoordinatorChelsea Watson,</p><p>Publicity ProgrammerAlyssa Gribble,</p><p>Executive OfficersPhilicia Gibson, gibsonpn@appstate.eduIan McNeill, mcneillim@appstate.eduKatherine Uva,</p><p>For more information on any of the club teams, visit the</p><p>email us</p><p>or call us at theStudent Recreation Center(828) 262 2100</p><p>The August 29th Edition of the Club Sports IllustratedDesigned by Alyssa Gribble</p><p>IN THISISSUE</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>48</p><p>13</p><p>10</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>1214</p><p>16</p><p>17</p><p>18</p><p>193</p></li><li><p>The Womens Rugby teams goal this year is to win the Rucktoberfest</p><p>championship for the third year in a row. It will be hosted by our team this </p><p>fall and will take place on October 25th and 26th. We also look to qualify for </p><p>the National Championships once again in the spring and bring home the win </p><p>for App state.</p><p>Our officers include President Kelly Castanho, Vice President Hayli Warmack, </p><p>Treasurer Julie Blakesmith, Club Sports Representative Melissa Manderbach, </p><p>and Match Secretary Janel Moriarty. </p><p>We look forward to all the new recruits coming out to practice this year and </p><p>hope they become just as excited about rugby as we are. I can already see that </p><p>we have a promising group of new players.</p><p>STARTING</p><p>A BRAND NEW</p><p>YEAR WITH</p><p>PROMISING NEW GIRLS</p><p>Written by Melissa Manderbach, Club Sports Representative</p><p>I can already see that we have a promising group of new players</p><p>FALL 2014SCHEDULE</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>The ASU Fencing Club is hitting the ground running this year. </p><p>We didnt quite meet our goals by the end of last year, but </p><p>with growing membership and better leadership, we are so </p><p>much stronger as a club. We plan on attending at least one </p><p>away tournament per semester and hosting two tournaments </p><p>here in Boone per semester. We want to compete as much </p><p>as possible. Fundraising wise, we are working with potential </p><p>sponsors here in Boone. </p><p>Our new leaders are ready for whatever challenges we might </p><p>face this year. The Fencing Club is headed by President </p><p>Vlad Vedock. Supporting him are the remaining officers: </p><p>Vice President Sean Cobb, Secretary Carl Stuecker, Treasurer </p><p>Amanda Martinez, Club Sports Representative Amanda Pausch, </p><p>Publicity Officer Kelsey Painter, and Armorer Richard Batsuli. </p><p>All were elected by their peers and well qualified. </p><p>We encourage everyone to give fencing a try. Our club requires </p><p>no prior experience, and we have all equipment necessary. </p><p>There are three different styles of fencing: foil, epee, and sabre. </p><p>While our club focuses mostly on foil and epee, sabre will be </p><p>another new thing we start this year. It is also completely safe. </p><p>We wear several layers of protective gear, so no one really gets </p><p>hurt. Fencing is loads of fun, and we could not be more excited </p><p>about the upcoming year! </p><p>WRITTEN BY KELSEY PAINTER, MEMBER</p><p>SEAN COBB AND</p><p>DAVID LONGWORTH</p><p>RUNNING A DRILL</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>As with all club sports, we are comprised of students. Over the summer many of our own travelled the world both riding bikes and continuing scholastic pursuits. Many of our elite members raced publicly outside of the collegiate realm for several well regarded development teams. Other members continued their riding inlocations ranging from Denver, Colorado all the way to the Umbria province of Italy.</p><p>Nikolai Hesterberg has been a member of the team for two years now and took a physics internship in Colorado for the summer. He let both his road andmountain bike tag along for the ride. Nikolai rode in Boulder County during the week, but traveled to spectacular ridingdestinations like Moab, Utah on theweekends</p><p>His location was so well regarded for cycling that he commonly sawprofessional teams training along the same roads. </p><p>Miles Hubbard, Forrest Howard, Alan Garvick, Gene Taylor and Brandon Freyer are all members of the Appalachian State Cycling team that continued road racing throughout the summer as a part of the High Country Development team (HCD). They raced up and down the East coast against elite competition. Zeb King was able to continue his racing around the US with Stans NoTubes p/b proferrin. </p><p>As we all return to Appalachian we are excited for the upcoming season. First up is Mountain Bike season which occurs every fall. With National Championships and Conference Championships at our home court with Beech Mountain, we are even more ecstatic. </p><p>We have another strong team assembled this year with several new recruits and fresh faces. Many of our newest riders have top level experience racing and will be able to jump right in to help Appalachian bring home the gold. We have full confidence that we can bring another National Championship home, just like last year. Our conference will have stiff competition from severaltalented riders. Appalachian State Cycling competes in the Atlantic Coast Cycling Conference (ACCC) against club andvarsity programs located in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. There can commonly be up to 28 schools competing any given weekend. However, we are not afraid. Competition is what makes racing fun and we are excited for everyone to eat our dust this mountain bike season.</p><p>WRITTEN BY CRAIG STEWART, ASU CYCLING</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Appalachian State Swimming is off to a good start this year with over 100 new members </p><p>interested in joining the team. Swim Club participated in Welcome Weekend at the Student </p><p>Recreation Center, Club Expo, and UREC Fest in the first week back in the mountains.</p><p>The officers, Kyle Cicenia, Robert Compton, Shannon Whitaker, Kristie Majeski, and Jake </p><p>Barnes, have been working hard all summer to get ready for the 2014-2015 season. During </p><p>the break, the officers discussed ideas for fundraisers, apparel, meets, and created a brand </p><p>new website for the team.</p><p>The team is celebrating its 20th year and will hold the Annual High Country Invitational on </p><p>October 25th at the Student Recreation Center on campus.</p><p>WRITTEN BY: SHANNON WHITAKER, SECRETARY</p><p>The Club Sports Council Meeting on Wednesday, August </p><p>27th was the first one of the year and it started off with </p><p>free pizza and a special presentation from Sam Akers, </p><p>owner of our local Boone Dominoes. Mr. Akers wants to </p><p>increase the relationship between his Dominoes</p><p>pizzeria and University Recreation, so he offered us </p><p>special promotional items and tips for working</p><p>with Dominoes.</p><p>Once our Club Sports Council Representatives finished </p><p>their pizza, we promptly moved into the meeting where </p><p>we shared team updates, reviewed how a meeting runs, </p><p>and set expectations that the Council Representatives </p><p>have for each other and for the Executives. From there </p><p>we broke up into the following committees; Publicity, </p><p>Community Service, Budget Point, and Team Unity. </p><p>These committees are comprised of approximately </p><p>five Club Sports Council Representatives, and each are </p><p>guided by an Executive or the Publicity Programmer. </p><p>Each of these committees were in place last year, so </p><p>many of this years chairs are picking up where last </p><p>years committees left off. I think this is excellent </p><p>because now things that were already started can be </p><p>revived and improved, so new foundations do not have </p><p>to be repeated.</p><p>We finished the meeting with announcements from </p><p>Chelsea Watson with facilities updates and from Erin </p><p>Sanders, the Assistant Director of UREC.</p><p>This was a meeting where our Council Representatives </p><p>learned a lot about how Club Sports Council works and </p><p>what their role is; and I believe that they are now</p><p>comfortable in their roles, and have been given the </p><p>resources and support to grow and further our program.</p><p>WRITTEN BY:</p><p>KATHERINE UVA,</p><p>CLUB SPORTS EXECUTIVE</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>s we gear up for the season, we are all planning hard and </p><p>training harder. We have grown substantially since our birth in 2011, growing from less than a dozen to more than forty.</p><p>With our first race less than three weeks away, we arefocusing on three main goals. We first want to grow asindividuals. Triathlon is anindividual sport, consisting of a swim, bike, then run.</p><p>Our main goal is to become a better triathlete ourselves and not worry too much about how we compare to other racerson our team or others. We are a team, and as a team we want to strengthen our bonds between each other. With team growth comes individual growth. It is much easier to get faster when training with other people, since you arent the only onepushing yourself; the entire team is helping to push each other. Our last goal of the season is to shoot for Nationals. This </p><p>will be somewhere on the East Coast, so since it will be close to home, we would like to send at least a few athletes to represent Appalachian State. This will be a huge step for our team since we have never had an individual participate at Nationals. </p><p>Asides from racing at Nationals, we plan to race in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Conference. We will be racing teams such as UNC Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Wilmington, NC State, VT, Navy, Liberty, Duke, and JMU, just to </p><p>AWRITTEN BY RILEY PARR, SECRETARY</p><p>A TRIFECTA OF FUN!</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>name a few. We will race at Belews Lake on Sept 13, Richmond Olympic Tri Sept. 21, draft-legal race Oct. 5 called Trivium, and finally the MACTC Champs at Smith Lake on Oct. 18. </p><p>We have a ton of new faces this year that we are excited to train and race with! We have a great range of athletes coming in, from people </p><p>who have never done a triathlon to a few who could have a shot at Nationals in the spring. Either way, we will all work towards bettering ourselves as individuals and a team. Go Mountaineers!</p><p>9</p><p>We are all planning hard and training harder</p></li><li><p>The ASU Equestrian team is very excited to introduce our </p><p>new officers for the 2014 2015 year!</p><p>My name is Katherine Uva, a junior here at Appalachian, </p><p>and I am very honored to be this years President. I have </p><p>been riding horses since I could walk, and my first word </p><p>was horsie. I have been injured many times from horse-</p><p>back riding, but the nature of the sport always draws me </p><p>back in. My old trainer always told me Cowgirl up, or wear </p><p>a skirt. She always reminded me that we dont have time </p><p>to talk and gossip in this world because we always have to </p><p>work to be the best of the best. Back home in Connecticut </p><p>I served as her Assistant Trainer for 4 years, and I had my </p><p>own clients who I trained and showed horses for before </p><p>coming to AppState. I used to ride Hunt Seat before I had a </p><p>bad jumping accident, which is when I switched to Western </p><p>which is what I competed at the National and State levels </p><p>in Showmanship, Horsemanship, Western Pleasure and Trail. </p><p>Now I am pleased to introduce my fellow officers!</p><p>EQUESTRIANTEAM</p><p>Haley McCune is the teams Vice President and she has </p><p>been surrounded by horses my entire life. Her mother </p><p>grew up riding and she sparked Haleys interest in the </p><p>sport. Haley took her first lesson when she was 6 years </p><p>old and immediately fell in love. In these 14 years, Haley </p><p>has gained a lot of experience that has made her both a</p><p>better rider and a better person. Being an Equestrian </p><p>doesnt simply mean being able to ride a horse. It is so </p><p>much more than that; being an Equestrian is a life style. </p><p>To this day Haleys favorite place in the world is, and will </p><p>always be, on the back of a horse!</p><p>KATHERINE UVA, PRESIDENT</p><p>HALEY MCCUNE, VICE PRESIDENT</p><p>BY: KATHERINE UVA, PRESIDENT</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>Our Club Sports Representative is Molly Bostancic who is a</p><p>sophomore that has been riding for eleven years and has participated </p><p>in hunt seat, vaulting, dressage, and competitive trail riding. Molly has </p><p>also worked at a summer camp for four years teaching kids how to </p><p>ride and care for horses. One of her favorite riding memories is when </p><p>she went galloping down the beach in the Dominican Republic.</p><p>April Kaiser is a junior and our returning </p><p>Treasurer. As far as she knows, April was </p><p>born with a passion for horses. She has </p><p>been an Equestrian since she was 6 years </p><p>old and she is now 20. April says she would </p><p>have started riding even younger if she </p><p>was allowed to, but her mother was not </p><p>so eager for her to get on a 1,000 pound </p><p>animal with a mind of its own. With 14 </p><p>years of experience comes many stories of </p><p>falling off and hard-learned lessons. Two </p><p>quotes have stuck with April throughout </p><p>her years of riding, Each fall makes you </p><p>into a better rider and with each fall you </p><p>learn more about how valuable the</p><p>connection between you and your horse </p><p>is. Aprils other favorite quote is, breathe </p><p>through it. These sayings have gotten her </p><p>through some of the biggest challenges in </p><p>her Equestrian past and will continue to </p><p>help April grow as a competitive rider.</p><p>Our Secretary this year is sophomore Cori Rash and she started riding </p><p>Saddle Seat when she was 8 years old. Until Cori was 15, she competed at </p><p>SaddleBred shows in Raleigh and Greensboro. Her barn stopped offering </p><p>lessons which is when she switched to Hunt Seat. Cori has ridden Hunt </p><p>Seat ever since and loves that she can continue it in college. Her favorite </p><p>quote is to ride or not to ride? what a stupid question! from one of her </p><p>favorite sweatshirts.</p><p>CORI RASH, SECRETARY</p><p>APRIL KAISER, TREASURER</p><p>MOLLY BOSTANCIC, CLUB SPORTS REP</p><p>11</p></li><li><p>CLUB BASEBALL ON STARTING FRESH </p><p>WITH A BRAND NEW YEAR</p><p>he men of the Appalachian State Club Baseball </p><p>Team are back on the mountain and ready for </p><p>another year of baseball. The team is coming </p><p>back after trying to forget about the rough</p><p>season that they left in the fall, ending with a 6-14 (5-10</p><p>conference) record. The Mountaineers finished 5th in the</p><p>conference behind ECU, UNC, Elon, and NC State while being </p><p>ahead of Wake Forest in the standings. Over the summer, the </p><p>conference and regional champion ECU Pirates made it all the </p><p>way to the 3rd/4th place game in the NCBA World Series. They </p><p>were a very good team, said former president Ben Duncan. They </p><p>honestly couldve won the whole thing.</p><p>But the summer is over and the new year is kicking off. With </p><p>it, there are a group of new officers that have taken the reigns. </p><p>Sophomore Grant Caudill has become the Secretary/Council </p><p>Representative of the team with Junior Jon Smith as the </p><p>Treasurer. Junior Chris Andrews takes over as the Vice President </p><p>and Junior Patrick Sekel is the new President. Were excited to </p><p>get this year started, said Jon. We really learned a lot about </p><p>ourselves and our competition last year. We wont be finishing </p><p>in 5th place this year.</p><p>According to Patrick, about 85 people showed interest in play-</p><p>ing club baseball and about 45 responded back. A total of 32 </p><p>people were present at the interest meeting, one of the highest </p><p>attendanc...</p></li></ul>