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  • March 2013

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    1. Articles

    Moringa Olifera- A Gift of Nature Engineering Student Association of Bangladesh Story Behind The Tasty Barbequed Cuisine Preservation of Raw Cow Milk by (H2O2) The Broken Environmentalist Text Message Marketing

    Farooq Ahmed ESAB

    Kanza Abid Muhammad Usman Akram

    Suhail Ahmed Rahujo Yashfeen Zahid Ansari

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    First documented case of child cured from HIV BlackRock has taken 80$ million Twitter stake 3D printing by Nokia Lens-less camera emerges from meta-materials work

    Faiza Azeem Usmani

    Assistant Editor at eSci Research

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    Rise in diabetes suffers in Pakistan Vegetarian men at reduced risk for heart disease

    Raseen Tariq

    Assistant Editor at eSci Research

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    14th International Congress, Romania 5th International Medical Congress in Slovakia Essay Writing Competition 2013

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    Farooq Ahmed

    Student of BS (Hons)

    Agriculture at University

    of Punjab

    Moringa olifera is not less than a gift of nature for all creatures on earth.

    Its common name in Pakistan is suhanjana or sanjana. Not only humans,

    all creatures can get benefit by Moringa plant like plants, livestock and

    insects also. Moringa plant is well known in world for its nutritive,

    medicinal, antioxidants and phytochemicals. It is also very popular in two

    non-government organizations of U.S.A namely Church world service

    and Educational concerns for hunger. An organization in Pakistan is also

    working on it which is Moringa for Life. Over the past two decades there

    are many scientists who are working on it and wrote many papers on this

    single plant. However, these papers are not enough because there are

    many aspects and properties, which are since hidden in it despite several

    researches. This plant has power to remove hunger from our beloved


    Moringa olifera, miracle plant species, belongs to Moringaceae family

    native to sub tropical belt like India and Pakistan. It is known because of

    its frequent phytochemicals and high amount of nutrients. Its tree is used

    Moringa Olifera-

    A Gift of Nature

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    to eliminate malnutrition especially among infants and nursing mothers.

    There are three non-government organizations internationally which are

    working on moringa a) Trees for life b) Church World Servise

    Organization and c) Educational Concers for Hunger Organization. The

    above all organization declared Moringa as a natural nutritious plant of

    the tropics. Moringa leaves have calcium, phosphorous, protein,

    potassium, sulfur, iron. Its leaves are also rich in cytokinin zeatin, auxins.

    So, due to the mentioned compounds, we use moringa leaf extract as a

    natural growth enhancer for plants. MLE is already reported to increase

    in yield of sorghum, melon, peanut, corn, wheat and sugarcane.

    Treatment of MLE not only increase yield (20-35%) also improve taste

    and quality of crop. M. olifera seeds powder are used as water purifying


    It can also purify sewage water to some extent and makes it suitable for

    crops use. Moringa seed Oil (Ben oil) is most stable oil of nature, can

    also be use as biofuel. MLE can also be used as biopesticides a safe

    alternative of chemicals. Because of its high quantities of Ca, Mg and

    carbohydrates it can also increase milk production in livestock (43-65%)

    and we can use it as a fodder. It is also a medicinal plant; its seed oil is

    used in medicines. According to fooglie there are following applications

    of Moringa parts a) Alley cropping from biomass production b) honey

    and sugar cane purifier by powdered seeds c) ornamental uses d)

    domestic cleaning agent by crushed leaves e) foliar nutrients from MLE

    f) gum from tree trunk g)fencing by living trees h)rope from bark i)green

    manure from leaves j)pulp by wood k)fertilizers from seeds cake l) blue

    dye from wood m)animal forage from leaves and treated seed cake n)

    honey from flower nectar o) biopesticides p)water purification by

    powdered seeds q) medicines from all plant r)biogas from leaves. Oil of

    Moringa (30-40% by weight) is also known as Benoil. This oil is sweet,

    non-drying, non sticking oil that can resist rancidity. This oil can be used

    in salads, for fine machines lubricants, in hair care products, to make

    many medicines, for cooking purposes and to increase shelf life of

    ordinary cooking oils.

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    Disease Treatment and Prevention

    Benefits from moringa plant and products such as extracts, decoctions,

    poultices, creams, oils, emollients, salves, powders, porridges are not

    quite so popular. Many old people use it as traditional medicines for cure

    of many diseases. Moringa preparations have been cited in the scientific

    literature as having antibiotic, antitrypanosomal, hypotensive,

    antispasmodic, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic, and

    hypoglycemic activities, as well as having considerable efficacy in water

    purification by flocculation, sedimentation and even reduction of


    Unfortunately, many of these reports of efficacy in human beings are not

    supported by randomized clinical trials. Moringa gum can cure typhoid,

    syphilis and toothache leaf and flowers of this can cure

    infection,Epilepsy, Hysteria and Headache can also be cured by roots

    bark; a flower a root bark oil (from seeds) and leaves roots bark gum

    respectively. All parts of this are good anti-inflammatory

    All parts of Moringa are very nutritious. Leaves and seeds have a large

    quantity of antioxidants. Leaves have carotenoids. It has high amount of

    iron and it has quality oil and proteins also.

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    Engineering Students

    Association of


    ESAB is going to organize the biggest Robotics Competition in

    Bangladesh in association with Techkriti13, IIT Kanpur.

    Techkriti is one of the largest and oldest technical and entrepreneurship

    festival of its kind in Asia to be held in 14-17 March, 2013. GRC (Global

    Robotics Competition) is a part of this mega event which will be held in

    two stages. The regional competition will be held at universities

    worldwide. The winners of the regional competition will go to grand

    finale to be held in Kanpur, India. For the first time, Bangladesh has

    become a part of this prestigious competition. Engineering Students

    Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) will be the official organizer of

    Bangladesh event. On this regard, an official letter has been signed

    between ESAB and IIT Kanpur very recently.

    ESAB is the largest government registered engineering student

    organization in Bangladesh comprising units in all major engineering

    universities. It is a government registered non-profit voluntary

    organization and works for the development concern of engineering

    students. Details of the competition will be published soon at

    Engineering Student

    Association of Bangladesh

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    Kanza Abid

    B.S 3RD

    year Institute of

    Environmental Studies,

    University of Karachi

    We all enjoy beautiful, tender, grilled meat round the year. Dont we? But

    consuming that delicious food can also prove hazardous to us. It is due to