The Battle of Lexington and concord

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The Battle of Lexington and concord. By Ann Fuller. Leading up to April 19, 1775. Response in Massachusetts. Lexington/Concord not first place British looked for arms. 1. The Powder alarm Sept. 1, 1774 2. Portsmouth Dec. 1774 3. Salem Feb. 1775. SONS OF LIBERTY. HANCOCK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Battle of Lexington and concord</p> <p>The Battle of Lexington and concordBy Ann Fuller</p> <p>Leading up to April 19, 1775</p> <p>Response in Massachusetts</p> <p>Lexington/Concord not first place British looked for arms1. The Powder alarm Sept. 1, 1774</p> <p>2. Portsmouth Dec. 1774 </p> <p>3. Salem Feb. 1775</p> <p>SONS OF LIBERTY</p> <p>HANCOCK</p> <p>SAM ADAMS</p> <p>DR JOSEPH WARREN</p> <p>FAVORITE SON PAUL REVERE</p> <p>- SILVERSMITH- PURITAN BACKGROUND- MESSENGER- POLITICAL PROPAGANDA</p> <p>SPIES ON BOTH SIDES</p> <p>FOR BRITAIN DR CHURCHFOR THE COLONISTS - GAGEAPRIL 18 - 19- PLANS IN PLACE FOR MESSENGERS- DAWES HEAD OUT BY LAND- REVERE LANTERNS HUNG, CROSSES CHARLES BY BOAT, GETS HORSE AND HEADS OUT VIA MEDFORD- OTHER RIDERS ALSO INVOLVED- They benefitted from problems the British had in moving troops across the river</p> <p>Warnings &amp; Capture</p> <p>Met up with Dr. PrescottCaught along with DawesDawes escaped but fell off his horsePrescott escaped and continued the warningsMINUTEMEN- TRAINED- EXPERIENCED WAR AND HUNTING- 16-60- LAND OWNERS MOSTLY - ALSO: AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND EVEN MINISTERS- MANY RELATIVES FIGHT ALONG SIDE ONE ANOTHER</p> <p>LEXINGTON- MUSTERED AS EARLY AS 1am- FROM SURROUNDING TOWNS AS WELL- REFUGEES- 50-60 WHEN REGULARS ARRIVE- NOT SURE WHO FIRED FIRST SHOT- 7 MILITIA KILLED, 9 SERIOUSLY INJURED</p> <p>CONCORD</p> <p>CONCORD- moved across North Bridge- numbers rise to about 500- British set fire to buildings in town- militia head back toward bridge which is now guarded by redcoats - one confused, scared British soldier fired and the battle was startedCONCORD</p> <p>REDCOATS RETREAT</p> <p>PERCY AT LEXINGTON</p> <p>END- British cross Charles River- Militia stay outside Boston- News spreads through colonies and to Britain- This changes everythingAdams changed the instruments of War from the pen to the sword.</p> <p>CASUALTIESBRITISH62 KILLED157 WOUNDED27 MISSINGAMERICAN50 DEAD39 WOUNDED5 MISSINGBRITISH PROBLEMSGAGE TOO SECRETIVEPOOR PLANNING OF MARCHUNDERESTIMATED THE COLONIAL WILL TO FIGHTTROOPS IN CHAOSLOW AMMUNITIONDID NOT KNOW THE LAND</p> <p></p>


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