describe the fighting in new england battle of lexington and concord (war begins) battle of bunker...

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The American Revolution

The American Revolution

Describe the Fighting in New EnglandBattle of Lexington and Concord (War begins)Battle of Bunker Hill1st real test of colonial militia to stand up to regular British forcesArmy under Washington laid siege to Boston March 17, 1776British withdrew to New YorkWashington moved to New Work but could not keep British forces from occupying the area, so Colonial forces escaped across New Jersey into PennsylvaniaMatters were bleak at this moment, but fighting had moved from New England

Summarize fighting in the Middle Atlantic StatesVictorious surprise attack on the British at Trenton, New Jersey (December 1776)Victory at Princeton (January 1777), gave hope to Americans who spent the rest of the winter camped near Morristown, New Jersey British Plan: planned a major attack 1777 to cut New England from other states. Goal to meet up by Saratoga, New York. One army comes up from New York City, one army was to move east from Lake Erie, and one army move south from Canada.However General Howe attacked Philadelphia , the American capital 1st, although Washington lost battles, he delayed Howes movement to Saratoga, and the Americans defeated the army coming from Canada at the Battle of Saratoga.Explain the turning point in the revolutionBattle of Saratoga (turning point in the war)When French heard of the win, they recognized Americas Independence, signed a Treaty of Alliance, and joined the war the next year.This is an important move for America!Washington spent the winter (1777-1778) at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.Conditions were miserable in the campBritish troops pleasures of Philadelphia to New York British troops moved from Philadelphia completely to New York in June 1778, after hearing the French fleet was headed to New York

(Slide continues)Explain the turning point in the revolutionNext several years fighting focused in New York and on the frontier., where British were allied with Native American tribes.Several massacred occurredAmerican frontiersmen were frightened, who organized successful attacks on British forces in the Northwest TerritoryThese victories allowed this land to be claimed at the peace conference.

Evaluate fighting in the SouthBegan in Virginia in 1775 & continued until the last major battle of the war in Yorktown, Virginia in October 1881The British Army was now surrounded at Yorktown. They were greatly outnumbered by the French and American troops. For 11 days the American forces bombarded the British. Finally Cornwallis sent out the white flag for surrender. He originally made a lot of demands to George Washington for his surrender, but Washington didn't agree.When the American troops started to prepare for another attack, Cornwallis agreed to Washington's terms and the battle was over.

Assess the terms of the Peace of Paris, 1783Terms very generous toward the AmericansTerms included: British recognized their independence of the 13 ColoniesRights to fish off of Newfoundland & agreed to withdraw troops thereU.S. received all land east of Mississippi River, south of the watershed of the St. Lawrence River, & north of Florida, which was returned to Spain.British were to give all forts in the Northwest Territory to the U.S.Debts owed to citizens were recognizedAgreed Congress would ask states to return properties seized from any Loyalists and restore their rights


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