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2. The lyrics of this video describe Nashs recent break up ( following the genre conventions of indie-pop). The lyrics suggest that she misses her boyfriend Do I really have to get used, To being alone again? Later on in the lyrics she is also reminiscing about the old times with her boyfriend I miss your arms, The way you kiss me, The way you pull me in so tight. The lyrics of 3am make the artist/main character (Kate Nash) seem very desperate and depressed Im afraid this is all or nothing, And I havent got a hope. http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/3-AM-lyrics-Kate- Nash/961D5C281509058048257AEF00008EA3 The video of Kate Nashs 3am shows multiple shots of her on her own, often crying and looking upset, this supports the lyrics You are the one I think of, all the night. There are also flash back shots of her and her boyfriend together, and then it jump cuts to a shot of her being upset. This follows all typical conventions of the love genre. 3. These two medium close up shots introduce the video and the main character (& artist). They give the video a very vintage {50s} effect, which implies that the storyline is going to be a very conventional love story. This behind the shoulder shot shows Nash looking into the mirror, which has magazine cut outs stuck to the mirror. This suggests that she wants to change her appearance hoping that he will then like her more. 4. This medium close up shot shows Nash taking her anger out on a teddy, she is shown from low angles punching it and in this shot ripping its head off. These images make Nashs character seem very childish and These two medium close up two shots show the deterioration in the relationship throughout the video. The first shot shows what happened when Nash put ice cream on her boyfriends nose - they lovingly joke), however in shot two Nash again puts ice cream on her boyfriends nose and they start arguing. FIRST SHOT SECOND SHOT The shot previous to this close up shot is one of Kate Nash in bed writhing around, the straight jump cut to this image implies that she cannot stop thinking about him, and can never get him off her mind. 5. Nashs target audience and therefore the audience of this music video would be teenage girls. The target audience could also be young adults, but I would say females is the main audience. This is the audience as they would be able to relate to the story line of the song (boy leaves girl, girl is left heartbroken). This allows her to create a connection with her audience, also by which she can create a wider audience through using this conventional genre to attract others. She has attracted her audience by using simple relationship conventions. For example there is a shot of Nash eating ice cream after her and her boyfriend have broken up, this is a stereotypical thing for girls to do when they are upset, hence why girls would be able to relate to it. The mise-en-scene of this video can also be used to attract an audience. The main set of the video is a very conventional teenage girls bedroom, allowing the audience to relate to the main character by showing her as being a normal girl. Screen shots of Nashs characters bedroom in the video. 6. The genre of Kate Nashs music in general is Indie-Pop. The music has quite an upbeat tempo and almost sounds quite happy, which could imply that Nash is trying to hide her sad feelings and loneliness from her now ex boyfriend. At certain points of the video the music seems almost diegetic as she is singing along with the music, however she only really sings along with the most emotional lyrics I dont want to be alone 'which implies that they are the lyrics that she truly means. They have also used amplification in the video, by showing footage of Nash and the boyfriend together, and pictures of them whilst she is singing the chorus. 7. There are a lot of medium close ups in the 3am video, often of Nash (the main character). These medium close ups have being used to show the emotion that the characters are feeling during the relationship break up. There are also a lot of medium close up two shots of the couple during this music video. They both take up the same amount of the screen, implying that they both had an even responsibility for the break up of the relationship. This over the shoulder high angle shot shows Nash looking at an image of her and her boyfriend. The choice of angle shows the vulnerability/anxiety that Nash is feeling about her relationship. 8. There are two main settings within the 3am video: the main characters bedroom and a bowling alley. The main characters bedroom: This bedroom makes the main character look very realistic as it is a very conventional teenage girls bedroom. The lighting in this scene is very dark, which could resemble her mood after her break up. Nash is also wearing silky pink pyjamas, pink has connotations of being girly and childish, whereas silk often has connotations of being quite sexual and seductive which could suggest that there are two sides to the characters personality. The bowling alley: The several shots of the bowling alley show the relationship ending, by the end of the bowling shots Nash is without boyfriend dancing with all female dancers, promoting women power. The lighting and colouring in these bowling clips make the flashbacks seem almost surreal.