texas market profile january 2014. texas market market size: $24 billion potential market 7.1...

Download TEXAS Market Profile January 2014. TEXAS Market Market Size: $24 Billion Potential Market 7.1 Million Potential Customers

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  • TEXAS Market Profile January 2014
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  • TEXAS Market Market Size: $24 Billion Potential Market 7.1 Million Potential Customers
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  • TEXAS Market Ambit Energy is a Retail Electric Provider (REP) Invoices come directly from Ambit Energy Pay online, IVR, via phone with agent, payment locations, or by mail ESI ID Information: Oncor 17 digit number Centerpoint 22 digit number AEP Central 17 digit number AEP North 17 digit number TNMP - 17 digit number Sharyland 17 digit number
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  • Credit checks are required before electric service is established Score is obtained through Equifax (credit reporting agency) and determines if a deposit is necessary based on the customers score Consent is required by the Texas customer to conduct the credit review Split Deposits are available- only at the time of set up First half is due at set up time and second half will be billed on the customers first invoice Deposit Refunds are issued after 12 months of continuous service, if the customer has good payment history and has not been disconnected If the customer cancels service, the deposit will be applied to the account balance and any remaining credit will be mailed to the customer 30 days after the final invoice due date. TEXAS Credit Check / Deposit
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  • TEXAS Free Energy Our popular Free Energy Program has changed to give you more Free Energy and more freedom! Heres the biggest change: No more clock! That means theres no more deadline for gathering your 15 Customers, and no more deadline for replacing Customers! Just maintain 15 energized Customers in any month, and you earn a credit! And that doesnt mean 15 payments; calculations will now be based on average daily energy cost, instead. You can get more Free Energy, and we can now accommodate all bill schedules. Free Energy credit is credited to the invoice. For more information: PowerZone > Business Tools > Consultant Tools > Free Energy Program FAQ.
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  • TEXAS Assistance Programs Assistance Programs: LITE UP Government sponsored program that provides discount during summer months on electric rates to qualified low- income customers.
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  • TEXAS Product Types TEXAS Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP Central, AEP North, TNMP Electric Product Plan(s)RateETF Texas Select Variable PlanVariableNo Certified Green Texas Variable PlanVariableNo Ambit Certified Green 12 Month Term Plan *Term$199 Lone Star Select - 24 Month Term Plan *Term$199 Lone Star Select - 12 Month Term Plan*Term$199 Lone Star Select 6 Month Term PlanTerm$100 *Discount of 0.2 per kWh applies to billing cycles in which you are actively enrolled in paperless billing, e-correspondence and ACH recurring payment bank draft.
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  • TEXAS Average Billing Average billing is based on a rolling 365 day historical average use Usage is calculated using: avg. daily use X # days in billing cycle = charge Available for Single ESI-ID customers All TEXAS residential customers are eligible unless they are in a De-Energized status.
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  • http://www.PowerToChoose.org Public Utility Commission All retail electricity providers are required to provide PTC website on first page of customer invoices Website provides rates of all retail electric providers in Texas Low teaser rates are displayed to attract customers Some customers change providers monthly to take advantage of low introductory rates Not the most reliable source for complete competitive analysis for Texas rates When comparing websites: Recognize the 2,000 kWh vs. 1,000 kWh difference Power To Choose requires an average rate at 1,000 kWh To make an accurate comparison, do the math! Unbundled rates TDU fees are billed straight to the customer on page three of the invoice, Ambits charges are itemized under Ambit Energy Charges on page one of the invoice
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  • TEXAS Small Commercial Is defined as a non-residential customer whose average monthly electricity bill is less than $5,000.00 Small Commercial ESI-ID rules: A customer can enroll up to 5 ESI-IDs The majority of small commercial will not have more than 2 ESI IDs. We cannot sign up Municipalities. We can combine Residential and Commercial but we need at least 1 ESI-ID to be Commercial. The Residential location will have commercial rates. General Information: TSC customers are not eligible for Free Energy or Travel Rewards TSC customers are subject to Third Party Verification Consolidated billing is available upon enrollment TSC Rates can be located in PowerZone Business Tools > Customer Tools > TSC Pricing Flyer
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  • TEXAS Rates Customer Gathering Flyers are available in PowerZone Located in the Business Tools Tab > Advertising Tools > Customer Flyers
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  • Please share this information with your organizations and potential customers.
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  • Thank you for your help in building the Texas market!