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Teddington School Sixth Form John Wilkinson Headteacher Nicky Meston Assistant Headteacher Director of Sixth Form

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  • Teddington School Sixth Form

    John Wilkinson Headteacher

    Nicky Meston Assistant Headteacher

    Director of Sixth Form

  • This Evening

    Understand the GCSE grade criteria for Post 16 Education and the specific requirements here at Teddington School Sixth Form

    Know about curriculum offer and the specific subjects available here to study.

    Understand the application process for Teddington School Sixth Form

    Have the opportunity to look around the Sixth Form building and speak with subject teachers

    Being informed and making the right choice for you

  • Head Boy and Head Girl

    Nick Laspas Head Boy

    Rebecca Hopkins Head Girl

  • The Importance of GCSEs

    Young peoples passport to the rest of their life, allowing them to access

    Post 16 Pathways

    Apprenticeships and Career Related Training

    Universities and Post 19 Further Education

    The World of Work

  • Sixth Form Success

    AS Results in top 5% of sixth forms nationally

    A2 Results at or above target

    30% Russell Group University

    1 Student at Cambridge

    92% went directly to university or on to career related pathway

    8% took a Gap Year with destinations planned


    A*- B 44%

    A*- C 74%

    A*-E 100%


    A - B 50%

    A - C 81%

    A - E 99%

  • A level Performance System - ALPs

    Year 12 AS


    2016 2

    Whole Sixth Form Performance Departmental Performance

    Student Performance

  • Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning with the Sixth Form is strong. The Sixth Forms performance is ALPs 2.

    We are in the top 10% of similar schools nationally for progress

    and achievement as a whole Sixth Form

    Strong community ethos high expectations

    Wide curriculum offer (24 different A level choices)

    Individual focus supporting independent skills and ensuring we

    broaden and deepen knowledge

    We ensure that students achieve strong grades at AS to support

    their A2 year

    All subjects in the Sixth Form either meet or exceed target grades.

  • Working in Partnership

    Teddington School, Hampton High and Waldegrave School Sixth Forms are working together to ensure students have a wide curriculum offer

    Students are able to study one subject at either Hampton High or Waldegrave School and still remain and study the bulk of their learning at Teddington School Sixth Form.

    This can help with subject combinations.

    It can also help give students experience of an alternative learning environment which is good preparation for future development.

  • Why Teddington School Sixth Form?

    If you are currently at another school

    Results are excellent - over 24 A levels on offer

    Strong teaching and learning and personal support for any underachievement

    Excellent learning and social culture

    Leadership opportunities being a role model to other students

    A proven Post 19 process supporting UCAS applications and apprenticeship pathways

    Work Experience opportunities and wide enrichment opportunities

    If you are already a Teddington School student you also benefit from

    Knowing the environment you have studied in for five years

    Knowing your subject teachers

    Continued pastoral support

    Meeting other students from your year and from other schools

    The freedom of your own building and the independence of managing

    your own time

  • Admissions Criteria

    A level

    5 A*-C which must include English and Maths between

    the numerical grades of 4-9. Students are to reference

    the matrix grid for specific subject criteria.

    For subjects not studied at GCSE, an associated subject

    will be looked at.

  • Core and Sciences

    Grade Humanities & MFL

    Grades Social Sciences

    Grades Other Grades

    Maths 7 Geography B Psychology 5 Eng Art B

    Further Maths

    8 History B Sociology 5 Eng and Maths

    Photography C Art / DT / Portfolio

    plus 5 in English

    English Literature

    6 Lit

    6 Lang

    Economics 5 Eng and Maths

    Textiles B in Art / DT

    Biology B French B Government and


    5 Eng

    5 Humanities

    Drama B plus 5 in English

    Chemistry B Spanish B Economics 5 Eng and Maths

    Music B Music plus Grade 5


    Physics B plus

    A level


    German B Business 5 Eng and Maths

    Media 5 in English Lang

    Computing B plus

    6 Maths

    Film 5 in English Lang

    Physical Education

    B in Biology

    B in PE

  • Oxbridge and Russell Group Pathways

    Medicine / Dentistry / Law / Veterinary

    Oxford & Cambridge / Russell Group

    GCSEs - A* - A (7-9) grades. These students

    will be guided to follow 4 AS subjects and

    will be required to complete the EPQ

    (Extended Project Qualification)

  • Ensuring Success at Post 16

    Self manage and study

    High levels of attendance and punctuality required

    Post 16 success - 3 hours per night, 6 hours on a Saturday

    and Sunday.

    Independent learning and research

    Effective time management, planning and organisation

    Take initiative forward thinking and planning

    Read around your subject areas and have an awareness of

    current affairs

    Learn beyond your subject requirements essential for

    university and future training

  • Enrichment

    Duke of Edinburgh

    Community Service

    Volunteer work

    Visits to galleries and museums

    Taking up master classes and summer schools at universities

    Sixth form students leadership and whole school council

    Supporting lower school

    Work experience opportunities

    Charity work


    Leadership opportunities

    Whole School Productions and events

  • University and Apprenticeships

    University Fair London Olympia March followed by a systemised

    approach to applications to university

    Unifrog to support Apprenticeships and university applications

    Clear guidance and support in UCAS applications in writing personal


    Aim Higher Days - July

    Structured and rigorous university application support through tutors

    and sixth form team

    Masterclass opportunities from universities

    Summer support on results day to support future pathways

    Appropriate Information Advice and Guidance about future pathways

  • Applications Process

    Applications are open now, and they close on 13 January 2017

    Students apply through UCAS Progress a centralised

    system. The school website has a direct link.

    Applying to Teddington School our own students do not need

    a reference or a personal statement however applying

    elsewhere students will need to.

    Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) interviews will given to

    all Teddington School students

    Students who apply will be given an interview parents can

    attend if they wish to do so

    Teddington School Y11 students have received Subject

    Seminars in assemblies


  • Subject Fair Sixth Form Building

    The Sixth Form building is open:

    Visit subject teachers

    View the facilities

    Speak to senior staff

    Meet staff from our partner schools

    Get a flavour of life at Teddington School Sixth Form

    Subject booklets are available to download on the

    school website