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Technology & Houghton Mifflin Components. How to use the technology included with the new reading series. Online Assessment System. Easy for your higher students to use and provides them with more of a challenge Exposes students to test taking “digitally” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Technology & Houghton Mifflin Components

Technology &Houghton Mifflin ComponentsHow to use the technology included with the new reading seriesOnline Assessment SystemEasy for your higher students to use and provides them with more of a challengeExposes students to test taking digitallyGrades the multiple choice portion of the testsProvides rubric when grading the short and extended response while gradingMultiple tests can be assignedPrescriptive tasks can be assigned to students based on performanceUsing the Online Assessment SystemClick here since we are cluster 1: username is your 8 digit employee number (with the zeroes)Your password is your RC number (3242) plus the final four digits of your employee numberThe next slide is what you will see:Using the Online Assessment System

Using the Online Assessment SystemClick on Manage Class Roster:

You will then select add a class.Your name should already be in the system.

Using the Online Assessment System

Be sure to fill out everything!This includes grade level, school year, term, product, subject, teacher (s) for the class, and make up a class name.Select Save Profile

Using the Online Assessment System

You can then build your roster then or do it later.If you select to build it then, you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to search for existing students or to create a new students. Most students are already in the database so all you need to do is find them. You can search students by name, grade level, gender, etc.Once your list is generated, simply click the students for your class.

Using the Online Assessment SystemOnce your class is built, you are then able to assign tests.

Click on the Assign a Test and follow those instructions.

Online Leveled ReadersClick here to visit the leveled readers:

Your username is your first name + last name + school number without any spacesThe password is teacher

Online Leveled ReadersOnce there, you can create reading groups, browse the library, and much more.

Online Leveled ReadersYou can create a reading group for a student, a group of students, a specific project or for your use only

Online Leveled ReadersYou can name your group whatever you wantYou may require a passwordYou may allow students to search outside their libraryYou may sort according to DRA Level, Fontas and Pinnell, Reading Recovery, etc.You may put in a message for your studentsYou may browse the leveled libraryYou may search for specific strategies, skills, features, etc.Online Leveled Readers

Online Leveled ReadersStudents may access the leveled readers here: The username for students are teacher first name + teacher last name + class without the spacesThe password is studentStudents will be able to go to whatever group you have assigned for them, depending on if you have used a password or notClick here for further training (video) in the leveled readers: Digital Lesson PlansOnce you have logged in to Riverdeep, select the red K-5 button which will take you to the screen below

Digital Lesson PlansSelect the K-5 Reading Adoption link Scroll down to the digital lesson plan section will take you to a list of grade levels and themesSelect the grade level and theme of your choice

Digital Lesson Plans

Digital Lesson PlansOnce you have selected your grade level and theme, it will take you to a detailed list of your lesson plans

Digital Lesson PlansThe lessons are based on a 4 day scheduleLessons include links to the text (which will go live later this year), Destination Success lessons (for whole group use), Supplemental Materials, transparencies, ESOL materials, and much more!Lessons also include links to Writing lessons, skill block activities, standards, etc.Additional Resources above school district utilizes our series as wellLinks include posters for strategies, genres, proofreading marks, and more

Additional ResourcesClick on the link on the left side of the page for Idea Sharing based on your grade level

Additional Resources

Additional ResourcesYou will find art linksPosters relating to the seriesVocabulary information

Planning info at a glanceStudent center activities relating to FCRR site

Additional ResourcesSupport for specific themesParent lettersAnd MANY MORE GOODIES!http://www.spellingcity.com

Additional Resources site allows you to network with local teachersYou can view and share videosYou can view and share ideas about what is working with the new seriesYou can check the site from schoolIt is free!


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