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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>BABU KE SIPAHIProudly PresentThe Story of Tanveer Mohd.-- </p> <p>Meri kahaani shuru hoti hai yahaan ! Born in Lucknow as a Nawab, ayyaash, shaukeen child...</p> <p>I am a hunter.. She want to see my gun!!!</p> <p>Once upon a time, I was slim and sexy</p> <p>Then I joined IIMB, and desperately ate everything I saw in mess, night canteen, athicas, ABP, Amul, amrit kalash and park n eat .BeforeAfter</p> <p>Until finally, I met my guardian angel </p> <p>And I made Rina get Naughty !!!..</p> <p>Hence began the journey to studness</p> <p>And talking of Super powers in L-21</p> <p>Crushes in First Year</p> <p>Latest Crush</p> <p>No, Wait.</p> <p>Or </p> <p>Damn it how to remember &gt;.</p>