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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Once upon a time In a dense forest in Africa..</p> <p>SWAG!!!! SWAG!!!! SWAG IN AFRICAThere was a Girl from Tunisia named Gita Sowmya Naga..Blah.. Blah.. Zzzzz. Parlapalli</p> <p>Oh Pleeeeaaaaseeee !!! I am leaving Africa and going to Banjara Hills you know Tataaa!!! Miss Gita Sowmya Naga Parlapalli Reddy.. We have got food for you from the jungles.. Shall we cook it the way you want it?</p> <p>So she travelled around the world in pursuit of civilization. And finally ended up in India</p> <p>Welcome to India Gita Ma!!!! India and my LCM/MPPO slides are of the same colour..</p> <p>What is he speaking!?? BEHAVE!!!Btw.. Call me PG ..NOT Gita.. Its PG.. Sounds cool you knowAn African enjoying in India until..</p> <p>ENUFFFF!!!!!ENUFFFF!!!!!</p> <p>SWAG IN IIMBSwag continues.</p> <p>Hey, I just Met you and were all DesiBut today is my BirthdaySo Hooshing Maybe??See you all at L Square </p>