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Talisman Centre celebrates its 25th anniversary serving Calgary and its citizens in 2008. This commemorative booklet was produced to honour and celebrate that anniversary.


Talisman Centre is a valuable City of Calgary asset that Calgarians can be proud to call their own. On behalf of the city, I commend Talisman Centre on its important position within the community, and Im looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the next twenty-five years. Dave Bronconnier Honourable Mayor of the City of Calgary

Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring AchievementContentsPage 2 Message From the President Timelines Pages 4-7 1983 to 1998 Pages 8-10 1989 to 1995 Pages 12-15 1996 to 2002 Pages 16-21 2003 to 2008

Programs and Services Highlights Summer 2008 Page 23 Pages 24-25 Pages 26-30 Pages 33-47 In-Depth Table of Contents Memberships Children and Youth Programs Adult Programs

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Message from the PresidentWhere would we be without dreams, hopes, and aspirations?In reflecting on our 25th Anniversary celebrations, I cant help but be grateful for the people out there that have a vision; people so passionate that they embark on a path and ensure that they reach their goals, no matter the hurdles they face. For every great idea, there are a hundred reasons for people to say it cant or shouldnt be done. Thirty years ago it probably started that way; with an individual who had an idea. They talked to a friend and that turned into a group of individuals that believed in the dream: that Calgary needed a facility that could accommodate highperformance athletes, and also serve the needs of regular citizens. It all could have stopped there, (what a daunting task!), but they pushed forward. The 1983 Western Canadian Summer Games proved to be the catalyst that grew into Talisman Centre. It was a long journey from planning to architectural design, engineering, construction, programming and staffing, but finally the day arrived: July 30th, 1983, and the doors of Talisman Centre opened for the first time. Twenty-five years later, this facility is still a place for dreaming. From the 12 yearold swimmer with dreams of standing on the Olympic podium, to the 50 year-old that was told by the doctor to lose the weight or suffer the consequences. From the father and mother that decide they need to find the energy to keep up with the kids, to the weekend jogger that got the notion in their head to run a marathon. From a car accident victim learning to walk again in rehabilitation, to someone with a physical or mental disability whose efforts here result in the achievement of goals that once seemed impossible Thats why Talisman Centre is here; and thats why it will be here for many years to come. In this unique and inspiring place, at any given moment you could be working out beside the next Olympic or World Champion! Talisman Centre is a lot like the athletes that train here. It was made possible because someone had an idea and no matter what obstacles that got in their way, they held onto that dream and fought for it. With over 200 Olympic, Paralympic and World Champion athletes produced, its clear that working for a dream is alive and well under our iconic tented roof. Who knows? Twenty-five years from now we might just be writing and talking about you, and the successes you have achieved! Sincerely,

Proud to be a partner in celebrating Talisman Centres 25th Anniversary!

Robin Mitchell President & Chief Operating Officer

2 Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring Achievement www.talismancentre.com 403-233-8393

The Calgary Booster Club and Talisman Centreby Fraser Tingle The Calgary Booster Club has been a vital part of the city since it was founded 57 years ago. They were instrumental in pushing forward the successful bid for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary. That landmark achievement alone ensures the Calgary Booster Club a prominent place in Calgarys history books. One of the Calgary Booster Clubs greatest achievements was being the catalyst for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games while Talisman Centre was the catalyst for the Canadian Western Summer Games in 1983, says Robin Mitchell, President and C.O.O. of Talisman Centre. The Booster Club is hard at work year-round to support and promote athletic programs in the city. The Booster Club famously recognizes the Calgary Sportsman of the year in an annual ceremony, as well as female and male athletes of the year. They also support and recognize athletic excellence in High School sports, and provide a number of generous scholastic and athletic scholarships and grants . They sponsor and host a wide-range of events, including some prestigious international tournaments, like the Calgary International Track and Field Meets. They are a key sponsor of the Spring Swing Golf Program, and host annual tip-off tournaments in volleyball, basketball, swimming, and diving, among many other events. The Calgary Booster Clubs passion and dedication to athletic health and wellness make them a perfect fit with Talisman Centre, and the two organizations have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial friendship. The Booster Clubs goal and purpose is to boost amateur sport and sport in general within Calgary. This is a goal they share with Talisman Centre, whose mandate is to provide training, programming, services, and facilities to both Calgarys high-performance athletes and citizens who are striving to reach their personal sport and wellness goals. Robin Mitchell recognizes the shared goals between the Booster Club and Talisman Centre. Together with the Booster Club we have a long-standing partnership with the City of Calgary recognizing, promoting and supporting grass roots amateur sport and the pursuit of athletes, coaches and leaders to become Olympic and World Champions. Just around the corner after you step through Talisman Centres North doors, you will see the Booster Clubs Wall of Fame, which includes the torch that was used in the 1988 Olympic Relay. This wall recognizes the various recipients of the Clubs Sportsman of the Year award, as well as individuals who have enjoyed special achievements in a given year, and honoured athletic leaders. As one might expect, these athletes and leaders who have found success at the local, national and international levels includes a great deal of individuals who have called Talisman Centre their home for sport and wellness. From providing funds and personnel for athletic events, to the administration of scholarships and grants to high school, community and post-secondary programs, as well as recognizing outstanding contributions made by Calgarian athletes, the Calgary Booster Club is one of this citys most valuable organizations. Talisman Centre is proud to have a close relationship with them, especially as we look back on 25 incredible years, and look forward to many, many more.

the Calgary Booster Club congratulates talisman Centre on 25 years of inspiring achievement!

Dedicated to the Development and Encouragement of Athletic EndeavourCelebrating 25 Years of Inspiring Achievement www.talismancentre.com 403-233-8393 3

Talisman Centre (known as Lindsay Park Sports Centre in the 1980s) opened in July, 1983 to host the Western Canada summer Games (below top), inviting Mickey and his friends to join in (below middle). The focus then shifted to the upcoming 88 Winter olympics (below bottom Olympic flags hanging from the rafters and an Olympic parade on the track, including horses!).

4 Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring Achievement www.talismancentre.com 403-233-8393

Synchronized Swimming

Waldo Wins Gold!

We are proud that Canadian legend Carolyn Waldo called Talisman Centre her home as she trained for a career that would be marked by one victory after another. At the Seoul Olympics in 1988, Carolyn became the first Canadian Woman to win two Gold Medals at the same Olympics when she won in the solo event, and again in the duet competition with her partner Michelle Cameron Coulter. This incredible victory came after a long string of successes for Cameron, including a silver medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, and first place trophies at the 1985 Rome and Spanish Opens, the 1985 FINA World Cup, the 1986 Spanish Open, the 1986 Commonwealth Games, the 1986 World Championships, and 1987 Pan Pacific Championships and the 1987 FINA World Cup! She is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and was awarded the Velma Springstead Trophy an unprecedented four consecutive years.

The City of Calgary proudly recognizes talisman Centre Village square Leisure Centre Family Leisure Centre southland Leisure Centre for 25 years of service 1983-2008!

Talisman Centreon 25 Years of Delivering Active Living to Calgary1937SINCE

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Talisman Centre became my home away from home. We were very fortunate to train in such a world-class facility. Carolyn WaldoCALGARY

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Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring Achievement www.talismancentre.com 403-233-8393 5

Founding Pioneer

Dr. Neville LindsayTalisman Centre was dedicated to Dr. Neville James Lindsay when it opened as Lindsay Park Sports Centre in July, 1983, commemorating his service as a legendary pioneer and physician. When he arrived in Calgary in 1883, the population had not yet reached 500. A community leader, Dr. Lindsay served on Calgarys first town and city councils and was instrumental in establishing Calgarys first hospital. The land that the facility sits on was part of Dr. Lindsays ranch.

With all eyes focused on the Saddledome many Calgaria