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Considering the "responsibility to act" and how we can use this idea as a TAKS writing prompt.


The Responsibility to ActList 5 People (Historical or Personal) that have stood up for something that they believed in. The person and the belief.

Will Richmond High Gang Rape Gawkers Go Free?List

five times when you either felt obligated to act based on your beliefs or regret not doing something. (Think about life before high school) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6-Word Memoir (Teens) List 5

6-Word Memoir (Authors)

Your Own 6-Word MemoirPick out one situation from your

past and write a 6-word memoir. He might not have died alone Then the guilt wouldnt haunt me She really deserved so much better How Fletcher was Hatched Sounds Delightful

Assess the Essay Using the Rubric

Creating Your Own BME Organizer


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