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Take a Smarter Approach to Processes and Decisions. Proven patterns for successful process improvement. Pablo Irassar Director, BPM Development IBM Software Group. Agenda. The Agility Challenge Patterns for Success Business Process Management Decision Management BPM & DM Together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Take a Smarter Approach to Processes and DecisionsProven patterns for successful process improvementPablo IrassarDirector, BPM DevelopmentIBM Software Group

  • AgendaThe Agility ChallengePatterns for SuccessBusiness Process ManagementDecision Management BPM & DM TogetherAgility in Action

  • CEOs Recognize the Challenges and Opportunities as the Business Network Becomes More DynamicIBM Global CEO Survey, Institute for Business Value, 2010In these uncertain times, effective and swift decision making is more important than ever.Shuzo Sumi, President and CEO Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.Our products need to anticipate need, rather than respond to a request. Michael DAscenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation OfficeThe complexity over the next five years is off the charts a 100 on your scale from 1 to 5 Edward Lonergan, President and CEO Diversey, Inc.*

  • Transformation and Growth Require Better Decisions and ProcessesBased on interviews with over 3,000 CIOsof CIOs with mandates to transform the business are looking to drive better internal collaboration processes.of CIOs with mandates to transform the business are looking to drive better real time decisions.Source: IBM Global CIO Study 2011*

  • FlexibilityLow cost/timeBuildBuyCustomizedUniqueHigh TCOIT bandwidth

    Reduced timeInitial CostStandard Feature setReliance on vendorResponse to Change

    Third Way++--


    Process-improvement requirements are likely to be unique, which favors build rather than buy. And the timeframes and costs of both are often not compatible with process improvement, so a third way is required.Process Improvement Requires A Third Way*

  • AgendaThe Agility ChallengePatterns for SuccessBusiness Process ManagementDecision Management BPM & DM TogetherAgility in Action

  • *Key Technologies for Process Improvement

  • Through robust and flexible software capabilities and industry expertise, BPM enables customers to discover, model, execute, rapidly change, govern, and gain end-to-end visibility on their business processesAchieve better business outcomes with BPMSolution Pattern 1: Business Process Management*BPM capabilities enable:VisibilityCollaborationBusiness User EngagementGovernanceBPM delivers business value:ProductivityEfficiencyFaster response to change

  • Figure it out yourselfLock the team in a conference room for day(s)Sticky notesWhiteboard drawingsBack and forth till you finally understand your processScribe it all downConvert it to a diagram/drawingHow is Process Discovery done today?*

  • The best way to engage line of business users in process discovery, documentation, and simple process automationGain control and insightInstant dashboards for visibilityReporting for improved governance Anyone can improve a process Automate work run through email Easily document processesCollaborate for better resultsTeam up in secure private workspaceLeverage public expert community*Accelerate Change by Improving the Way You WorkStreamline, document, and run processes

  • Increasing Transparency through DocumentationDocument and provide standard process across 8 regional officesSimple processes from travel requests to complex processes like new traffic control tower setupCentralizing and Standardizing ProcessesDocument and standardize processes across 14 domestic and 5 international call centersAble to centralize core workforce management functions due to large part of standardized processIncorporating Broad ParticipationExternal business areas view and maintain their own processes within a centralized repositoryReduced resources to manage and administer process repository from 14 to 2Reduced change requests from 8 weeks to 2 minutesGovernment AgencyWorldwide OutsourcerGlobal InsurerLowering Barriers to Collaboration creates Value*

  • *Blueworks Live Demo

  • Enable faster business-led changePower to scale with transactional integrityGovernance to manage change confidentlyChange is inevitable. Adapt accordingly.Embrace complexity, adapt quickly and exceed expectationsSimplicity for deep business user engagementVisibility to empower business users to optimize processes*

  • *Shared AssetsVersioned AssetsServer RegistryProcess CenterRepositoryProcess DesignerIntegration DesignerProcess Center ConsoleOut-of-box Process PortalOptional Microsoft Add-onsConfigurable Business Space WidgetsIBM Business Process ManagerDefineDeployUpdateMeasureGovernanceVisibilityManagementEnd User InterfacesDesignIBM Business Process Manager

  • Paper overload100,000+ client requests per month each generating a paper-based process instanceClient complaints due to lost documentsPoor IT-business relationshipPaper problem was understood but limited IT/Business collaboration prevented improvement*Business Challenges at Lincoln Trust CompanyLeading independent provider of trust and custodial services

  • Joint LOB-IT executive steering committee and a small BPM team developed a 2-part strategy for process improvement:Common shared process for document imaging and automation using content management tools Removed physical paper from 145 company processesBusiness teams created as-is and to-be process models using IBM BPM Blueworks IT teams implemented automated workflows for 15 processes including service requests, plan establishment, and distributionsQuickly address key pain point Business-led automation for full business processes12*Partnering for Process ImprovementLincoln Trust developed an aligned process focus across the company

  • Results$2.2 million in savings to date120% ROI in one year 25% increase in employee productivity 50% - 75% reduction in cycle times90% reduction in customer complaintsBest PracticesBuild a partnership between business and ITFocus on business value be willing to trade-off for an initial projectInclude process analysis skills on BPM teams, but dont over-analyze*Process Improvement Benefits at Lincoln Trust

  • Visibility and control to achieve better business outcomesWhy Better Processes are Critical to SuccessEliminate manual entry and redundancies to drive down costsAutomated and streamlined processes help drive greater productivity and faster response to change Our business process transformation has differentiated Lincoln Trust in the marketplace. Through automation and process simplification, weve leapfrogged larger competitors in terms of our superior ability to on-board andservice customers.Helen Z. Cousins, executive vice president and CIO, Lincoln Trust Company*

  • *IBM Business Process Manager Demo

  • Operational Decision ManagementAnalytical Decision ManagementBusiness Processes, Applications & SolutionsDecisionServicesBusinessRules & EventsPredictive Analytics & OptimizationInternal & External DataPolicyRegulationBest PracticesKnow-howRiskClusteringSegmentationPropensityScenario Analysis& SimulationDecision Management is a business discipline that enables organizations to automate, optimize and govern repeatable business decisions.Solution Pattern 2: Decision Management *

  • WebSphere Operational Decision Management Situational AwarenessContextualDecisionsWebSphere ILOG BRMSWebSphere Business EventsWebSphere Operational Decision Management 7.5 highlightsThe most complete platform for building decision management solutions that can use both event-based and knowledge-based decision logic The most extensive capabilities for LOB subject matter experts to directly participate in the definition and maintenance of decision logicThe most powerful governance and management functionality (e.g. versioning and history, role-based security, team collaboration, multiple concurrent release management)WebSphere Operational Decision Management v7.5Combined business rules and business events management platform


  • Decision CenterContains all the business user capabilities: repository, web environment, test and validation, Business Space components, Rule Solutions for OfficeDecision ServerContains all the technical capabilities: runtimes for business rules and events, execution mgmt, integration connectors, developer toolingBoth Decision Center and Decision Server include WAS ND + DB2 WSE entitlements (supporting program limited use)Simplified product structure vs. previous business offeringsWebSphere Operational Decision ManagementProducts/Components*

  • How Decision Management Works: Customer AcquisitionCall CenterInternetAgencyMake a personalized offerTrigger agent call back to assistSeek clarificationMulti-channel quote requestsRespondDecideDetectEvent CorrelationsDecisionsRulesEvents*

  • Decision ExternalizationSeparate decisions from processes and applications to simplify visibility and reuseReal-time Decision AutomationExecute real-time decisions precisely and reliably based on the context of specific interactionsMake decision making more precise and informedIncrease revenue and reduce risk through more timely detection and responseImprove visibility for the business Increase consistency of application of corporate policies and best practicesIncrease flexibility at lower costBusiness experts are directly involved in their required solutionsReduce turnaround time for business changesEnsure changes meet business requirementsBenefits of WebSphere Operational Decision ManagementAutomating repeatable decisions for use across processes & applications*


    Distinct technologies but Complementary SolutionsProcess ManagementOperational Decision ManagementDefines and orchestrates the end-to-end processCombines automatable and human elementsIs fundamentally concerned with operational efficiency of the organizationDefines and executes specific decision points in processes a


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