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  • InteroperabilityThe ability of the forces to train, exercise and operate effectively together between systems and subsystems, effectively and efficiently.

    At thestrategic level : achieve and maintain shared interests against common threats.

    At theoperational and tactical levels : shape the environment, manage crises, and win wars.

    Interoperabilitycan be achieved only if there is attention paid to standardization during the design of a Program/System.

  • Edge FrontierA Complete Middleware Platform for Intelligent Convergence of Devices, Systems, and Networks.Specifically, EdgeFrontier can:

    Enable connectivity between diverse devices, systems, and networks through communication methods (including TCP/IP, UDP, serial, HTTP, SNMP, WMI, message queue, and web services); support the reading and writing of files and databases; and enable connectivity to systems via third-party and custom application programming interfaces (APIs) Serve as a mediator between diverse systems, devices, and networks, including support for protocol/format encoding/decoding and data transformation Provide real-time, edge-of-network event processing, including data filtering, correlation, anomaly detection, and notification/alert generation Provide a policy engine for configuration of event or policy-based actionsEnable distributed processing and event or policy-based actions to be automated throughout the network infrastructureDistribute data as network data, data files (e.g., text, Excel, XML, binary, etc.) and for databases (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.) for use with enterprise systems and interface platforms

  • Building Common Operating PictureCommonality in Base DataCommonality in Overlays SymbologyCommonality in Measurements & UnitsCommonality in User Interface experience

  • Base DataScanned MapsCADRGSatellite Images8Band MSS, Radar, Hyper spectralTerrain DataDTEDDSM/DEMPoint CloudsVector DataDGNmdb

  • Base DataVarious Enterprise & External Data Sources

  • Military Symbols - IntroductionEvery country has their own symbology and their own marking patternsThere have been various subsystems developed/integrated, continuing effort to integrate different ground based sensors(Radars & EO) to these subsystems is ongoing activity . Markings interchanging within and across the subsystems has added to this challenge.

  • Military Symbols General ConceptsThe Common Warfighting Symbologies are broadly categorised into Symbols.- describe point locations with necessary assessed attributes

    Graphics. - extend to a line or area demarking the area of operations

  • Military Symbol - GeneralMilitary Symbols Affiliation

    Symbols within a rectangle indicate a military unit, within a triangle an observation post, and within a circle a supply point

    size of military

  • Military Symbol Graphics - GeneralThese demark the area and Lines

  • Military SymbolsThese Symbols are mostly Complex Geometry features, and represented asPointLinePolygonCompound

    A point feature is represented by one or more points on a map that represent the location of a feature. A point can also represent features that cannot be mapped at the defined map scale. Points can have an orientation, that is, they can be rotated. Elevation control points, oil wells, and manholes are all examples of point features.

    A linear feature is represented by one or more lines and/or arcs. What appears on the map to be a single line may actually be line segments strung together to form a single feature. Rivers, railroad tracks, utility lines, and roads are examples of linear features.

    An area feature is represented by closed boundaries. Each boundary may or may not contain one or more holes, and the boundaries and holes themselves may be composed of one or more lines and/or arcs. Counties and land parcels are examples of area features.

    A compound feature may have point, linear, and/or area geometry within the feature class or even within a single feature

  • Military SymbolsFor Painting Tactical Picture the military symbols need to be dynamicTopology On the FlyFunctional AttributesSpatial based StatisticsDynamic Query Pipes

  • Measurements & Units

  • Most Modern User Experience..

  • Integrating Solution for Tactical PictureImage ProcessingPhotogrammetryGISEnterprise