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  • Formation of Taiwan and its geographical position

    The shape of the Island of Taiwan is like a spindle-shaped sweet potato. Its north-south direction is 385km long and its east-west direction is 143km wide. The topography of the Island of Taiwan is varied and complicated. As to the gradient, with less than 100km level from east-west coastal to the Juiliang Mountain Range Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, there is almost a 4,000 meters fall in it height. Aside from Juiliang Mountain Range, there is the Hsuehshan (Mt. Snow) Mountain Range at the east, and Alishan (Mt. Ali) Mountain Range and Yushan Mountain Range at the west. And colorful topography such as river valleys, basins, plains, marshes, and volcano belts appear from the overlapping layers of peaks. With regards to basins, from the north to the south there are the Taipei Basin, Taichung Basin, Puli Basin, and there is the Taiyuan Basin at the eastern part. The three obvious volcano belt regions are the Tatun Volcanic Group, Keelung Volcanic Group, and the Penghu Volcanic Group in the Taiwan Strait. Talking about the geology of Taiwan, then it is ever changing. The Island of Taiwan was formed through the collision of plates and orogenesis. Its geology tectonics is situated in the mobile belt zone, with irregular scale and frequent earthquake and accompanied with formed active fault as proof.Taiwan is situated at the boundary belt of the Eurasia Continental Plate and the Pacific Ocean Plate, which belongs to a younger orogenic belt. Due to its special geological development background and the effect of its high air temperature, very humid, plenty of rain, and concentrated rainfall, it has achieved a rich and valuable geological/topographical scenery.

  • Submarine Topography

    It is known from the submarine topographic map of nearby Taiwan that the sea depth at eastside and west side of the Island of Taiwan differs greatly. As to its submarine topography, one side of the Taiwan Strait is on the Continental shelf with less than 200 meters sea depth while on the South Pacific side is several thousand deep of sea trench and sea basin. From the sea bottom at the east side you will discover that there is a group of unique topography at the Ilan Sea extending to the east toward Ryukyu, this is a part of the island arc system of Ryukyu. And between Taitung to Hengchun Peninsula there is another group of unique topography extending to the south toward Luzon (Philippines), which is a part of the island arc of Luzon. Volcano island arc and the accompanied sea trench is one of the features of plate concealed boundary. From the boundary to the east is called the Philippine Sea Plate and to the west is the Eurasia Continental Plate. For so many years the Philippine Sea Plate moved toward north west slowly by steadily and continuously colliding with the Eurasia Continental Plate. As a result the Taiwan Central Mountain Range raised from the bottom of the sea and cause metamorphic action. Bo wonder the main axis line of the topography of the Island of Taiwan northeast southwest direction, and no wonder the quality change of the stratum of the Central Mountain Range gradually increases from west to east! The plate border on the island of Taiwan is situated between the Central Mountain Range and Huatung Longitudinal Valley. In other words, the Coast Mountain Range was [merged] in the Island of Taiwan with the collision of Philippine Sea Plate. This is why the geological feature of Central Mountain Range is completely different from the other area in the island.

  • Local Legend

    Folklore has it that Turtle Island is large female turtle, and when Cheng Cheng-kang led soldiers to Taiwan during the Ming Dynasty, the turtle attacked him, and was wounded by returned arrow. The egg the turtle laid then metamorphosed into todays Turtle Island, and the sulfur apertures were wounds left from the arrow injury. Another legend has it that in the Dragon Kingdom, General Turtle fell in love with Princess Dragon, displeasing the Dragon King who turned the general into an island, and the princess the beautiful Lanyang Plane that the couple can gaze at each other from afar. The sad but beautiful romantic story in the eyes of Fongshuei masters is a very auspicious configuration turtle and snake guarding seaport: the extensive, continuous sand dunes along the coastline actually retain the ground force of the plane, prospering Lanyang.

  • The Beauty of The Ocean 1

    The geology of the east coast consists of the sandstone and another stones in the old third century or other era, and it also consists of the volcanic rocks of the new third century. The trend of the ground is parallel to the line of the coast, and the coast is faulted coast made by faulting. The faulted coast goes from lai lai nose of the northeast to the Chiupon of the south in east of Hen-Tsu island.

    This coast is very steep. It has the height over 1,200 meterbut when it go into the ocean ,the deepness is also down to 4,000 meter .

    The northeast coast

    The coast from Taipei county to Ilan county is 66 km in length. It is the first national scenic spot. There is rich nature, culture, and food, and equipments, so many tourists enjoy going there.

  • The Beauty of The Ocean 2

    the north coast

    The landscape of the mountains and the sea here is pretty beautiful, and there are lots of animals, plants, and herbs.

    the south coast

    Due to the south coast is in the tropics, it has nice situations for coral such as clear water, the average temperature and the salt, so it formed as typical fringing reef.

  • The Yu Shan National Park

    The Yu Shan region, situation in the center of Taiwans main island, is noted for its unique geological location. Flanked by towering peaks of a majestic view, it is one of the few mountainous regions in Taiwan that remain unspoiled, and in it is the tallest peak across Northeast Asia, the Yu Shan main ridge, which measures 3,952 meters above the sea level.

  • The ecology of animals and plants

    The ecology of birds

    Taiwan is the stopover spot for migrating birds in the Southeast region. So there have a lot of kinds birds will be there every year. The especially one is the scray. The birds are moving here frequently in January to April every year.

  • The ecology of plants

    The community of herbaceous plantIn general, we can usually see some plants in Taiwan.

    Blanket flowerThis flower is stand for Penghu county. Its come from the south of America and now we can see them everywhere in Penghu.

  • The bustling town of Taipei

    Taipei City, situated at the center of the Taipei Basin in the northern part of the Taiwan main island, borders Taipei County with the river flow of Tamsui River, Hsintien Shih and Keelung River, where the city encompasses 272 square kilometers. Where the region is shaped by the Sungshan Hill in northewest and the Chingsui Pit that offer a natural shield and to the north are Mount Datun, Mt/ Chishing, Mt. Chutze, Mt. Mientien, which are collectively referred as the Mt. Tatung ridges, where remnants of various volcanic geographies abound.

  • The harbor city of Kaohsiung

    Kaohsiung was once known by two names: one is Takau, and the other Tagu. As documented in archival data from the Ming and Qing eras, both expressions have been used concurrently. The term Takau, according to fables, has derived from Kaohsiung harbor area that was once the habitat of the lowland Matakau tribe, hence the name Takao tribe or the bamboo bush tribe; Takao in itself translates to bamboo bushes, and the spelling has derived from its phonetic sounds.

  • The metropolitan of Taichung

    The greater Taichung area rights up there right next to the two central-ruled municipalities of Taipei and Kaohsiung in terms of geography, economic and population development. Flanked by Changhua, Nantou and Taichung County in close vicinity, its immense tourism and travel resources also put the greater Taichung area on the map for its bright future development. Moreover, its strategic geography, coupled with a wealth of tourism and recreational resources, gauging from the recently founded central regional metropolitan park and the premiere shopping mall across Southeast Asia Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, further asserts Taichung to naturally become an administrative hub for the central region, and an entertainment hub of ideal metropolitan living trailing right behind Taipei with a bright future. Thanks to its mild temperatures, convenient public transport and a thriving tourism industry, some of the well-known tourism spots include the Taichung Park, the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Natural Science, the Botanical Garden, the Fong Loh Sculpture Park, the Dong Kuang bicycle lanes, the Museum of Arts, the Confucius Template, the Great Pit scenic area, to name a few. In addition to which, some 88 hectares at the Taichung Metropolitan Park has been reserved for eco-conservation, amusement and education, where it provides an ideal venue for the denizens of Taichung to job, exercise, bird watch and appreciate the floral and fauna amid a bustling city landscape.

  • The historical city of Tainan

    As the earliest settlement, Tainan City boasts as the oldest city every built in Taiwan. In 1661 following Chen Cheng-kung's defeating the Dutchmen and reclaiming the island, a government administration had been set up in Tainan, where cultivation began with many infrastructure