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A presentation Indians lifting WORLD CUP. original comments by U K Derebail


<ul><li> 1. ACTION.Please. </li> <li> 2. </li> <li> 3. A piece of advice.give us unscripted version cricket carnival On paper India has the edge ? Butis it a slip between the lip and cup ? </li> <li> 4. MASTERPIECE BALL NO 1. Y PATHANS DEBUT DIVE TO SAVE HIS WICKET </li> <li> 5. 1 st Ball close shave/ 2 ball miss / 3 ball six / 4 th .. 4../ 5 th .../ 6 th ..7 th .. 8 th .. fix </li> <li> 6. Giving it 100% .Gens advice or diktat ? </li> <li> 7. Gregs Gambhir last chance to live upto the expectation.. </li> <li> 8. With Robi, Yuvi, Dhoni, gone.gambler Gambhirs golden moment 50 </li> <li> 9. Move over Yuvi.its my day says GUL.. </li> <li> 10. He spotted ID ka chand..yuvi is gonePakistan is on Match ON? </li> <li> 11. Dhoni.is bowled by Umar GULall recent stars are gone ? Only prayers of 1 billion people.Sikh,Muslim,Isai,&amp; Hinducan save the day </li> <li> 12. Slam bang..ROHIT.make our day ? Poor Hafiz dropped the cup </li> <li> 13. Interval157 onlyPakistan now clear favorites..Insallah some day 0 2day </li> <li> 14. After Robins run out of Imran Nazir.its Pathan power </li> <li> 15. BOOM BOOM AFRIDI GONE. </li> <li> 16. Younus tries to steady the boat.for Pakistan </li> <li> 17. Bhag Yasir Bhag..MISBAH is scripting his world cup.Machiavellian innings </li> <li> 18. It all comes down to the wire.RAMBA JOGI RAMBA JOGI </li> <li> 19. Misbah and his tail-end partners took 19 runs in the 17th over bowled by spinner Harbhajan Singh, (Nervous to bowl last over) 13 in the 18th of Shanthakumaran Sree Santh (recovers with a wicket) and seven runs in the 19th from Rudra Pratap Singh,(surprise package) leaving 13 to get off the final over of RAMBA JOGI. </li> <li> 20. What a MISS..BAH..? </li> <li> 21. Move over DEV..after nearly 25 yearsits DHONIs team </li> <li> 22. No Super stars.only hope against hopeDhoni lifts the T20 Cup on behalf of 1 billion hope </li> <li> 23. Well the game of cricket won ..game of glorious uncertainty Insallah Pakistan gave it 100%.................. History repeats itself ? The unwritten script of ..Yusuf, Rohit, Gambir, Robin, R.P Irfan &amp; Sreesanth New Generation take over What a MISBAA ?.........................spare a thought for him &amp; Pakistan It was Indias time to KISS on the glorious CUP of T20 THANK YOU I BILLION INDIANS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS WELL DONE DHONIs dare devils ukd </li> <li> 24. </li> <li> 25. 3 CHEERS TO DHONIs daredevil team Congratulations It calls for Celeberation </li> </ul>