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<ul><li> 1. Photo by Kino-EyeNonprofit Social Media Mangers:How To Be A Changemaker from the Inside Out</li></ul> <p> 2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger 3. Laura @Pistachio FittonExcited &amp; geeky aboutTwitterwhere all this leads!"for Dummie sInbound Marketing120,000 Evangelis Twittert ReadersFounder(acq. By) 4. Brian Reichmanaging director, little m mediaauthor - shift &amp; reset: strategies for addressing serious issues in aconnected societybrian@littlemmedia.com646-789-1323@brianreich 5. Danielle Brigida@starfocus 6. Rachel Weidinger@rachelannyes 7. David Neff: Responder Lights. Camera. Help. @daveiam @npfilm 512.789.5672 8. Raise Your Hand If . 9. Workshop AgendaAGENDA OUTCOMESIntro and Icebreaker Better navigateinternal cultureWhy A PeerissuesWorkshop on Social To connect withpeersCulture?Ignite StyleFRAMINGPresentations InteractiveSmall GroupDiscussionsFunReflection #npsmpeer 10. Why are we doing a peer workshopon social culture? 11. NONPROFIT SOCIALMEDIA MANAGERSocial integratedAll staff will across connect with ourdepartments audiences via social!Fail Fast! FastForward! 12. Board Wants To KnowDuring work hours? Why would every staff person need to Tweet when we have anorganizational account? 13. MEETING WITH CEO You want me to Tweet! But wait . 14. MEETING WITHThis is too muchDEPARTMENT HEADS work. Were doingfine online! 15. SUPPORT STAFF REACT I dont want to tweet about work This social media stuff ison my personal account!bullshit, I have work to do! 16. Whats A Nonprofit Social Media Manager To Do? Why is this soAm I the only hard?social mediamanager who faces this? 17. How social is your organizations culture?What are some of your challenges?1 2 34 5 18. Ignite Style Presentations: One Minute Responses#1: Realizing A Culture of Innovation(Brian)#2: How to stop the dysfunctionalreaction to failure (Beth)#3: Navigating Personal BrandPresence in Service of Your Organizations Mission(Rachel)#4: How To Coach Your CEO To Do Social(Laura)#5: How To Get Organizational WideSocial Participation (Danielle) #npsmpeer 19. Peer to Peer: Nonprofit Social Media ManaMarch 10, Session hashtag: #sxsw #npsmStop Being Mediocre (Realizing a Culture ofInnovation) 20. Innovation is aboutcreating change (notjust reacting to it) 21. Innovation isdoing whatnobody else is willing to do. 22. Innovation meansbehavior change. 23. [PLACES] 24. Put information everywhere. 25. CreateCollisions. 26. [PROCESS] 27. MakeMistakes. 28. pay close attention. 29. [PEOPLE] 30. Break Therules 31. StartEarly. 32. TRY THISAT HOME 33. Share Pair:Is your organization applying these practicesto be more innovative? What are the challenges?#npsmpeer 34. Failure is Not an F Word Beth Kanter 35. What typically happenswhen many nonprofits do an After Action Review? 36. The Fickle Finger of Failure! What Its all failure?your fault!Its the agencys fault! 37. No! Itwas allmyfault!! 38. Dysfunctional Reactions to FailureBlame OTHERSDENY BlameBlame YOURSELFSaul Rosenzweig Theory 39. Cultivate Self-Awareness: The Failure Bow1. Raise hands in the air and bow2. Grin like a submissive dog3. Say Thank You Ive Failed4. Move on and learn 40. Cultivate Organizational Awareness:DoSomething FailFest 41. Cultivate Organizational Awareness:Momsrising: Joyful FuneralsMomsrising: Joyful Funerals. 42. TWEET OUT:What is your natural reaction to making a mistake? What aboutyour others in your organization? What are some ways that you can remove the stigma from failurefor your team?#npsmpeer 43. Forever Alone:Not going toget muchmission doneRachel WeidingerDirector@rachelannyes 44. 1. @rdearborn worksfor me.She rather likessharks. 45. Slide 3: Example 2 of situation illustrating ugly with humor 2. 46. Tip:Use abundance as your frame. 47. Slide 6: How To Solve 3 Tips: #2 Tip: Make a basket for passion. 48. Slide 7: How To Solve 3 Tips: #3Tip:Catch team interestUse it as mission fuel. 49. How can you give permissionfor an upwellingon *your* team?</p>