sustaining sanity in trying times

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Sustaining Sanity in Trying Times. Say This. Not That! w ith Liz Grimes and Molly Nece Human Resources’ Office of Training and Professional Development. Today’s Objectives. Define sanity and build your own P ersonal P erspective C ontinuum. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Sustaining Sanity in Trying TimesSay This. Not That!with Liz Grimes and Molly NeceHuman Resources Office of Training and Professional DevelopmentTodays ObjectivesDefine sanity and build your own Personal Perspective Continuum.Identify turn-offs and turn-ons of four SELF Interaction Styles that can flare up or put out a fire.Recognize the ten Deadly Sins of Service.Apply nine Sanity Strategies in a world filled with noise and chaos.

Complete This SentenceSanity to me is.....Sanity isnt.....

3According to Merriam-Webster

4Keeping it in PerspectiveA sample list of trying times:Half your office called out sick.A co-workers husband had a heart attack last night.Your are required to give a 20 minute presentation tomorrow and your day is packed with meetings today.The network is down. You cant access your email, the internet, or any online systems.A meeting is scheduled 30 minutes before the start time.

Order them from most to least stressful:.....Build your own PPC:PersonalPerspectiveContinuum

Your SELF Interaction StyleThere are big turn-offs and purposeful turn-ons associated with four different preferred interaction styles.

Identify which actions you could take and which behaviors to avoid with each style!SocialEfficientLoyalFact Focused

Learning Styles

The 10 Deadly Sins of ServiceI dont know.I dont care.I cant be bothered.I dont like you.I know it all.I dont know.I dont care.I cant be bothered.I dont like you.I know it all.


Five Pro-Active Sanity StrategiesBreathing and VisualizationMantras and AffirmationsOffice EnvironmentDrink and MoveExplore Passions

Four Re-Active Sanity StrategiesExpressive JournalingWorry SpotForcefield AnalysisPositive ReframingTo be re-active is your opportunity to act again.

In 50 Minutes WeDefined sanity and built our own Personal Perspective Continuum.Identified turn-offs and turn-ons of four SELF Interaction Styles.Recognized ten Deadly Sins of Service.Reviewed nine Sanity Strategies.NEW! Set up your Professional Development Plan.Wow!Take your Next Step. What is your 2014-2015 professional development plan?

Practice. Practice. Practice.and Practice some MORE!My Dare to Serve Affirmation: I dare to serve and see my university role as an opportunity to make a difference. I stay sane and help others do the same in both good and trying times!