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Enter into the marketing world a new, revolutionary approach: Agile Marketing. Oh, yes. In this world, creativity and analytics have their place and balance. Trial and error is part of the process – and the process is agile.


  • 1.Agile MarketingSave Your SanityPresented by:Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Executive, PardotThursday, August 2, 2012

2. Agenda What is Agile Why Agile for Marketing Tenets of Agile How to Be Agile Agile Examples in Marketing 3. What is Agile?Its the new black 4. Not Agile Waterfall planning Works for static messaging Dont know any better Slow Death 5. Agile Works for multi-channel multi-touch campaigns Built for modern marketers More relevantFast andNimble 6. Why Agile for Marketing?Why should you care? 7. Checklist to see if Agile is for you:You value your sanity?You are managing multiple campaigns andmedia channels at once at once?You are being made accountable for ROI?You want to have better marketing?You want to be more responsive torelevant topics ? 8. Tenets of Agile for MarketingJust a few of them! 9. Tenets of Agile Marketing1) People are the key2) Short goals3) Execute4) Review and change 10. Short GoalsSprint Execute Evaluate 11. Agile, ask you about?Yes, teach me, Yoda! 12. Daily Standups What didWorkingyou doon gettingyesterday?Skywalkertoday. No hassleshere! 13. Team Roles PR Blog Events Analyst Skunk WorksBuzz Inbound SEO PPC EmailConversion Shows Events Convert Content Content Webinar Email TIP: Bounty hunters make great marketers! 14. Short GoalsUser StoriesI first went to Google andsearched for Agile Marketing.Then, I found this Paid Search Adfor a eBook.Then, I went to thesite and watched awebinar..Sprints 15. Short GoalsBuzz InboundConversion Sprints 2 weeks 16. Short Goals Webinar Needs Goal Research Create Slides Create Form for Registration Get Panelist Sprints2 weeks* 17. ExecuteBetter not Best Failure is okay on short scales Failure is not okay on large scales (this is why agile is so great) Try new things all the time If youre not failing, youre not trying 18. Team Metrics Uniques Likes KloutScoreBuzz Inbound Reach Leads Quality DownloadsConversion Traffic Velocity MQL Close Ratio 19. Examples of how to be AgileTake this and call me in the morning! 20. Agile ContentMarketing Test content topicswith PPC campaignbefore contentis created 21. Agile NurturingPrograms Design 3 steps ata time Evaluate, then buildnext set of 3 22. Agile LargeCampaign Design MissionCritical Parts Assign Parts (define2 week goals) Review Results 23. Agile Tools andPlatforms Listening - Hootsuite Project Management - Basecamp Reporting / Execution - Marketing Automation 24. Enough Said! 25. QuestionsStupid ones are okay! 26. Pardot Mathew Sweezey 950 East Paces Ferry Rd Marke&ng Evangelist Suite 3300 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 @msweezey 404.492.6848 877.3B2B.ROI