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<ul><li> 1. Sunset Marine Resort<br />Where people learn, grow and become.<br />Since 1948<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Have you ever thought about where you would be if you could be anywhere?<br /> 3. SMRs Mission:<br />Tocreateexperiencesthat promote and foster growth through sustainability, education and community<br /> 4. This is not the environmentalism of the past, which usually argued that children need to appreciate nature so they will help protect it <br /> 5. Instead, the new sales pitch is based on self-interest: Walking in the woods, smelling the roses, and digging in the dirt are good for mental health, learning, and brain development.<br />Peter Dizikes Globe Correspondent / December 31, 2007<br /> 6. Adventure travelers are passionate about what they do and view travel as a fundamental part of their lifestyle.<br />XOLA 2008<br /> 7. 8. Sunset Marine Resort Site Plan<br />Osprey Nest (new Rental)<br />Eagles Nest <br />88ft Pier and floating dock to accommodate boats<br />540ft waterfront tidelands<br /> 9. Discover<br />Family<br /> 10. Conferences and Retreats<br /> 11. Reflection<br /> 12. Adventure<br />SMRs <br />Kayak Guide Services and Rentals<br /> 13. Marine EcosystemStewardship and Study<br /> 14. Sunset Marine Resort<br />Proximity to Olympic National Park &amp; miles of coastline make SMR the perfect location for those seeking adventure opportunities or simply respite from the city<br /> 15. 16.Pets Encouraged!<br /> 17. 18. The moments are yours to create.<br /> 19. 20. Where will you be tomorrow?<br /></p>