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  • 1. Sunset Marine Resort
    Where people learn, grow and become.
    Since 1948

2. Have you ever thought about where you would be if you could be anywhere?
3. SMRs Mission:
Tocreateexperiencesthat promote and foster growth through sustainability, education and community
4. This is not the environmentalism of the past, which usually argued that children need to appreciate nature so they will help protect it
5. Instead, the new sales pitch is based on self-interest: Walking in the woods, smelling the roses, and digging in the dirt are good for mental health, learning, and brain development.
Peter Dizikes Globe Correspondent / December 31, 2007
6. Adventure travelers are passionate about what they do and view travel as a fundamental part of their lifestyle.
XOLA 2008
7. 8. Sunset Marine Resort Site Plan
Osprey Nest (new Rental)
Eagles Nest
88ft Pier and floating dock to accommodate boats
540ft waterfront tidelands
9. Discover
10. Conferences and Retreats
11. Reflection
12. Adventure
Kayak Guide Services and Rentals
13. Marine EcosystemStewardship and Study
14. Sunset Marine Resort
Proximity to Olympic National Park & miles of coastline make SMR the perfect location for those seeking adventure opportunities or simply respite from the city
15. 16.Pets Encouraged!
17. 18. The moments are yours to create.
19. 20. Where will you be tomorrow?


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