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    Management consulting indicates both the industry and practice of helping

    organizations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing

    organisational problems and development of plans for improvement.

    Organizations hire the services of management consultants for a number of

    reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the

    consultants' specialized expertise.


    Management consulting grew with the rise of management as a unique field of

    study. The first management consulting firm was Arthur D. Little, founded in 1886 by the

    MIT professor of the same name and was incorporated in 1909.[1] Though Arthur D. Little

    later became a general management consultancy, it originally specialized in technical

    research. Booz Allen Hamilton was founded by Edwin G. Booz, a graduate of the

    Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, in 1914 as a management

    consultancy and the first to serve both industry and government clients.

    After World War II, a number of new management consulting firms formed, most

    notably Boston Consulting Group, founded in 1963, which brought a rigorous analytical

    approach to the study of management and strategy. Work done at Boston Consulting

    Group, McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Harvard School during the 1960s and

    70s developed the tools and approaches that would define the new field of strategic

    management, setting the groundwork for many consulting firms to follow. In 1983,

    Harvard Business School's influence on the industry continued with the founding of

    Monitor Group by six professors. It was also only after World War II that management

    consulting emerged in Europe.

    The current trend in the market is towards a clear segmentation of management

    consulting firms.

    Current state of the industry

    Management consulting has grown quickly, with growth rates of the industry

    exceeding 20% in the 1980s and 1990s. As a business service, consulting remains highly

    cyclical and linked to overall economic conditions. The consulting industry shrank during
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    the 2001-2003 period, but grew steadily until the recent economic downturn in 2009.

    Since then the market has stabilised.

    Currently, there are three main types of consulting firms. Large, diversified

    organizations, Medium-sized management consultancies and Boutique firms which have

    focused areas of consulting expertise in specific industries, functional areas, or

    technologies, or regions of the world.

    Government Consultants

    The use of management consulting in governments has increased significantly in

    recent times. Booz Allen Hamilton (now split from Booz & Company) is particularly

    well known now as a consultant that primarily serves the US Federal Government.

    Deloitte Consulting LLP applies its industry expertise and decades of experience to

    helping government departments and agencies solve their toughest problems. In India,

    Agriculture Finance Corporation Limited provides consultancy mainly to governments

    and related institutions.

    Indian Consultancy Industry

    After Independence, the Indian Government had focused on investment in core

    industrial sector and infrastructure. The investment in these sectors attracted various

    construction and engineering companies to explore the business opportunities and

    contribute their expertise in these sectors. Domain experts were required who could

    provide their core skill and competence in designing and building the core industry,

    dams, roads, buildings etc


    Over the years, as the Indian industry started maturing, the Indian consulting

    industry also started expanding, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the service

    offerings. Over the period, specialist consulting advice was being sought by clients in

    India and this opened the opportunity for a number of specialist organizations to draw on

    their specialist knowledge base and resources to meet the demand for specialist

    consulting services.

    Size of the Consultancy sector in India
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    The development of consultancy capabilities and business is directly

    proportional to growth in economic and industrial development. Due to the nature of the

    industry, getting accurate estimates of its size is difficult. It is estimated that the

    consultancy business in India engages about 100,000 persons in about 5000 consulting

    firms. According to estimates, the current size of the consulting industry in India is about

    Rs. 10,000 crores including exports and is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximate

    25% in the next few years.

    Government Initiatives

    In the recent period, the trade policy in India reflects the strategic importance of

    Indias comparative advantage of trade in services. The services sector has been

    identified as a thrust sector for trade policy. The Foreign Trade Policy, 2004 09 has

    announced the setting up of Services Export Promotion Council to map opportunities

    for key services in import markets and to develop strategic market access programme.

    Some of the key initiatives of the government in promoting exports of

    consultancy services are through Market Development Assistance (MDA), Market

    Access Initiative (MAI) scheme, proactive EXIM Policy and EXIM Bank schemes.

    Government also provides exemption on service tax for export of consultancy


    However due to lack of clarity in the provisions in the present notification,

    consultancy export may be affected.

    The HR consultancies in India are a boom, to our country. Any and all aspect of HR

    can be outsourced. The research by Gartner, Inc., shows that around 80 percent of

    companies these days are outsourcing at least one HR activity, and the number such

    companies and the extent of human resources outsourcing is swiftly increasing.

    Companies are now looking at specialized firms in recruitment and placement to

    complete various aspects of human resource management. Hence the current project is

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    undertaken in the booming industry, to have an exposure towards the field by designing a

    module for recruitment purpose.


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    Solvers India is a vivacious and the modest organization instituted to support

    assorted organizations in empowering their man power and build a dominant team in this

    aggressive business world.

    Event Management is another area where Solvers India is growing as a pioneer in

    getting the people and the entrepreneur closer and creating the awareness of the changing

    global trends.

    With the objective of meeting the needs of industries Solvers India has drawn up

    programmes and events to attract talents and skills. Solvers India tends to create an

    impact by rendering quality services in the field of event management.

    They fulfill the Employment needs of industries and top organization and Solvers

    India initiates many implementations to abstract skills and talents.


    The mission of Solvers India is to be a solid impetus in the field of Business

    management and hold a renowned place in field of Hr and Event Management.



    The main objective of conducting this show was to bring out the hidden talents of

    young girls. We are proud to bring to your notice that many participants of this show are

    very well placed in big concerns which gave them a bright exposure in up lifting their



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    Shubha Muhurtham was meant to bring all the wedding needs under one roof.

    This fair was unique in every aspect and first of its kind for the Indian Weddings.

    Taking into view the growing need of the Marriage market in Coimbatore, we strongly

    felt the need to organize this MEGA Wedding fair.

    JOB QUEST 2006 & 08 (Coimbatore)

    Every year nearly a lakh of Students are pursuing out in search of fruitful careers.

    JOB QUEST aims at matching the need of the industry, thereby providing the young

    budding students with a bright exposure through several reputed companies &

    organizations in a single platform

    Solvers India has made a great success since 2006 by conducting Job Quest at

    Coimbatore and has also organized Job Quest08 on 29th & 30th of March08 at

    Ramakrishna Kalyana Mandapam. The event was a stupendous success with participation

    from leading companies. The event was attended by more than 4,500 students and 2,000

    experienced professionals. Lots of interviews took place and the companies and

    candidates were immensely satisfied with the outcome of Job Quest08.


    After the successful track record in JOB QUEST08 at Coimbatore. Solvers

    India had rocked at Madurai, the Temple City, which is becoming the Hub of HR in

    Tamil Nadu with more than 50 colleges including both Arts & Science and Engineering

    and 150 colleges in and around Madurai. Since Madurai is a large city with incompetence

    scope, the next step towards success was on 28th & 29th at T.S Rajam Auditorium

    [Lakshmi Sundaram Hall], Madurai. The event was a stupendous success with

    participation from leading companies. The event was attended by more than 6,000

    students and 3,000 experienced professionals.

    MISS COTTON CITY 2007-2010

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    Miss Cotton City show was not only a routine Beauty pageant but a show with a

    difference where enterprising young girls were given a platform to show their multiple

    talents which focused more on attitude and aptitude rather than mere Beauty.

    JOB QUEST 09(Coimbatore)

    Solvers India had organized the fourth edition ofJob Quest09 on 25th& 26th of

    July at Suguna Kalyana Mandapam, Coimbatore.The crowd was more than 5,000

    including the Freshers and experienced both IT and non IT from various streams. There

    was career counseling, work shop and training programme during the two days of the


    JOB QUEST 10 (Coimbatore)

    The fifth edition of the Job quest10 was with The Hindusthan College of Arts

    & Science, Coimbatore on 3rd & 4thofApril 2010. The event was a stupendous success

    with participation from leading companies. The event was attended by more than 15,000

    students and 3,000 experienced professionals. Lots of interviews took place and the

    companies and candidates were immensely satisfied with the outcome of Job Quest10.

    The impacts of the events were great which ultimately speaks about our success.

    Moreover our clients list includes reputed companies such as

    Infosys HCL Wipro Bajaj Allianz Nehru Institution Allsec Technologies

    Frank Finn Air Hostess Institute

    Vikram Hospital

    Kevin care 365 Media

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    Summits Hygronics

    Alpha Helical Pump Pvt Ltd

    Aviva life Insurance to name a few

    They help align and actualize individual and organizational growth

    goals and foster performance at a level that ensures maximum contribution in corporate

    terms as well as maximum satisfaction in individual terms. Thus it contributes to the

    success of the organization. In Solvers India they have web based recruitment application

    to attract more clients and candidates, hence the researcher has pursued her project in that



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    E-Recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources,

    in particular the internet. Companies and recruitment agents have moved much of their

    recruitment process online so as to improve the speed by which job candidates can be

    matched with live vacancies. Using database technologies, and online job advertising

    boards and search engines, employers can now fill posts in a fraction of the time

    previously possible.

    The buzzword and the latest trends in recruitment is the E-Recruitment. Also

    known as Online recruitment, it is the use of technology or the web based tools to assist

    the recruitment process. The tool can be either a job website like, the

    organisations corporate web site or its own intranet. Many big and small organizations

    are using Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through

    worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae (CV) through

    an e-mail using the Internet. Alternatively job seekers place their CVs in worldwide

    web, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements.

    The internet penetration in India is increasing and has tremendous potential. According to

    a study by NASSCOM Jobs is among the top reasons why new users will come on to

    the internet, besides e-mail. There are more than 18 million resumes floating online

    across the world.

    The two kinds of e- recruitment that an organisation can use is

    Job portals i.e. posting the position with the job description and the job

    specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes

    posted on the site corresponding to the opening in the organisation.

    Creating a complete online recruitment/application section in the

    companies own website. - Companies have added an application system

    to its website, where the passive job seekers can submit their resumes

    into the database of the organisation for consideration in future, as and

    when the roles become available.

    The term e-recruitment means using information technology (IT) to speed up or

    enhance parts of the recruitment process. It ranges from the applicant interface for
  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    advertising vacancies and making job applications, to the back office processes, which

    allow a liaison between human resources (HR) and line managers to set up a talent pool

    or database of potential recruits.

    Used correctly e-recruitment can:

    enhance the applicant experience

    communicate the employer's image and culture better

    make the recruitment process faster, more accountable and standardised

    increase the diversity of applicants

    provide better management information on applicants

    find the right candidate for the job

    According to one survey, internet postings result in nearly ten times as many hires as

    newspaper advertisements.


    Methods of e-recruitment are many, among those the important ones are-

    JOB BOARDS: These are the places where the employers post jobs and search for

    candidates. Candidates become aware of the vacancies. One of the disadvantages is, it is

    generic in nature. Special skill candidates to be searched by certain job boards.

    EMPLOYER WEB SITES: These sites can be of the company owned sites, or a site

    developed by various employers. For an example, is the first

    cooperative, employer-owned e-recruiting consortium formed by Direct Employers

    Association. It is a non profit organization formed by the executives from leading U.S

    corporations. Press release by Recruiters Network (February 20, 2003) showed the site

    has 98 members approximately 45 percent of which are Fortune 500 companies.

    PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES: These are for specific professions, skills and not

    general in nature. For an example, for HR jobs Human Resource Management sites to be

    visited like The professional associations will have their own site or


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    Company and the prospective employee can communicate with each other via the

    blogs. Thus blogs, podcasts, vodcasts are being considered a tool of e-recruitmant.


    Candidates can choose their employers as the financial state as well as the culture

    followed is known.


    Print ad is phasing out due the popularity of search engine ads. Pay-per-click is not

    only convenient but also more attractive.


    Job boards are embracing RSS feed. Hotjobs, Google deserves special mention.

    Google offers one to upload the jobs on Google Base even when one doesnt have their

    own site. RSS can be read using software RSS reader. It is a family of web feed

    formats use to publish frequently updated works. Such as blog entries, news headlines in

    a standard format.


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    To measure the effectiveness of online recruitment, set up the metrics for

    recruitment spending.

    A detailed job description should be given while posting jobs to attract candidates

    with the right skill sets.

    Give a precise and unambiguous questionnaire to reduce time in searching for a

    suitable candidate.

    Ensure that all the approaches related to recruitment are linked to and centred on

    your own recruitment site.

    Integrate e-recruitment into your overall recruitment strategy.

    Applicant tracking system should be of a high quality and should be integrated

    with the back-office.

    Develop a comprehensive website to receive and process job applications whether

    through direct or online advertising.


    This checklist looks at the main questions human resources (HR) managers will

    need to ask themselves when developing a business case and a project plan for an e-

    recruitment solution. It also provides useful references to case studies that will help you

    along the way. Links to the case studies can be found at the bottom of this page.


    To understand the effectiveness of e-recruitment in a consultancy firm.

    To understand the intention of the jobseekers to use E-Recruitment.

    To identify the factors influencing E-Recruitment.

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    1.5. SCOPE

    To the organization

    This study will help the organization to identify the perception of job seekers

    regarding e-recruitment.

    It also helps the company to develop strategies to overcome the grey areas based

    on the result of the study.

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    .The study analyzes and gives suggestions to improve the implementation of the

    various sources which in turn will lead to improve the standards of the company.

    To the respondents

    The study has helped the respondents know whether they are satisfied with the e-

    recruitment sites.

    The study also helps the candidates to identify their perceived usefulness,

    perceived ease of use, social influence,perceived enjoyment and behavioural

    intention to use e-recruitment

    To the researcher

    The study would help the researcher to collect information relating to the views of

    job seekers.

    The study has helped the researcher in having a industrial exposure and has

    helped to identify the various sources of recruitment in the concern.

    It has also helped the researcher in making an analysis as to finding the effect of

    e-recruitment in the concern


    This study suffers from the following limitations:

    This study is restricted to the candidates from Coimbatore and does not includethe candidates from other district.

    The sample size is 50 out of a total population of 150 candidates. This works out

    to 33 percent of the population only.

    The primary data collected from job seekers during their interview, which may

    not be accurate.

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    This is a descriptive study based only on solvers India , so the results may not be

    generalized to other industries which are having different organizational climate

    and culture.



    A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by

    accredited scholars and Researchers. It is part of the introduction to an essay, research

    report, or Thesis. The literature review must be defined by a guiding concept. It is not

    just descriptive list of the material available, or a set of summaries. Once the problem is

    formulated a brief summary of it should be written down. For this purpose, the

    abstracting and indexing of journals and published or unpublished bibliographies are the

    first place to go.

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    The study aims to identify the vital role of E-Recruitment and its impact on

    intention of jobseekers. This study helps to reveal the involvement the jobseeker has

    towards their organization, so the organization can go for improving overall performance

    and productivity of the organization.

    Besides enlarging knowledge about the topic, writing a literature

    review lets the researcher gain valuable insight about the topic. The fundamental

    processes of Human Resources Management are interdependent. Recruitment is one of

    the most important of these processes. The manpower that is brought into the company

    affects other processes in the organization. Hence, it becomes Vital that the organization

    invests time and energy in planning its recruitment process and activities that support the

    recruitment process. Nowadays organizations are outsourcing recruitment process so that

    they can pool in the best available talents.

    "Recruitment1 involves the utilization of organizational practices to

    influence the number and types of individuals who are willing to apply for job vacancies.

    Recruitment can focus on the internal labor market (i.e., pursuing staff already employed

    by the organization) or the external labor market (i.e., pursuing applicants from outside

    the organization). Internal candidates can be recruited through internal job postings,

    word-of-mouth, or internship programs." (Rynes, 1991; Rynes & Cable, 2003, Casper


    Most employers recognize the fact that their staffs are their greatest

    assets, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that the new

    employee becomes effective in the shortest time. The success of an organization depends

    on having the right number of staff, with the right skills and abilities. Recruitment is the

    process of sourcing individuals and filling up of the existing vacancy in the organization.

    This process involves various steps in the completion and is unique to any organization.

    To widen the pool of applicants the recruitment process is outsourced to HR consulting

    firms, which saves time and cost of any organization.

    While human resource (HR) activities have traditionally been

    performed internally, the outsourcing of HR practices is a rapidly increasing

    phenomenon. Andrea Ordanini and Giacomo Silvestri in their article onRecruitmentand selection services: Efficiency and competitive reasons in the outsourcing of HR

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    practices2 discusses that the accelerated rate of HR outsourcing also corresponds to a

    sweeping change in which non-transactional activities, such as recruitment, selection and

    training, are among the most outsourced HR practices. This article investigates the

    outsourcing decisions of recruiting and selection (R&S).

    It develops a predictive model based on efficiency drivers, rooted in

    transaction cost economy (TCE), and competitive motivations, derived from the resource-

    based view. The model has been tested in a sample of 276 medium and large enterprises

    in two specific contexts: the outsourcing of administrative R&S practices (job

    advertisement and pre-screening) and that of the more strategic R&S practices (colloquia

    and selection). Findings confirm the relevance of both categories of predictors, but they

    reveal how efficiency motivations are more important for the decisions to outsource

    administrative R&S practices while competitive issues matter more for the strategic side

    of R&S activity. Theoretical and managerial implications are offered on the basis of such


    Recruitment and selection process may vary according to the type

    and size of the organizations. Jonathan Bergwerk in his study on Recruitment and

    Selection for Company Culture3 recommend new methods of recruitment after

    analyzing the standard methods of recruitment and based on the authors experience of

    four major needs: the needs of the job itself, the current needs of the team that will work

    with the jobholder, the needs of the organization and the needs of the future.

    In the needs of the future the author emphasize the importance of

    developing a recruitment method which will be an automated process and reduces the

    effort of screening the applicants in initial stage by the organization. The author also

    recommends that whatever new technology is implemented should complement

    traditional process of recruitment process.

    The use of organizational web sites for recruitment has become

    increasingly common. Despite their widespread growth, however, little is known about

    how these web sites influence recruitmentoutcomes.Richard T. Cober, Douglas J. Brown

    , Lisa M. Keeping and Paul E. Levy in their paper on Recruitment on the Net: How

    Do Organizational Web Site Characteristics Influence4, has presented a model that

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    explicateshow job seekers interact with and respond to web site characteristicsto predict

    various job seeker attitudes and behaviors.

    They suggest that the facade of a web site, comprised of the web

    sites aesthetic and playfulness features, initially affects job seekers. Coupled with system

    features of the web site, theseinitial affective reactions then influence perceptions of the

    usability of the web site. Perceptions of usability and affective reactions work through

    two key mediating construct, job seeker search behavior and web site attitude, to

    ultimately predictapplicant attraction.

    Modern organizations struggle with staffing challenges stemming

    from increased knowledge work, labor shortages, competition for applicants, and

    workforce diversity. Robert E. Ployhart in his study on Staffing in the 21st Century:

    New Challenges and Strategic Opportunities5 discusses critical needs for effective

    staffing practice and he also throws light that staffing research continuesto be neglected

    or misunderstood by many organizational decisionmakers.

    Solving these challenges requires staffing scholarsto expand their

    focus from individual-level recruitment and selection research to multilevel research

    demonstrating thebusiness unit/organizational-level impact of staffing. Toward the end,

    this review provides a selective and critical analysis of staffing best practices covering

    literature from roughly

    2000 to the present. Several research-practice gaps are alsoidentified in this study.

    Corporate are posting their requirements in job portals like, to widen the pool of applicants. Kristin B. Backhaus on his

    article An Exploration of Corporate Recruitment Descriptions on Monster.com6

    explores the ways in which corporations describe themselves in recruitment materials.

    Specifically, the studyexamines corporate descriptions provided to job seekers by firms

    advertising on the Internet site, The study also explores elements of

    corporate image presented in the descriptions and the way in which firms market their

    employer brands. Thefindings demonstrate how analysis of corporate descriptionsreveals

    interesting insights into organizational recruitmenttactics.

    Results suggest that firms focus predominantly on firm attributes and

    secondarily on employee advancement. Various industries approach recruitment

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    advertising differently, with significant differences emerging between high-tech

    organizations,service organizations, and consumer product firms in the emphasesof their

    corporate descriptions. Few firms present a distinct employer brand but tend to cluster

    together in brand types.

    Communication and technology plays a vital role in modern

    recruitment. Susan G. Straus , Jeffrey A. Miles , Laurie L. Levesque in their study on

    The effects of videoconference, telephone, and face-to-face media on interviewer

    and applicant judgments in employment interviews7 examines the effects of

    communication media on judgments in job interviews. Fifty-nine MBA students

    (applicants) hadmock interviews in face-to-face meetings and either by videoconference

    or telephone. Results show that interviewers evaluated applicants more favorably in

    telephone versus face-to-face interviews.

    This difference was stronger for less physically attractive applicants,

    which suggests that the telephone filtered negative, visual cues. Although interviewers

    reported more difficulty regulating and understanding discussions by videoconference

    versus face-to-face, they did not evaluate applicants less favorablyby videoconference. In

    contrast to interviewers, applicantshad less favorable reactions in videoconference versus

    face-to-face interviews for most measures. Implications for media use in employee

    selection and recruiting were discussed in the study.

    From the review of literature it is evident that recruitment

    process varies according to the organization. Automation of screening the applicants,

    candidate database will help the organization in acquiring right talent for the right job.

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    1. Casper, W. (2004). Recruitment, a Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia entry.,%20Definition(s)


    2. Andrea Ordanini and Giacomo Silvestri, Recruitment and selection services:

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    2001,pp 363-381

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    A research methodology defines what the activity of research is, how to proceed,

    how to measure progress, and what constitutes success. Research is a diligent and

    systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts,

    theories, applications, etc. Methodology is the system of methods followed by particular


    The research methodology is used to systematically solve the research

    problems. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done

    systematically. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only research but also



    Research is a systematized effort to gain knowledge. It represents a scientific

    approach based research for pertinent information on a scientific topic for solving a

    problem. In fact, the research design is the conceptual structure within which research

    is conducted; it constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis

    of data.

    The design used here is Descriptive Research. It is a fact finding method or

    the detailed study of the project that is undertaken. DescriptiveResearchStudies arethose studies, which are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular

    individual, or of a group.


    The two sources through data could be collected were Primary data and

    Secondary data.

    Primary Data

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    The primary data for the research study were collected through structured

    questionnaire from the Jobseekers of Solvers India. The questions were structured and

    direct as to make the respondents understand it easily. General information related to

    the company that has been collected through personal interaction with the authorities

    of the company.

    Secondary Data

    The secondary data are mainly consists of information collected from journals,

    articles, books and websites related to the topic.


    The study procedure used or adopted for selecting the sample for the present

    study is known as convenient sampling. The total population size of the jobseekers is

    around 50. Sample size refers to the number of the objected to be selected from the

    population. A sample of 50 workers has been taken for the study considering the time

    factor of data collection.


    The data collected through questionnaire was analyzed by using Percentage

    analysis andMean score value. The scaling techniques used in the research method are

    5-point Likert-scales it consisted of the points like strongly disagree, disagree, neutral,

    agree, and strongly agree. . The data has been represented using charts and tables.

    Mean score value = score value/no of respondents.

    Score value = no. of respondents * score.


    Strongly Agree 5

    Agree 4

    Neutral 3

    Disagree 2

    Strongly Disagree 1

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    SA Strongly Agree

    A Agree

    N Neutral

    D Disagree

    SD Strongly Disagree

    MSV- Mean Score Value

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    Analysis is a systematic approach to problem solving. It refers to the computation

    of certain measures along with searching for patterns of relationship that exists among

    data collected. Complex problems are made by separating them into more understandable

    elements. This involves the identification of purpose and facts, the statement of

    defensible assumptions, and the formulation of conclusion.

    The study is primarily based on data collected from the primary data collected

    from employees. For the analysis, different tables have been prepared and these tables

    have been used to prepare the various types of charts. The interpretation of the analysis

    has been given just below the tables prepared in each of the analysis. Percentage analysis,

    Mean Score Value, Chi Square test, Microsoft Excel tools were used in analyzing the


    The researcher has done an analysis and interpreted the results from such analysis

    in an efficient manner. The research instrument has been used in an appropriate manner

    for the analysis. All such interpreted results are derived from the analysis of the data


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    Gender also influences the personality and perception of the individuals.

    Table 4.1



    Male 31 62Female 19 38

    Total 50 100

    It is inferred that 62% of the respondents were male. Hence it is evident that majority of

    the respondents were male.

    Chart 4.1


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    Age indicates the level of maturity in each candidates. As the age increases the

    knowledge, abilities and the experience tends to increase.

    TABLE 4.2



    20-25 28 56

    26-31 17 34

    32-37 5 10

    38-43 0 0

    ABOVE 43 0 0

    TOTAL 50 100

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    It is inferred that 56% of the respondents were between 20-25 years. Hence it is

    evident that majority of the respondents were between 20-25 years.

    CHART 4.2


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    The educational qualification helps a person to improve the personal position in thecompany from time to time.






    SSLC 0 0

    HIG.SEC 0 0

    DIPLOMA 3 6


    31 62


    TOTAL 50 100

    It is inferred that majority (62%) of the respondents were under graduates.

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    CHART 4.3



    This table shows the period of usage of e-recruitment sites and familiarity to use the sites.

    TABLE 4.4

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt




    LESSTHAN 1 2 4

    1 TO 3 YEARS 13 26

    3 TO 5 YEARS 29 58

    >5 12 24

    TOTAL 50 100

    Majority (58%) of the respondents have used e-recruitment sites for 3 to 5 years.

    CHART 4.4


  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    This shows how many times a candidate use e-recruitment sites

    TABLE 4.5



    1 TO 2 4 8

    3 TO 4 14 28

    5 TO 6 28 56

    7 OR MORE 4 8

    TOTAL 50 100

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    Majority (56%) of the respondents have used e-recruitment sites more than 5 times.

    CHART 4.5


  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    Perceived usefulness helps to identify, the usefulness of e-recruitment sites tolook for a job. And increases chance of finding appropriate job.

    TABLE 4.6


    Particulars SA A N D SD TotalScore


    (i) Using E-recruitmentsites help me to get

    current careerinformation

    21 25 4 0 0 217 4.34

    (ii) Using E-recruitmentsites increases mychances of finding anappropriate job

    23 23 4 0 0 219 4.38

    (iii) Using E-recruitment sites iseffective to look for job

    28 18 4 0 0 224 4.48

    (iv) Overall using E-recruitment sites isuseful way to look for ajob

    30 18 2 0 0 228 4.56

    Over all mean score is: 4.44

    It is inferred that, the e-recruitment sites is an effective way to look for the job andincreases chance of finding an appropriate job.

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  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    Perceived ease of use helps to identify whether E-recruitment sites are clear andunderstandable.

    TABLE 4.7


    Particulars SA A N D SD TotalScore


    (i) My interaction withE-recruitment sites isclear andunderstandable.

    14 32 4 0 0 210 4.2

    (ii) Interacting with theE-recruitment sites does

    not require a lot of myMental effort.

    22 24 4 0 0 218 4.36

    (iii) I find the E-recruitment sites to beeasy to use

    22 26 2 0 0220 4.4

    (iv) It would be easyfor me to becomeskillful at using E-recruitmentsites.

    22 21 7 0 0 215 4.3

    Over all mean score is: 4.31

    It is inferred that, it is easy for job seekers to become skillful at using E-recruitmentsites.

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    CHART 4.7


    perceived ease of use




















    SA A N D SD

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    Social influence helps to identify the influence of e-recruitment sites in thesociety.

    TABLE 4.8


    Particulars SA A N D SD TotalScore


    (i) My decision to useE-recruitment sites willbe influenced by myfamily members.

    13 14 11 4 8 170 3.4

    (ii) My decision to useE-recruitment sites willbe influenced by myfriends.

    17 23 9 1 0 206 4.12

    (iii) My decision to use

    E-recruitment sites willbe influenced by myPeers/colleagues.

    24 20 6 0 0 236 4.72

    (iv) Overall, peoplewho are important tome think that I shoulduse theE-recruitment sites.

    22 25 2 1 0 218 4.36

    Over all mean score is: 4.15

    It is inferred that, the E-recruitment sites are influenced by Peers/colleagues other than

    friends and family members.

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    CHART 4.8


    Social influence







    family members. friends. Peers/colleagues. important people




    SA A N D SD

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    Perceived enjoyment helps to identify the motivation level of candidates by usinge-recruitment sites due to better services

    Table 4.9


    Particulars SA A N D SD TotalScore


    (i)Using E-recruitmentsites is entertaining.

    10 22 10 5 3 181 3.62

    (ii) Using E-recruitmentsites to look for job is abetter tool.

    15 27 7 1 0 206 4.12

    (iii)I will use the E-recruitment sites infuture if I feel enjoyedwhen using them.

    18 27 3 2 0 211 4.22

    (iv) I am motivated touse E-recruitment sitesdue to better services.

    22 22 3 2 1 212 4.24

    Over all mean score is: 4.05

    It is inferred that, job seekers are motivated to use e-recruitment sites due to betterservices.

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    Table 4.9


    perceived enjoyment



    entertaining. better tool

    to look forjob




    due tobetter




    SA A N D SD


  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    Behavioral intention helps to identify the accessibility of the jobseekers to use e-recruitment sites in future.

    Table 4.10


    Particulars SA A N D SD TotalScore


    (i)If I want to find ajob, I intend to use E-recruitment sites to finda job.

    29 16 3 1 1 221 4.42

    (ii) If I want to find ajob, it is likely that Iwill register to becomea member of E-recruitment sites.

    32 16 1 1 0 229 4.58

    (iii) If I want to find ajob, it is likely that Iwill send a resume toE-recruitment sites.

    35 13 1 1 0 232 4.64

    (iv) Assume I haveaccess to the sites, I

    intend to use them.

    35 15 0 0 0 235 4.7

    Over all mean score is: 4.58

    It is inferred that, job seekers are intend to use e-recruitment sites to find a job andbecome a member of e-recruitment sites.


  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    Behavioural intention




    to find a job. become a

    member of E-



    send a

    resume to E-



    I intend to

    use them.



    SA A N D SD


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  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt



    As the penetration of Internet grows rapidly, the profile of the job seekers will

    expand and that will drive the demand from traditional sectors like manufacturing


  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    Placement agencies will benefit from the growth of jobsites to provide value-

    added services to their clients.

    Placement consultants can immensely benefit through this mode on account of

    faster reach, and also fast-mover advantage.

    Most companies blindly go for the largest, most popular website they can find,

    But the mere size of a website does not guarantee effective online recruitment.

    While size and popularity are of considerable importance, it would be wiser to

    advertise in sites that match the requirements in terms of location, target group,

    geography and demographics.

    If advertising in a large jobsite does not work, try websites run by professional

    associations that are frequented by your target audience.

    In spite of its wider accessibility and speedy delivery, applications that match

    your requirements are often hard to find.

    Since applying online is so easy, there is a glut of unsuitable candidates who

    apply for every post.


    Traditional methods should not be replaced by the e-recruitment, it should supplement.

    The loopholes of e-recruitment can be covered by the traditional methods and recruitment

    process will be faster, global due to e-recruitment. One method should not replace the

    other. When two vacancies are there and two candidates are available the companies do

    not have much choice, thus they prefer to widen their search and attracts numerous

    applications. But when for two vacancies a company receive 2000 application, the in

  • 8/3/2019 Summer Pjt


    depth screening process is not possible. While other methods like campus interview,

    internal search has a personal touch. But receiving application in hand, communicating

    with candidates becomes time consuming without Internet.